Buying a car is one of the best experience for a potential car buyer as the car represent their status, achieving a dream, proved they had made it in the life, a gift to their loved one and just to make a collection. Most of the car buyer will not hesitate to spend a lot of money in making the deposit for the car, paying the hefty sum of monthly installment, paying the annual road tax and insurance, servicing the car and repairing the car when it had been caught with a major or minor accident.

When coming to choosing a car it is basically a 2 thing that will be the first factor for the car lovers mind it is either comfort based or performance-based car or mixed of both. Most of the Japanese car will fall under comfort-based and the performance-based will fall under the continental car. Japanese car like the Honda, Toyota, and Nissan provides a great comfort but does not provide an exhilarating ride but on the other continental car like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedez Benz and Jaguar does provide a great performance and good comfort too but continental car will usually fall on the higher side of the car prices especially with our astronomical foreign car tax that makes our car prices as the second most expensive in the Asian region after Singapore.

When choosing a comfort-based car, the one important aspect comes to the mind is the rear legroom where Japanese car like Honda, Toyota, and Nissan is master in this part. Although Mazda too is a Japanese car it does not have some level of rear legroom like in the other Japanese car an example as a comparison of the Honda CRV and Mazda CX-5 rear legroom shows that the CRV had a better legroom than Mazda.

On the other hand, when comes to performance car Volkswagen and BMW does provide a great performance with a turbocharged engine and a superb fast shifting transmission in DSG and ZF. DSG is recognized as the fast-shifting dual clutch transmission in the world and it does provides a great acceleration when needed and putting a smile in the car lovers. Volkswagen does have a mixture of the great comfort and superb performance in the Passat model however the same can’t be said for BMW especially as the rear legroom is not as good as the Japanese. To get a great decent amount of rear legroom in BMW, the car lovers need to purchase the higher end BMW like the BMW 5 series or 7 series.

When comes to the ride experience, the Japanese does provide a smooth ride with the great CVT transmission except for Mazda as they do not have any car that is fixed with the CVT transmission. The CVT does provide a smooth and good acceleration but when comes to an exhilarating ride the BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedez Benz is the choice hence this is another factor on the part of the car lovers. Again, with their turbocharged engine and superior gear shifting the Germans have the edge on the Japanese car when come to providing an exhilarating ride. This is one of the parts on why the German car has a great loyal follower.

The comfort and performance is something that divides the opinion of the car loves when purchasing a car and some will said that the performance is not a factor as we do not have an Autobahn in our country and when choosing performance over comfort some car lovers will say that getting a car that provides an exhilarating ride will give a better driving experience. This factor apart from the ever-popular resale value may divide the opinion of the car lovers.

Choosing the comfort-based car will provide a great piece of mind for the car lovers as it has a good rear leg room where it will provide a great comfort for the family or friend of the car lovers where they will not like the hear the dissatisfied voice of “the back seat is so cramped”. Similarly the car lovers who have a car that has a good comfort but lacks the exhilarating performance will also hear a different dissatisfied voice whom will say “the car has slow pickup” either way the car lovers does not loves to hear any these negative comment  hence  the choice of a car that provides comfort and great performance is the best for some.

In term of the car body type, the car lovers will prefer the sedan type or SUV type of where usually this type of car does have a great comfort and good performance depends on the car manufacturer. The hatchback is the least choice for the car lovers as it does have a good performance but does not have a great comfort. When coming to comfort or performance or combination the sedan and SUV will be an ultimate choice and when comes to comfort only the MPV like Toyota Vellfire or Alphard will be an ultimate choice as it provides a great comfort but does not provide exhilarating rides.

We had been hearing that Malaysian always concern about comfort, performance, and the resale value. The latter part is one of the most crucial parts that always will be a talking point for the car lovers in our country. In truth, Malaysian does not the emphasis on comfort or performance or even the resale value but had another factor that unfortunately will be known after he or she had bought the car and that is the reliability.

When some car lovers putting a lot of money for the car and expect it to use it in the long year to come, the reliability is the important factor. Whether the car provides a great comfort or great performance, it does not matter if the car does not have a great reliability. The Volkswagen car does provide the comfort and performance but unfortunately, the DSG, bad after sales service, and expensive spare part do come in the picture and become one of the important factors when purchasing the Volkswagen car.

Although our countryman loves a car that has a great resale value they will appreciate a car that has a great reliability hence this is one the reason that Japanese car like Honda, Toyota, and continental like the Mercedes Benz is the ultimate choice and due to this they are willing to sacrifice the performance part of this car. When comes to reliability the Volkswagen is not in the picture for some car lovers hence they are willing to not makes this as the ultimate choice even though it does have a great performance.



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