When a car lovers vehicle had been involved in a minor or major accident, they must repair the car to restore back the car to its original state. Some prefer to send it to the service center and any authorized panel recommended by the service center as they want the color spray to be exactly like the original car due if the color is different than the original than the paint difference will be clearly seen. However, to do this, it will take more than 2 or 3 working days or more and it provides an inconvenience for the car lovers. In this situation, the courtesy car will come as help.

What is a courtesy car? A courtesy car is a car that will be provided by the service center to make has an alternative for the car lovers to travel when his car under repair but unfortunately not most of the service center in our country provides this courtesy car. Car manufacturer like BMW, Proton, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Jaguar does provide a courtesy car for the user but it will a better choice if most of the car service center provides a courtesy car for the user as it had several advantages for the car lovers.

Avoid Inconvenience for The User.

Taking a public transport will be troublesome for the car lovers

True to the nature of this name, the courtesy car avoids any inconvenience or reduce the inconvenience due to no car for him during this time. This car will act as an alternative for the user to travel to his working place, vacation, business travel and many more. This will provide a little peace of mind for the user.


Giving A Good Reputation on The Service Centre Brand

The service center will have a good name when they had provided the courtesy car

A service center that provides a courtesy car will have a good reputation and in the age of the social media where everything whether negative or positive can viralled easily, with the service center doing this the name of the service center can also be viralled as the user is satisfied with the service. This also can be used as a promotion by the service center to increase their sales in the service center.


Making User Feels That He Had Made The Right Choice On The Car Brand

When a car brand had provided a courtesy car, it can make the user feels that he or she had taken a right choice for the car brand. The courtesy car although is not as good as his original car but he still has a vehicle to cater him from one place to another place while waiting for his car to be ready. This can use as a talking point or selling point by the user on the service center to enhanced further the reputation of the car brand.


An Alternative Private Vehicle

Apart from giving convenience for the car lovers, the courtesy car also gave the car lovers an alternatives private vehicle. Even though the courtesy car quality may not be as good as the original user’s car but an alternative is still better than no alternative at all hence in this situation, the service centre of the car brand that provides the courtesy car will be appreciated by the car lovers as they have alternatives when their car is still under repair.


With advantages of providing a courtesy car while the car lovers vehicle is still in repair, it is still incredible to think that not all the car brand service center provides the courtesy car in our country. Some service center may provide a courtesy car, but it will depend on the term and condition and also the availability as usually the will be a limited amount of courtesy car but still it is better than no alternative or choosing a different alternative that makes the car lovers avoiding any inconvenience.

If the service centre does not provide the courtesy car, the car lovers still can opt for the car hire or rental service where the user can get from the reputed car rental like Avis Car Rental , Sime Darby Rent a Car, GoCar, and several other car rentals and also some car rental service provider will also post their business in the social media like Facebook but still a courtesy car will provides an appreciations form both sides where the car lovers will feel that the plight of inconvenience during the car repair is taken into consideration by the service centre and the service centre will feel that there are treating their customer with care and this can ensure loyalty on the car brand and also on the service centre converting to more revenue for them.

The courtesy car should be compulsorily provided by the service centre subject to the severity of the car repair where if the car will be in the service centre for more than 1 day, any overhaul is required, the repair happens during the car is still under manufacturer warranty , and many other adequate reasons and at some time the courtesy car can be the least quality car than the original car of the user but as mentioned many times in this article an alternative is far better than no alternative at all.

The courtesy car is not something that is practised in most of the service centre although with the exception of the user that had purchased an luxury car like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, and Bentley where this car brand manufacture provides courtesy car but it is still unfair to the other car brand lovers. The courtesy can be provided by the service center if the user needs to repair his or her car for more than a day no matter what the car they’re using. This will ensure that user has an alternative and at some escaping from any inconvenience caused when his car is under repair and the quality of the car can be the least desirable, but an alternative is still better than no alternative at all.








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