Honda HR-V is the king in the crossover SUV in our country

In 2015, Honda Malaysia added another model for car lovers in Malaysia, the Honda HR-V. It can be said it had been a runaway success for them as the car lovers had been attracted to his beautiful design and performance. Each model released since then, HR-V, is still one of the best-selling car models for Honda in our country. Each time a new model or facelift is launched, additional specification is added. The latest is the Honda HR-V hybrid and the Honda Lane Watch to the current model. Nonetheless, like all popular car models, the Honda HR-V, too, had its fair share of a specific problem.

For Volkswagen, they are a problem with the DSG, which had been sorted out, and for the Nissan model, they are some issue with the JATCO CVT transmission. Fortunately, the Honda HR-V does not have the transmission problem aforementioned. The Toyota and Honda CVT transmission is exceptional in being the most reliable CVT, and the transmission is silky smooth and free of any complication.

One negative issue associated with the Honda HR-V is the absorber. The Honda HR-V group on Facebook has countless comments on the HR-V absorbers. The car user said that the absorber is quite soft and cannot correctly absorb road irregularities. These issues can arise due to the nature of the Honda HR-V as it was not a proper SUV but a subcompact crossover SUV which can be defined as the smallest segment of crossover SUV. Therefore,  the car does not have a high view like a proper SUV or a low view like the hatchback and sedan.

Another issue is the infotainment system of the Honda HR-V. The HR-V infotainment can be said to be plain and a bit sluggish. However, the Bluetooth connection in the Honda HR-V is top-notch as it can work impeccably. In spite of that, the previous model does not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which can make the infotainment system outdated. These can be resolved by buying new aftermarket infotainment or purchasing a 3rd party plug and play device for the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Anyway, as mentioned earlier, any improper installation of the item can lead to rescinding the car warranties, which can provide an uneasy feeling for those who had bought the car.

The consumer will encounter both these issues earlier. Then, the user in the later stages will experience the next issue. Usually, the consumer will share both of these issues when the vehicle has reached 70,000 to 90,000km. The first issue is the lower arm. The lower arm is part of the suspension that connects the car’s frame to the wheel hub assembly or steering knuckle. The symptom that will be experienced by the car lovers when the lower arm is not working as intended is a knocking sound that can happen when the car hits a road irregular.

These lower arms can be resolved using the HR-V warranties as the item is covered under the warranties. The car lovers must be persistent and use the HR-V manual clause to activate the warranties. In spite of that, if the service center had not entertained these issues, the car lovers need to take an aftermarket or bring their car to any reliable mechanic to replace the lower arm. Some HR-V users prefer to install high-quality Polyman bushing for their lower arm. Quite a few like the aftermarket lower arm or installing racing lower arm, the prominent brand HardRace.

The HR-V user who had driven their car for more than 70,000km will experience one more issue and in non-other than the famous tensioner issue. The issue had been highlighted by many HR-V users in the Facebook group. The tensioner is a vital part of the car engine. The tensioner is crucial as it functions as a force device to create and maintain the correct amount of tension in the belt. The symptom of a malfunctioning tensioner was the high squeaking noise from the engine when the car started. The HR-V model with a tensioner issue will not be the silky smooth drive as the sound of the tensioner will be echoed in the car. These will create an unpleasant driver as the tensioner had severely affected the car lovers’ driving experience.

The tensioner is another part covered under the warranties; hence the consumer can fix it in the service center without any charges. However, if the service center had neglected the issue, the car lovers need to proceed to a reliable workshop to resolve these issues. As a caution, the tensioner needs to be replaced as swiftly as possible. Failure to adhere to these will bring considerable damage to the belt, which can negatively affect the HR-V engine. However, once the tensioner has been replaced, the car lovers will have the silky smooth driver they experienced beforehand.

The lower arm and the tensioner issue is best to resolve in the service center; however, another issue seen in the comment on Facebook is the inadequate consideration from the service center on the issue mentioned earlier. Some service centers had been considerate and replaced the lower arm and the tensioner in the service center.

Apart from the issue mentioned before, the Honda HR-V is an excellent car to drive and has superb performance. The i-Vtec engine of Honda, combined with their reliable CVT transmission, makes driving with the Honda HR-V a pleasurable experience and simultaneously contributes to the low consumption of fuel without the aid of the ECO button fixed in the car. Although these issues had been a source of inconvenience, the HR-V is still the car that can give a great driving experience and good reliabilities synonym with Honda-built qualities.

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