Sixteen years ago, a navigation app released on Android and IOS became an instant hit. Previously they were a standalone navigation app called Garmin which, although not widely used, was still a most sought navigation app before the arrival of the aforementioned navigation app in the smartphone. This navigation was built with an intuitive interface, simple navigation graphics, ease of usage, free of cost, and availability in every corner, and it has become an instant hit. Now every time a navigation app is uttered, this app becomes associated with it. The navigation that had become an instant hit is called Waze. Undoubtedly, Waze is the most widely used navigational app globally right now. The day of asking anyone for the way or direction had been obsolete. Nonetheless, wide usage of Waze also had allured some drawbacks.

Unable to use the memory power

Relying on the power of Waze had created a massive drawback. It can reduce our unique ability to memorize the lane and street. With the Waze, we can key in the road, highway, or any place and leave the rest to the Waze algorithm. We were doing these frequently, which can diminish our unique ability to memorize the route. Before Waze, we will try to navigate our way to a specified route by using the signboard or asking for directions from anyone. Although it can provide some bad moments, it will indirectly increase our ability to remember the road through our memory power.

Delayed change of lane.

Unexpectedly, even with using Waze, we sometimes struggle to understand how Waze wants us to navigate, and because of that, we sometimes can miss the roads. The Waze system will detect that we have missed the road and will guide us to another road or other ways. What makes these annoying for some car lovers is that they will be some delays on the Waze system to alert us of the missed route and show us another road to our journey. This system delay can cause some annoyance on the part of the car lovers, and this displeasure also can be because of the heavy dependency on Waze.

Inaccurate when it comes to traffic jam

We wanted to travel to the place, and we checked Waze to see if they are any traffic congestion or not. We will be happy if they are no alerts on the Waze about the traffic jam, or maybe the Waze indicates the time we will be stuck in traffic jams is less or less worrying. However, once we reach the journey, they will be a massive jam, and the Waze algorithm will highlight how long we are still stuck in traffic jams. This sudden change of traffic jam information will be a source of irritation for car lovers as we deemed that the Waze system is not inaccurate and consuming our time. If the Waze system had alerted us before, we may found a different route or can use the alternative way suggested by the Waze system.

They are draining the smartphone battery.

While using Waze is advisable to bring a power bank or plug in the phone to a charger, and generally, in the modern car, most are built with chargers ports. Waze is one of the applications that drain a lot of battery power. For a smartphone that is still new, it is a non-issue; however, for a phone that has been more than 1 or 2 years. The battery power of the smartphone that is more than a year will be reduced massively, and it can become an issue if they are no charger around while using Waze on the smartphone. After gaming, Waze is one of the applications that drain a  lot of battery.

Can disrupt our focus on the road.

One of the reasons the Head-Up Display was present in the modern-day car is to ensure that drivers stay focused on the road. The car infotainment systems in the contemporary era had also been built to support Apple car play and Android Auto. Both of the infotainment systems had Waze built-in. It makes life easier as car lovers do not need to use their smartphones and can use the infotainment system. However, using the smartphone or the infotainment can cause minor or significant disruptions for the car lover from concentrating on the road. The car lovers need to focus on the road and, at the time, need guidance from Waze for navigation. This double forced focus can cause a minor disruption if the driver has difficulty understanding the Waze guidance.  

Waze is a powerful and famous navigation system with a simple user interface and easily understandable navigation. Waze has become the most used navigational app globally as it has been omnipresent in the smartphone, whether it is Android or IOS. It also had been prevalently available in the most infotainment system in the modern-day. It is not hyperbole to say that all the infotainment systems in the modern-day car have the capabilities to support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, whether it is wired or wireless. Nonetheless, like every application, there are some drawbacks on being too dependable on Waze.


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