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Many of us love the continental car due to the sheer popularity and performance that it provides. The famous Continental car in Malaysia is BMW, Mercedez Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Porche. They are several more like the upcoming Ford, Peugeot, and Citroen but it is not as famous as the previously mentioned brand. For some, it is a dream come true to have this due to sheer hard work they had invested in, and for some that luckily born with a silver spoon they are born in it.

For each car that been bought, they are unchanged prices such as monthly installments pay, road tax, and insurance. And they are some price that can be odd or ever-changing such as the maintenance of the car. For the continental car, the maintenance of the car can give the drivers a financial nightmare or difficulty no matter how good the expenditure ability that they had. Maintenance of the continental car can give the drivers a terrible amount of bad time and difficulties.


Unlike the Japanese car where the maintenance is user-friendly except for hybrid cars, the Continental car is computerized. Even to know what is the actual problem the car needs to be checked with the computer system using in-vehicle diagnostic tools that are available for the manufacturer. This computer tool is not available in many workshops and the end, the drivers had been vendor locked to the service center. This can cause some difficulty for the driver if the service center is fully booked even in the non-peak hours or peak hours such as Balik Kampung time for Muslims who celebrate Hari Raya or on school holiday time. This also can cause terrible inconvenience if the service center is not available in many places such as for Volvo, Audi, and Porsche cars where the service center is less.

On the other side, since the driver had been locked into the service center if the problem is not resolved in the service center and recurred back, this will cause an undoubtedly emotional burden for the driven as they had no other choices. This limitation of choices can make the drives lost a lot of precious time due to travel to the service center and waiting in the service center for this. If the drivers do not have any spare cars and the service center does not provide any spare car to the driver then the driver misery is further increased as he does not have transportation and needs to use our public transportation which is not convenient depends on the location the drivers stays.

This misery is further compounded on the amount of time that service centers will take to resolve the issue if the car is still under warranty. Let says for Volkswagen drivers encounter their famous DSG problem or mechatronic problems the car may need to be in the service for more than a day or several days or even in several weeks and this will cause a lost time in travel, emotional burden, the regret of purchasing, anger, and many inconvenient experiences. This added misery will be further compounded in which the warranty may be delayed or taking a time to settle and the worst of all miscommunication between the service center and drivers which regard on what to cover for warranty and what is not.

Another misery that the driver can encounter if any electronic failure happens for the drivers after the warranty had been expired. If this happens the drivers may need to break his bank account as any malfunction or electronic failure for the car after warranty can cause even the user with high expenditure ability to suffer financially. Although these can be rare as many of the car manufacturer providing a minimum 3 to 5 years warranty and many of the drivers will sell the car before the warranty ends, some of the drivers loves the car so much and with the low resale value for the continental car, this can put off some drivers to sell the cars and in the end, the unlucky day and unwanted circumstances if this happens the drivers will have the problem of financial losses due to this.

Since many of the car’s systems are computerized the continental genuine spare parts are pricey as it is hard to get even in the outside spare parts shop. Due to this many service centers will charge the cut-throat price even the car is still under warranty as some of the changes may not be covered under warranties. For example for Ford cars only Jalan Ipoh selling the genuine spares part that even outside workshop buying from them. Another limitation for the car makes the price going higher and it the end it is the driver that needs to pay for the price.

For the continental, the service mileage usually has a longer interval than the Japanese counterpart. For Volvo, the service mileage is 20,000km each, for BMW and Mercedez-Benz the service interval is 12,000 or 13,000km each, for Volkswagen is 15,000km each and for Audi also some 15,000km each. The service mileage for the Volvo is the longest in his brand. Due to this the charges for the service especially the major service may cost more than RM3000 for each of them. Due to the longer mileage, the charges for the services are also on the higher side. Some manufacturers may provide 5 years of free services or mileage-based free services. Even the change of tire for the Continental car can be costly and this is due to many Continental cars had bigger rims and a bigger tire fitted to their car. Many of the continental car tires are usually fitted with the tire rim more than 16 inches above. This tire is usually costly which the price is more than RM500 above per tire. In the BMW and Mercedez-Benz since this is fitted with Run Flat Tire than it can cause a minimum of RM900 above depends on the car tire size, the maintenance for this will be on the higher side also.

At the end of the day continental car maintenance, spare parts, and fewer service centers for some manufacturers will be the low point but it all compensated with drive thrill and performance that this car provides for the drivers. Yes, Japanese cars may be cheaper in maintenance and easier to get the spare parts but the joy of the ride and the power of Continental is still a preference for some drivers.

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