Alcohol, whether we liked or not, had changed from a thing that is bad for health if consuming excessively to something that is a necessity in party, friends meeting, farewell dinners, bachelor nights for wannabe bride and many more. They are several types of alcohol drink ranging from the beer, whiskey, vodka, gin, and many more. Each of this alcohol drink had their own percentage on it where for the beer it is usually will be 5% and for the whiskey, it can 40% percent. The individual whom does not consume alcohol we will call as teetotaler and they are several famous teetotalers like Christiano Ronaldo, Amitabh Bachan, Anthony Hopkins, Bruce Willis and many more. They are some who had lost their lives and their career due to excessive alcohol drinkings like the famous footballers George Best and Paul Gascoigne.

CR7 does not consume alcohol

However, they are more individuals who had lost their lives in one of the major contributors to the car accident not only in our country and in the world too and that is what we called as drink and drive. In the United Kingdom and Australia, this will be called as drink driving while in another part of the world it will be called as drunk driving. No matter how it was described or pronounced they are one thing that can’t be denied, this drink and driving is one of the major contributors to the accident in the world. Why drink and driving are very dangerous for the drivers and the passenger?

Before that they are some important term that is related to drink and drive, the first one is Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxication where it means driving the car while impaired with alcohol or drugs, and Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) where it determines the alcohol level in our body. Basically, after consuming alcohol it will take 30 minutes to 20 hours to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Each level of the BAC will affect our mental and physical after consuming it.

In the BAC level 0.02, we will lose the ability to make a judgment but at some time, our mind will be relaxed with slightly increased body temperature and mood swings. This level is considered acceptable in most of the places. If the BAC level had increased to 0.05, then we lost of coordination ability, lack of alertness and our ability to respond also will be reduced. This level is considered the borderline in most of the places in the world.

The next 2 level where it is the most dangerous for the drivers and the passengers and in most part of the world this can be a criminal offense and can lead to suspension of the driver’s license for the specific period time and usually, it can vary from 1 year to live depends on the country laws. The reason for this level is very dangerous it because when the BAC level is at 0.10 we will have a slow reaction time and due to this it will reduce our ability to control the vehicle and if the BAC had hit 0.15 or higher than the individual will totally lose his coordination rendering him unbalanced and at the some lost his ability to control his own body and muscle.

How is the level of BAC checked by the authorities?  They will use tools called as Breathalyzer to estimate the BAC. It was designed and invented by Robert Frank Borkenstein a former American policeman and a scientist. The Breathalyzer will be not used in the Muslim laws country like Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Iran, and Kuwait as alcohol is banned in this country.


Where in the European countries, the drink and driving are more tolerant but in other parts of the world like in South America and Asia they are strict and practices zero tolerance in this part. In Brazil, if the driver had been caught in drink and driving and BAC had been more than the acceptable where BAC level is more than 0.06, the driver license will be suspended for 12 months. The driver also needs to pay fine of BRL 2934.70 equivalent to MYR 3750.93 and the driver’s car also will be seized. In China, if the driver BAC level is over 0.02 but under 0.08, the driver license will be suspended for 6 months and a fine of CNY 1000 to 2000 and if BAC level is over 0.08, then the driver license will be suspended for 5 years and 3 years life imprisonment and if the driver had caused serious injury or death, their driving license will be suspended for lifetime.

Compared to Brazil and China, our drink and driving offense is more lenient. In our country, the offense for drink and driving will be enforced if the BAC level had been at 0.08 or higher and the punishment will be a fine of MYR2,500, the driver also will need to attend a court case and depends on the severity of the offense the driver licenses can be suspended for a minimum 3 month and maximum 1 years. No seizing of a vehicle like in Brazil and not a suspension of driving license for a lifetime like in China.

Consuming the alcohol and driving on the influence it is not only an offense but also dangerous for the drivers and passenger and for the other drivers on the road too. Like the speeding, road condition, the drink, and driving also a major contributor to the accident that had caused loss of lives. The drives who had consumed alcohol excessively must not be allowed to drive the vehicle for any reason or in any situation and they must be accompanied by a sober individual who does not consume alcohol excessively, and in this case, the drivers and the passenger can be saved from any harm. Drink and driving are very dangerous, and the drivers can take any action that is deemed necessary to avoid this and let’s hope this can be reduced in our country too.

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