The car items and components had seen a lot of changes from the early years. From the car mirror, car tire, car seats, transmission, car body, engines, and others had seen a massive improvement to provides us more performance, comfort, and the most important of all safety. However, in these improvements, they are some items that had been defunct all together from the present car, and here are some of the items.

Ash Trays

In the past, most of the car has an ashtray that can be used by those who smokes in the car. This ashtray had although in some car present but unlike in the past, most of the automobile companies had decided to remove these ashtrays, and this in accordance to support the non-smoking campaign and also at some time to prevent car users to smoke in the cars.

Cd Auto Changers

In the current cars, they infotainment which serves more than listening to music and radio where now we can use the Google Android Auto, Apple Car Play, mirroring, surfing websites, and many more. In the past car, they are one component that is called as cd autochangers where the cd changer will be fixed behind the boots or in the glove box since most of the car user can access the music from the smartphone and USB they need for the CD Auto changers had been removed from the present car.

Wind Up Windows

In the present, they are buttons for every single function including to on or off the car window. Before the emergence of the button, the older generation uses the wind-up windows where the car driver and passenger need windle down the handle to slide up or slide down the car window. This also called winding down the window in the older days. Now, this handle is not prevalent in the present car as the button had replaced this function altogether.

Manual Transmission

The favorites of most of the performance-oriented driver. The feeling of pressing down the clutch and shifting the direction of the gear is a thing that gave some thrill to the car drivers in the older days. But not this generation as the manual transmission is nonexistent in the modern-day cars as the automatic transmission had replaced this manual stick altogether.

Power Antenna

In the present car, they are shark fin-like fixed in the upper part of the car. But in the older days, they are a long antenna that adjustable if the car user unable to get a signal from the radio. This also had been defunct altogether in the present car as most of the car user in these generations is not fully dependant on the radio to get the latest information as the many sources are available now.

Wheel Caps

In the present car, most of the car is equipped with a sport rim. The sport rim can give some artistic beauty for the car. However, in the older days, not most of the car has sport rim as the sport rim is a thing that only served for luxury cars hence they are wheel caps for most of the car in the past. The wheels cap be used the cover the normal rim that is fixed in most of the cars in the past.

Analog Meters

In the present, they are digital meter installed in most of the car. Before the emergency of the digital meter, they are analog meters where the speedometer, temperature, fuel indicator, and others all been in analog. The digital meter had been prevalent in luxury cars but now most of the car had a digital meter hence the analog meter had been removed from the present car.

Manual Controller.

The knob on the car for controlling the air-cond temperature, radio tuning, volume control had also been obsolete in the modern-day car as these knobs had been replaced by the digital controller. It is not an over-exaggeration to say that most of the modern automobiles had been digitalized in terms of the meters and also in terms of the controllers.

Handbrake Knob.

The handbrake knob too had been defunct in the car. The car in the past had these item but now in the modern-day car, the handbrake knob had been replaced with the button function. This will make the car manufacture to install other items in the car center console since the button does not take much space.

Air Conditioner Manual Fan Control.

The air conditioner manual fan control where the user needs to control the fan according to the temperature outside had been replaced with the automatic climate control. In the modern-day car, the need to control the fan manually had been irrelevant as most of the cars equipped with automatic climate control. The name of the automatic climate control will also be specified according to the car manufacturer and their model.

The improvement of the car interior and exterior to provide better comfort, safety and better performance of the car user had led the car manufacturer to remove some of the popular car items. This will ensure they are staying a few years ahead and follow according to the current car user preference and needs. Simply, most of these items had been removed from the modern-day due to make a specific function simpler, making the car according to the current technologies advancement, and also to make less human interference and letting the ECU of the car taking over the car function. In the future, with the continuous improvement from the technologies makes and the car manufacturer we expect more items to be defunct from the modern-day car like the gear knob. In the new Honda Accord that was released in the US, we can view the gear knob of the car had been replaced with a button function and also in the Jaguar the gear knob is in the rotary knob from hence these features can also be defunct from the future car and more item can be expected to be on the defunct list in the future cars.

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