When the user had reached certain financial abilities, he or she will love to buy his first car or his dream car. For the lucky one, their first car can be their dream car and for the one who has least financial abilities, their first car will be a stepping stone to achieve their dream car. However, buying a car is not an easy task as they are many things the will come to the car lovers mind when they want to buy a car.


Even though the car lovers can have a great financial abilities but he or she still need to calculate on the expenditure for the car when coming to paying the deposit as pre expenditure and to the post-expenditure such as the monthly instalment, annual road tax and insurance maintenance and body paint for the minor or major accident any underestimation will become a vulnerability in the expenditure for the car lovers.

Brand Choice

They many car brands that the car lovers can choose from our own Proton and Perodua to the Japanese Honda Toyota Nissan and Mazda to the continental car like BMW Mercedez Benz. Traditionally, when coming to Japanese many of us, will prefer the Honda and Toyota but with Mazda on the rise now this is another choice for the car lover as each has their own pros and cons in term of car specification and this will a deciding factor for the car lovers too.

Resale Value

The evergreen and classical reason for Malaysia car lover when they are choosing the car does this car have a resale value or not. The ca like Honda Toyota and for a continental car like Mercedes Benz have an excellent resale value and when comes to BMW it does not have a great resale value but in term of popularity, BMW is still the choice. For the one whom concerning on the resale value, they will choose the car that had the resale value and for those who do not to concern on the resale value they will not hesitate to purchase a car that had low resale value

Comfort and Performance

Like the resale value, this is the part that will divide the opinion of the car lover, not all the car does provide a great conform and not all the car will provide a great performance and only some have a great combination of these two. The car likes Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Nissan and others do have a great comfort but car-like Mazda BMW does have a great performance but fall short in the comfort department. For those who love the comfort they will choose the comfort and for those whom willing to sacrifice comfort for great performance then these types of car will be their favorites.


Apart from the resale value, they are one thing that the car lovers loved when they had purchased a car and that is the reliability. The car lovers will not hesitate to spend any amount for the car that they deemed to be reliable in the long run hence this one of the reason that Japanese car is so popular among our car lovers and in the world as they had proven to be reliable in the long and even JD statistics had mentioned that Japanese car especially Honda and Toyota is highly ranked as one of the most reliable cars in the world.

The DriveTrain Technologies.

Once they are only two types of drivetrain available one is combustion engine and another one is the diesel-powered engine. With the introduction of Toyota Prius and Tesla Motors, the hybrid and the electric car had gained a wide popularity. In our country, the hybrid car had a tax exemption and car brand manufacturer had taken advantages and providing the car that has far better features than the normal combustion engine car and at the sometimes making the price more attractive. This will be a selling point for the car lovers and now we can see that they are more hybrid model form the car manufacturer model and used by many of the car lovers in our country. Although the hybrid car had been popular, not many of our car lovers like the hybrid car hence they will prefer to buy the traditional combustion engine powered car and again this also can be a factor when choosing a car for the car lovers.


Another important thing and this is more important as it can also save the lives of the car lovers that is the car safety features. When Honda Motors Malaysia had noticed that the car lovers prefer to spend a significant amount to buy the highest variant that has the Honda Sensing, they had decided to abandon the lowest variant of Honda Accord the 2.0 Vti where it does have least safety features and starting to sell only 2 variants for the Honda Accord. This is a positive thing for the car lovers as our user now want a car that had great safety features, and this is also contributing to the choices of the car lovers when they are buying a car.

Dream Car

Many car lovers had their own dream car that either the Japanese model like Toyota Camry, Honda Accord or the continental car like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen Passat and other car brands. Once the user had the ability to spend on the car brand hence he or she will always choose his dream car as this will make his dream came true. When comes on this part, the resale value will be out of the picture as the car lovers will be excited and thrilled to make his dream come true after working so hard to be in a position where he or she had the financial ability to buy his or her dream car.

They are many choices for the car lovers when they are choosing to buy a car and sometimes with many car brands to choose, the car lovers can have a great dilemma on choosing what car brand or what type of car they want. Although they are many other reasons for them the list above is the most common thing that will come in the car lovers mind when they want to choose a car. To buy a car , they must spend a significant amount of the paying deposits, month payment , annual road tax , service maintenance , spare parts, and finally repairing the car body and paintwork when the car had been involved in a major or minor accident hence the car lovers will always be extremely cautious and thinking in several angles before he or she buying their car.

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