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The braking system is a salient part of the sedan, SUV, lorry, bus, or every two or four-wheelers. Failure of the braking system can lead to dire implications for the vehicle and the vehicle occupants; hence every precaution must be taken to ensure the braking system work in immaculate ways. One of the essential elements of the braking parts is the brake pad. The brake pad failure can be detected when the squealing sound emanates from the brakes. The squealing can get noisier if early precaution is not taken. The best way to eliminate these sounds is to replace the brake pad, considered the least expensive braking component.

Albeit, they are many ways where the brake pad can be replaced. For those cars still under warranties, they can replace them with the authorized service center, howbeit the price of the brake pad at the authorized service center can make the car lovers hesitant to replace them. The cost of the brake pad in the authorized service center will be extremely high, but the quality can be guaranteed as it is a genuine product. Nevertheless, some car lovers can choose to replace the brake pad outside the service center. They will have more choices with some of the most popular aftermarket brake pads like Bendix, Brembo, Nisin, Endless, and many more.

The issue can arise when the customer has chosen a bad brake pad that is not bought from the authorized dealer or the authorized service center and what will be the implications of replacing it with a meager brake pad. They are various issues that car lovers can come across. The earliest problem the car lovers experienced was that brake rotors could be severely damaged. A bad brake pad can wreck the brake rotors. Once the brake rotors have been damaged, the car lovers can listen to a louder squealing sound emanating from the brake while driving. An exhausted brake pad produced the squealing sound while braking, but the damaged rotors sound will happen during the driving time itself. It will give car lovers a significant monetary loss as they will need to replace the brake pad and the rotors at some time.

Subsequently, a brake pad that is low quality will not produce a good stopping power. This is unsafe, especially when the car lovers are driving at the cruising speed on the highway where the braking stopping power plays an important role. A brake pad that does not produce good stopping can cause an accident more easily than a brake pad with good stopping power. Despite that, a brake pad with good stopping power can produce a lot of dust that can stick on the rotors; however, this is a petty issue compared to the stopping power that a good brake pad generates.

Choosing a bad brake pad or not replacing the exhausted brake pad at the early stages can also ruin the car tire. A bad brake pad can imbalanced the tire, and this can cause the tire to wear down faster. In some scenarios, a bad brake can cause the tire to burst as it has lost its balance. A bad brake pad not only cripples the brake rotors but can also lead to the car tire wearing down, making the car lovers replace the tire at the earliest, costing more bombs on their bank balance.

Adding to more misery, driving with an exhausted brake pad also can cripple the brake calipers. One of the most expensive braking components is the caliper; replacing it can also cause a high cost. Clearly, replacing the brake caliper is similar to replacing the whole brake component, like the brake pad, rotors, and the caliper is the component that makes the braking system works. The damaged rotors and caliper also can cause the steering to vibrate heavily, which can cause some anxiety for car lovers. A flawless braking component will perform its intended task smoothly and give a tremendous unperturbed driving experience.

A brake pad is the least expensive component of the braking system to replace. The cost of the brake pad can be approximately between RM120 to RM350, depending on the car model and brand. The price of the brake pad usually will be one set for the front and one for the rear. Some workshops will recommend that car lovers replace the brake pad with the brake rotors; however, it is not necessary as replacing the brake pad should suffice. Both components must be replaced simultaneously if the low-quality brake or exhausted brake pad has led to severe damage to the brake rotors; otherwise, changing the brake pad will suffice to regain the brake power lost.  

However, this will apply to the regular good quality brake pad. If the car lovers wish to replace his worn brake pad with a high-performance brake pad, then it will be recommended to change the brake rotors. A high-performance brake pad can handle very high heat transfer, and if the brake rotors are not replaced parallel with the high-performance brake pad, they are scenarios where the high-performance brake pad can derail the brake rotors severely hence again, creating a new cycle of damaging brake pad together with the rotors. It is highly advisable to replace the brake rotors if car lovers want to fix a high-performance brake pad.

The implication that can arise from the least expensive braking component, which is the brake pad is stratospheric as the component, if been replaced with the meager quality or not been replaced at the earliest, can cause immense damage to the brake rotors, calipers, and also the tire. It also does not provide a good stopping power which can be crucial. A good brake pad can give car lovers a moment of pure confidence while driving, while a bad brake pad can rattle the driving experience. When car lovers hear a squealing sound, they should take the car to a trusted workshop and replace the brake pad if the car mechanic recommends it.

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