Once upon a time, women were looked down in the society where some culture describes women as cunning, immoral, and dangerous. At some time, not all the society describe women as immoral, as they are some society who gave a high respect for women. In some extreme cases when a woman gave birth to a girl infant, it will be buried alive as it deemed as a bad luck for the family. It amazing and kudos to some women whom had fought the social stigma and had achieved some amazing thing currently where it was deemed impossible for women.

They are women who are the leader of the nation like the late Indira Gandhi, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the current German chancellor Angela Merkel, women who had gained wide respect through their deeds like Mother Teresa, and many more. Even in the sport, they are some popular women footballer or soccer in the United States, women wrestling in WWE, women mixed martial artist in UFC like Ronda Rousey and many more. Women certainly come through and had achieved some outstanding results through their determination and hard work to prove that they are not a pushover.

The now deceased  Indira Gandhi is the first women President in India

However, they are some bad perception still prevail in our society for women especially when it comes to the car or any car-related sports. For all the sport that had women division in it, they are still no women F1 and women racing for now. At this point, Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that does not allow women to drive a car, but the thing had changed in there too.

Although in our country, they are no such restriction like in Saudi Arabia, but they are some bad perception for the women driver. When some women drive in front of the other car, the other car driver will come with specific remarks or comment “oh is a woman that why they are driving very slowly” and they are some truth in it, but it is not for women only as some of the men will drive slow too. The thing that some of car lover hate is when they had encountered a car driver that driver very slow or in our term it also can be called as crawling with car and I need to admit that even I dislikes it too especially when the car in right lane where it should be lane that needs to be driven fast within the rules. But at the current time, they are some women driver who likes to drive fast and, in some instance, faster than men too so to say all women driver drives slowly is not relevant in the present time.

Another thing that had been changed in present time is when come to modifying the car, man is the king in this department but again in the current time they are some women driver who likes to modify the car too. To prove this, they are one website that called as that shows about the women car enthusiastic and they also have a YouTube channel with some title where it is all about the women with their modified car and it looks amazing and astonishing. Even in our country, it will come as a surprise for some when they encounter some women who love to modify their car, and, in some cases, they are more knowledgeable than men when comes to modify the car. It, not a surprise in the present time too where we can see that they are some women who like a sports car like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW M Series, Volkswagen Golf or even our own Proton Satria.

Another thing that had been changed is once many of us thought that a women can’t be a road bully and they are like angel when driving the car but with the advanced technologies in the smartphone camera and the app connected to smartphone operation system, any video can be captured and made viral in the social media like Facebook, Twitter, or in the WhatsApp group or on the video-sharing website YouTube we had seen they are some women road bully whom can be nasty and in some cases surprising the men itself. They are one incident where women had become violent and hurling some abuse towards the old Chinese men that had become famous in our country and the many other viral videos that saw women driver can be nasty too. Things had changed and the angel-like a reputation for women driver had been dismissed as women driver can become a road bully too.

Women also can be a nasty road bully

We are had been treated women and men are equal and well they are equal but in term of using the brain, they are different. Women tend to be more emotional had they had a knack to linked together everything and express their emotion where men due to their physical and maybe due to their high testosterone level men tend to be less emotional or hide their emotion and another may due to the society where a man needs to look tough no matter how the situation is. But maybe due to this, women driver tends to panic easily when a bad situation arises when they are driving but this also is not the case as some women who gained more experience from many years of driving can be calm and they are one advantage as due to the nature they can resolve any situation in a calmer and less aggressive manner wherein some similar situation men can be more aggrieve and aggravate the situation further. This is one of the advantages of the women driver.

Due to their less aggressive nature except for some women driver women driver tend to drive in a way to obey the rule than to be caught in the life taking accident than men and this fact had been proven by a study from Quality Planning that was published on the CBS news on 11 October 2011. Again, in these situations the women drivers although can be boring due to their nature they are safer due to least aggressive and tend to obey the law more. This is one of the advantages of the women driver that had made them become an angel behind the driving wheel compared to men.

Women driver although they are some negative perception on them maybe in the past but not presently with their ever-growing increase interest on the car and the modifying aspect of it women also had proven that there is also a car enthusiastic equalling their male counterpart, been nasty like the male counterpart and a safer driver than their male counterpart. They are more women driver if compared in the past and with the information about the car that can be gathered easily in the fingertip dues to advances in the smartphone, they can be an increase of enthusiastic women driver in the future. Women like in other field had also proved they are some that can be like men or far better than them when comes to driving behind the wheel.





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