Driver-less Cars – Future of Autonomous and Self Driving Vehicles

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As the our readers grows so do our article and here is another fantastic article shared by one of our readers TajWali from PitStop Arabia about the future of car driving autonomous driving.

Driver-less Cars – Future of Autonomous and Self Driving Vehicles

Driving a car without a person seems to be something impossible because the concept of autonomous cars was limited to fiction for a long period of time. A common man always has a confined vision and that when we see an innovation of science or technology, we think it is the end.

The ignorance of science and information technology has confined the majority of us in utter darkness, but thanks to the bright, intellectual, and passionate researchers who are updating us with the world as the time flung forward.

I still remember the day people have to avoid buying a car as they were reluctant to drive it on the busy streets. The fear has also restricted them from trusting the drivers of a ride-hailing car. Driving is still a mandatory skill, but still, a lot of people are dreadful of the consequences and for them, it’s better to avoid than to regret it later. For them, the innovation of driver-class is more than bliss.

In fact, what is a driver-lass car?

As the name suggests, a driver-less car is a robotic vehicle that is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to transport a passenger or owner from one destination to another without a person dedicated to driving. The drivers often act like the stewards of our rides and we have to rely on them throughout our life for moving across the city.

The driverless cars are going to eliminate the necessity or a driver from the vehicle by unleashing the power of technology. The development is not limited to the software alone as the hardware components are also taken into consideration to create a safe driving experience in general.

These cars will be equipped will technology focused censors that will be able to communicate with the operating system to manage the internal controls accordingly. The tyres will duly communicate the temperature, terrain, and road situation to let the car adjust the pressure on tires accordingly. These rubber products will be available at the Tyre Shop Dubai as soon as the autonomous cars are seen commonly on our streets. It will prove to be the total quality management of the automation and artificial intelligence installed in the car.

Speculating the future – How it facilitates a common man in general?

Prominent names in the automotive industry are busy in coming up with a distinct solution to provide the ultimate level of safety and security in transportation. Among the numerous causes of the increasing ratio of accidents, the drivers’ negligence is the top reason. They are either sleepy, drunk, immature in driving, or suffering from a physical or mental disorder.

Acute accidents result in severe injuries and deaths that are among unrecoverable losses. The damage to the car can be recovered by the concerned insurance agencies, but there is no replacement for the lost souls. The driverless cars are going to address such serious issues in near future. The autonomous cars are going to eliminate them entirely from the riding experience.

The future is about safer transportation

The self-driving cars will be equipped with the power of communication. These cars will be able to communicate with the nearby cars to know about their next move. Each car becomes well aware of the surroundings and cars moving at a speed, so they move accordingly. this minimizes the risks of meeting accidents at turns, crossings, and highways.

People can expect a clean environment

The autonomous cars will either be electric or hybrid in technology. This means less or almost no emission of carbon dioxide from the cars. Thus, the dream of making the planet green again can come true sooner or later. We are severely under pressure about the increasing pollution by the transportation. The upcoming technology aims to reduce it with innovating models.

Easy access to safe transportation

The introduction of ride-hailing services has given way to another debate of security, where the male and female passengers trust the drivers, but they respond with a behavior that is unethical, illegal, and unacceptable at any cost. The driverless car is a perfect solution for all the incidents reported under sexual harassment, violence, or abuse. We see the future as safe as a kid can go home from his school all alone.

Reduced traffic jams and increased highway capacity

Autonomous cars are about to revolutionize the way drivers had to occupy the highways and streets that resulted in traffic jams for long hours. The driverless cars will be intelligent enough to follow line and lane. Unlike the humans do, the self-driving cars will continue moving between destinations with a defined discipline that will reduce the traffic jams and leave more space on the highway for other cars to freely move.

Humans will be set free and more productive

Imagine if you are going to the office in an autonomous car that takes care of every bit of traffic and road safety, and you are free to do whatever you like. You are often restricted to use mobile or laptop while driving. But, the self-driving vehicles are about to award you the freedom you ever wanted. Checking emails, replying to clients before reaching the offer, analyzing performance reports, browsing different websites, reviewing the worksheet, or continuing a project while riding a car all alone will happen soon. It is going to be a reality that we all will experience shortly.

It will be a blessing for kids, elders, and disabled persons

Kids, elders, and disabled persons will no longer need to depend on a partner to drive them to a destination. The families are often worried about commute of the kids and elder family members. They pay heavily for an escorted car or taxi service that picks them from home or drop off back in the evening. But, still, worry for the safety and security of their loved ones. With autonomous cars, they will be able to get the drive and reach home safely, while the guardians will be able to track vehicle location in real time.

Concluding thoughts

The use of driver-less cars will become common in a decade. Every innovation of science and technology is aimed at the facilitation of the common people. As every innovation has pros and cons, the autonomous cars also have its assets and liabilities.

At one side, it plans to reduce the rate of fatal incidents that occur due to the negligence of a driver, but on the other side, the think tanks argue that the drivers will become more negligent, which will eventually increase the use of liquor and drugs. Keeping the advantages in mind and pursue a greener planer, we shall endorse the technology for better use and make arrangements for its awful consequences.


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