The car engines are one of the most important components. They are several types of a car engine that had been invented since the creation of the car. The first is the ever-famous petrol engine, which the introduction of the Tesla car the electric motor engine had become famous again and Toyota had popularized the combination of the petrol engine and the electric motors that are called as Hybrid engine. This hybrid engine is available in most of the car manufacturer now from the Japanese made Honda to German high-performance sedan manufacturer Porsche AG. Even Volvo had their own hybrid model called as XC90 that had been launched in our country this year.

Toyota Camry Hybrid that had been launched last year in our country is one popular sedan in D- Segment

For the petrol engine, electrical motor and Hybrid they are another type of engine that is available for some car manufacturer and that is the diesel engine. Compared to the petrol engine where the ignition happens with the spark plug, diesel fuel engine doesn’t require any spark plug for ignition due to the result of compression from the inlet air mixture and with the injection of fuel. Diesel fuel was founded by a German scientist, Rudolf Diesel. The diesel engine came from his name as he is the founder of this fuel.

Rudolf Diesel
The founder of diesel Rudolf Diesel

Since it had been founded they are several types of diesel that had been invented. The first is the petroleum diesel or can be called as petrodiesel. This is the most common type of diesel fuel that is available where it is produced from the frictional distillation of the crude oil. The next type of diesel is the synthetic diesel fuel where unlike the petrodiesel where it only can be created from the crude oil frictional distillation, this diesel fuel can be created from any carbonaceous material, including biomass, biogas, natural gas, coal and many others after been purified by the Fischer–Tropsch process. They are another diesel engine that is not created from the crude oil or from any purification. It is called as Bio Diesel. This diesel fuel is created from the vegetable oil and from the animal fat which had been transesterified with methanol.

The process of frictional distillation of the crude oil for petrodiesel

Mercedez Benz is a pioneer for the first diesel car engine that had been introduced for their model Mercedes-Benz 260D in 1936 although the production of the diesel engine had been started in 1933 by Citroen it was Mercedez Benz who is the first to produce the diesel engine car. Mercedez Benz had made another first with the introduction of the turbo diesel engine in their Mercedes-Benz 300SD model in 1978. Since the launch of the first diesel car in 1936 and the first turbo diesel in 1978 the diesel had gained some popularity due to several advantages.

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Diesel engine provides more fuel economy compared to the petrol engine. The diesel engine car is more fuel efficient that the petrol engine as it can provide more mileage and save 30% more fuel than the petrol. This is because the diesel engine doesn’t require any spark plug for engine ignition and have a high compression ratio compared to the petrol engine and this results in less usage of the fuel if compared to the petrol engine.

The diesel engine also provides more torque compared to the petrol engine. Let take an example of the current BMW 320i which run on a petrol engine and the BMW 320d which runs on a diesel engine. In the screenshot below taken from www.carbase.my, the torque for the BMW 320i is just 290nm where the torque for the 320d is doubled to 400nm. This is due to the design of the diesel engine as it has higher compression ratio and the stroke of the piston in the diesel engine car is longer compared to the petrol engine make it possible to achieve this number of torque.


However, while diesel has more mileage and more torque compared to the petrol engine car, they are several cons that make our car lovers does not opt for a diesel engine car. The diesel engine car although have more torque compared to the petrol engine in the real world it does not have sufficient acceleration if compared to the petrol engine. The petrol engine provides more acceleration due to spark ignition that occurs in the engine where diesel does not have the ignition.

Unlike the petrol engine start where the car is smoother, diesel engine tends to be noisier. The reason for this is during the engine combustion the diesel does not have any external part for ignition like the petrol engine hence it produce higher vibration as the combustion is more violent and spontaneous that translate to a louder noise in the diesel engine car.

The diesel also has a higher maintenance compared to the petrol engine. Since diesel car option limited to just 1 per series for any car manufacturer the maintenance of the car is higher as due to the complication of the diesel engine that more rotation and higher torque. The part for the diesel engine car also is limited compared to the petrol engine car and it makes the price for maintenance tend to be higher.

The diesel engine can be the thing of the past where the petrol hybrid is gaining more popularity due to his simplicity of complicated design and with our government incentive, the price for the hybrid is much cheaper as compared to the diesel engine. The diesel although have some distinct advantages, they are also some disadvantages that make the diesel engine car is less favorable compared to the petrol engine and hybrid cars. At the moment, they are no diesel hybrid car available due to the complication of building it.

With many more car manufacturer opting for the hybrid car and also with the introduction of the first electric sports car by Tesla Motors , the diesel may be a thing of the past in the future. The diesel engine car may not available in the future as the hybrid will be expected to be better and maybe in the future, the electric car will be the car of the future hence the future of the diesel car is vague for now.


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