The camera had been evolved from the film to the digital. In the digital camera, the picture is clearer with the current high megapixel in the camera and the user now can choose a picture to be printed and also can see how well the picture had been taken in an instant. The picture too can be saved with the memory stick or memory card slot in the camera or by using the online storage like the Google Photo or Dropbox or uploaded instantly in the social media where with the previous film it can’t be done instantly. The digital camera certainly had changed the camera industries forever but at some time destroys the filmmaker company like Kodak, Fujifilm and much more in this department.

The camera film is dead when the digital camera had been introduced

Like the digital camera, the dashboard in the car also had been had been changed to digital electronic cluster where the car lovers now can see the trips, fuel consumption, range of the fuel, temperature, distance to empty and much more depend on the car manufacturer and now most of the car had been equipped with the digital dashboard such like Jaguar, Volkswagen Passat B8, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi, BMW i8 and many more. Now it looks most of the car have the digital dashboard but the digital dashboard had been started earlier in 70’s and the first car that had the digital electronic dashboard is the Aston Martin Lagonda in 1976.

Aston Martin Lagonda the first car to have the digital dashboard

In the United States the first car that had the digital dashboard is the Cadillac Seville and by installing this, Cadillac becomes the first car manufacturer in the United States to have the digital dashboard. By doing this they had lived up to their tag that says “Anything First Must be From Cadillac”. Later many car manufacturers in the United States had followed Cadillac and installed the digital dashboard like the Chrysler and Lincoln. In 1983, Renault becomes the first European hatchback car to have the digital dashboard when they had installed in their model Renault 11 Electronic.

Cadillac Seville the first car in the United States to have the digital dashboard.

Like most of the technologies that started in the past for an example, the hybrid and the electric car the digital dashboard get a warm reception from the public and from the car critics and it was abandoned. The digital dashboard works via a sensor that was fixed in the engine and in the transmission compared to the analog where they are some cable attached to the analog unit to get the necessary reading. Even though in the earlier parts, the digital dashboard was abandoned but the car manufacturer had decided to not using the cable but instead using some sensor but this time the reading will be in the analog.

Now the technologies that had been abandoned in the 90’s is slowly creeping in most of the car manufacturer model as most of the car now had a digital dashboard. They are several reason on why the car manufacturer had decided to install the digital dashboard in their car now especially in the flagship or high-end luxury models.

The digital dashboard will give the car more futuristic looks. Compared to the digital dashboard in the past, the present digital dashboard is far more superior in term of display, resolution, the screen, and much more. With the right combination of color and resolution, the car will be given futuristic looks especially when the drivers and passenger enter the car.

More information can be seen or chosen in the digital dashboard. With analog, it had been limited to the speedometer, radiator temperature and the fuel level as the standard but with the digital dashboard the user can set the option, maps for navigation, eco driving mode, radio channel, music album info, contact details, and much more in the dashboard.

navigation digital.jpg
An example of the modern day digital dashboard where the user can see the navigation maps in the dashboard.

It can be customized as per the user preference. Where in the analog it is a standard display, the digital dashboard can be customized accordingly like choosing the color, setting the option on what to see and what not to see in the dashboard, and much more. This gave the car lovers more selective power for their car.

The cons of the digital dashboard, it is more expensive to maintain and repaired if compared to the analog dashboard. But this issue can be resolved as many of the new cars had come with a long year like 5 and 8 years’ warranties so any issue with the digital dashboard can be repaired at any cost. Unfortunately, if the digital dashboard had been broken down when the warranty expired then the user need to pay a certain amount to repair it.

Some of the cons that had led to the abandonment of the digital dashboard in the past had been resolved presently. One example that it took away the thrilling of continuous acceleration provided by the analogue meter but in the present digital dashboard the speedometer had been designed to emulate the analogue and in the come car the speedometer can change colour when the user is accelerating at a high speed so the current digital dashboard had provided a far better upgrade than the previous digital dashboard.

Each car manufacturer had given their digital dashboard specific names like for example Volkswagen called their digital dashboard as Active Info Display, Audi as Virtual Cockpit, BMW as Multifunctional Instrument Display, Jaguar as Touch and much more. Car manufacturer had seen the digital dashboard is the future dashboard in all the car due to the customization, information that can be seen, and futuristic looks.

audi virtual.jpg
Audi Virtual Cockpit. Image credit from Slash Gear.

For now, not all the car have the digital dashboard as previously mentioned it only installed in the higher end model or in the flagship models but due to the benefits and the power of choice that it gives to the car lovers it must be the future dashboard and it can be said as a goodbye for the analog dashboard. Although some loyalist still prefers the analog meter but the benefits that the digital dashboard provides make it a better choice for the car manufacturer to be installed in their car so it will not a shocking if all the car in future had a digital dashboard.

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