During peak time or while driving in a long journey, we will need to fulfill one of the basic necessity of our life hunger. For the one who had caught in the traffic jam or for some who are driving in a long journey, it is a hassle to park the car and going to the nearest restaurant as during the peak hours the parking slot may be full. Or there is another way to fulfill the stomach without coming out from the car and that is the drive-through. In our country, the famous restaurant that had the most drive through is McDonald’s. KFC, Starbucks, and even Burger King also had drive-thru facilities but they are not as much as the McDonalds drive through where McDonald’s will have a drive-through section on each of their outlets. How the drive through had started?

Like all the technologies that had started in the early 19th centuries, the drive-thru had been tested in the early 19th centuries. The first food chain that had come with the drive-thru is the Texas Pig Stand chain in 1931, however, the first drive-through restaurant is the Sheldon “Red” Chaney, operator of Red’s Giant Hamburg in Springfield, Missouri in the 1947 2 years after the World War 2 had ended. This restaurant is located in the famous Route 66  in the United States and it had continued to operate serving the customer via these way until the restaurant closure in 1984. According to the Michael Wallis the author of the book Route 66: Mother of All Road this Red Giant Hamburg is the world first drive-thru.

Sheldon “Red” Chaney the world first drive-thru in the Route 66

Speaking of the most drive-thru in our country McDonald’s, it had a late history in the drive-thru business as only in 1975 that they had the first drive-thru in Sierra Vista, Arizona and in 1985, McDonald’s had opened the first drive-thru in Europe at the Nutgrove Shopping Centre in Dublin, Ireland. In our country, the first McDonalds drive-thru was opened in December 1988 at the Jalan Pahang, Titiwangsa outlet. Although they are other drive-thrus like the car wash, banking transaction like cheque deposit like the one in the Citibank Tower in our country, paying bill drive-thru once in the Taman Melawati or in the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang(MPS), and now the famous the car service DTOX Car Services but the most of us will use drive-thru more often for the food.

McDonald’s in the Taman Titiwangsa is the Malaysia first drive-thru outlets

Why had the drive-thru become so popular among the car lovers?

The drive-thru provides a comfort for the car lovers where they do not need to park the car or coming out from their car to buy the thing there needed especially the food. In the drive-thru system where the driver can order the food via the microphone in the drive-thru environment and then proceed to pay and take the food. Once they had taken the food they can park the car and ate the food in the car itself on their own or which their family and friends. For the drive-thru other than food like the banking transaction or paying the bills, it can eliminate the driver the hassle of waiting in the queue or go to the required department.

Another reason on why the drive-thru had become so popular with the drivers is it can eliminate the driver from stopping the car and continues the journey especially for the one whom on the emergency issue and at some time finishing their works especially in the food section where the drivers can eat while continuing the journey. This can be very useful especially for the drivers who are traveling on a long journey.

Although the driver thru can provide some benefits it is also had some cons in it. When the order or the transaction had failed in the drive-thru, the drives will need to go the required department to solve their issue. It can provide an inconvenience for them. The reason on why the transaction failed can be attributed to miscommunication that happens during making the order or making the transaction.

Another con of the drive-thru at the moment in our country they are less drive-thru environment unlike in the United States where they are many drive-thrus like marriage drive-thru, funeral home, photo processing, purchasing liquor and much more. In our country, they are less drive-thru for this type and in this case, the driver needs to park the car and purchasing their needs. If they are more drive-thru in our country, then it will be an easy life for the drivers to fulfill their needs without the needs of coming out from their cars.

The drive-thru that had started in Route 66 via Red Giant Hamburg had become the popular choice among the car lovers. It provides a unique and easy way for the drivers to fulfill their needs without the hassle of parking their car and coming out from it. Most of the country in the world had these drive-thru facilities from the food order to other like the funeral, photo processing and in the United States even a marriage drive-thru.

In the future, if they are more drive-thru facilities apart from the food it will be a life become easier for the drivers to resolve their issue and continuing the journey. The famous drive-thru in our country is the McDonald’s drive-thru to fulfill the hunger for their drivers and let’s hope with the continuous improvement they will be more drive-thru for the nonfood matter in our country, especially in the highways. Until then, the will be more cars in the McDonalds drive-thru for the drivers to fulfill their hunger and for other things the drivers still need to park and coming out from their car to purchase their needs.

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