The main entrance for the both KLIA and KLIA 2 is surprisingly similar in the design

To visit to our country or to travel to another country via air travel , we need to use the airport and in Malaysia they are 2 main terminals one is the KLIA and KLIA 2 depends on the airlines operation where the KLIA is for the traditional airlines and the KLIA 2 is basically for the low-cost carrier with had gained upsurge in the popularity.  The KLIA 2 is basically a replacement for the previous Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) which had better accommodation then the previous LCCT. The design of the KLIA 2 looks more like a proper airport design where the LCCT is looked like a big hypermarket store which the aircraft landing. The LCCT is using some runaway as the KLIA where the KLIA has its own airplane runaway. Since these are the starting for arrival and departure via air travel, we can have a look at the difference between these 2 airports.

The main entrance for the both KLIA and KLIA 2 is surprisingly similar in the design

Another way to reach both of this airport is by using the KLIA Express for the user who does not have to drive to both of this terminal, it is a non-issue as the KLIA express once only served KLIA but now they are serving for both terminals hence the user can use the KLIA express for both terminals. The user that is using the KLIA express can also make check-in at the KL Sentral for their respected airlines. Once only airlines like Malaysian Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, and Emirates able to make the check-in in the KL Sentral but now almost all the airlines allow the passenger to check in the KL Sentral.

The passenger can check in KL Central

The airlines that are landing in KLIA and KLIA 2 also different. In the KLIA, the normal traditional airlines will be operating like Malaysian Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airlines and others wherein the KLIA 2 the ever-popular low-cost carrier airlines will have the flight operation. When comes to airlines base, the KLIA can be said as the base for the Malaysian Airlines where the KLIA 2 is the base of Air Asia. Before the KLIA 2 was launched, the low-cost carrier will operate from the now-defunct LCCT.

The old LCCT airport

When comes to convenience, the KLIA is the far better than the KLIA 2. The walking elevator that is built in most of the airport and the ease of access especially for the transit flight and for the customer is better than the KLIA 2. In the KLIA, they are also a shuttle train that connects from the satellite building to the main terminal and it makes life easier for the passenger in the airport. In the KLIA 2, the thing is different as they are no walking elevator and the passenger needs to take a long walk to the check-in counter in the departure and again need to make a long walk to the main gate. The convenience factor in the KLIA 2 is lacking if compared to the KLIA and thing should be better as the KLIA is built earlier hence the some of the best parts of KLIA can be included in the KLIA 2.

The check-in counter in the KLIA and KLIA 2 also had a significant difference. As the KLIA 2 is the base for Air Asia who trying to make the self-check-in as many as possible with least human interference where the KLIA although they are some self-check-in the human interference is still kept intact unlike the KLIA 2. When comes to the airline’s security, the check-in is one of the vital parts of it hence the human interference must be there and can’t be eliminated completely. Some airlines making the check in as the first step of the security like Israeli Airlines El Al whom known for their rigid security practice in the airline’s industries.

For the smoker, the can smoke the precious cigarette in the special dedicated place for them in KLIA 2. In the KLIA however, the thing is different as there is a dedicated smoking lounge for the smoker in the KLIA again another small detail for the convenience in the KLIA that is lacking in the KLIA 2.

Due to an increase in the passenger traffic in our country and they need to build a better low-cost terminal, our government had decided to build the new Terminal 2 that is called KLIA 2. Both are built to serve the ever-growing passenger traffic in our country however when comes to the convenience factor the KLIA is still supreme in this department if compared to the KLIA 2. The KLIA 2 may be for the low-cost carrier airlines however the convenience factor can be added in order to serve the passenger better.

If compared this to the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 which was completed 2016 which had far better convenience and more attraction added in terminal added which their previous 3 terminals, the Changi Airport is far superior and it had been unfortunate that KLIA 2, although is, was built later than KLIA but still lack the accommodation and convenience factor that earlier KLIA had offered. It will a better thing if KLIA 2 too had some convenience and comfort as in the KLIA as both of this airport is the starting point for the passenger on arrival and on departure to and form our country.

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