The engine oil is the crucial component, and it is not a hyperbole statement or hogwash statement to say that changing engine oil is the main reason we need to service the car. When it comes to engine oil, they are many types of engine oil brand to be poured in the car engine. From the Total, Amsoil, Honda engine oil especially for the Honda car, Toyota engine oil for Toyota car, Pennzoil, and many more, they are many types that the automobile lovers can choose.

They are one engine oil that will be recited by automobile lovers their car, and it has a renowned tag to it. Castrol is the engine oil that we are talking about, and the famous label for Castrol is called liquid engineering. What is interesting is the maker of Castrol engine oil does not threaten it as engine oil, but they are treating it as liquid engineering.

Castrol had a century of an establishment when Charles Wakefield had founded it, and the name Castrol had been created after adding castor oil to the lubrication. Speaking of the founder, Charles Wakefield, he is an English businessman and a lord mayor of London, and a significant philanthropist. From Charles Wakefield’s establishment of Castrol, how did it become a part of BP? ┬áIn the early ’50s, Castrol had been acquired by Burmah Oil, which led to them been renamed Burmah Castrol and Burmah Castrol later purchased by BP in 2000.

Compared to other engine oil like Liqui Moly, Total, Amsoil, and others, Castrol had a slogan of Liquid Engineering, which makes them stand out from their competitor. They are the engine oil brand that was using engineering as the slogan for their product. True to their motto Castrol had come up with the latest revolution in the engine oil department.

Two of their standout engine oil is MAGNATEC and fluid TITANIUM. The Magnatec engine oil was a revolution when it was announced as the engine oil component can stay in the engine longer even when the engine is not running for a long time. These engine oil components can cling together in the engine part to achieve this uniqueness in the engine oil.

While the fluid Titanium is the latest innovation from Castrol under their product EDGE, the liquid TITANIUM reduces engine friction up to 20 percent. The reason Castrol comes up with this newest innovation on the engine oil is to cater for the increase of the small-sized with the rise of the performance in the contemporary time. This latest had proved quite innovative and provided enormous benefits for the car engine and the driving experience of automobile lovers.

Castrol innovation on the engine oil parts clinging together with the engine even the engine is not started for a long time and mitigate the engine fiction up to 20 percent is parallel with their slogan of liquid engineering. The Castrol engine oil had become OEM for car model when the automobile lovers make an appointment for service in their service center and are also available as aftermarket choices.

However, when coming to aftermarket, they are a high proportion of fake engine oil, and Castrol engine oil is one of them. Pouring fake engine oil can harm the vehicle engine, costing a bank-breaking account for automobile lovers to fix the issue. It can lead to a severe engine problem, and fake engine oil has been news of precaution that had been viral in the social media and digital media in our country.

How to know whether Castrol is genuine? Castrol had come with a way to counter these fortifications of their engine oil. Once automobile lovers want to buy the Castrol engine oil in the aftermarket, they can use their smartphone and scan the QR code in the engine oil packing. Once the system had successfully scanned the QR code, it will direct to Castrol’s official website.

In a 3 step verification, the Castrol official website will ask for the serial code, which is written below the QR code in the engine oil. Once it had been successful, the next step will be to input the last four-digit number that is written in the engine cap. If the number is some, then the Castrol oil engine is genuine, and any mismatch proves that it is not authentic engine oil. The fake Castrol engine oil is a baleful issue that can cause colossal damage to their brand reputation.

Castrol engine oil availability in terms of distribution and availability of the engine oil in the aftermarket issue is nonexistent in our country as the engine oil is available in most outside mechanics. For finding the official distributor and official mechanic of Castrol Oil, they have listed the official partner on their official website, which can be found in the link below.

Automobile lovers had recited the Castrol engine oil as one of the best and most sought engine oil available for every car model. Some of the automobile lovers had been a loyal user of these engine oil as they believe in the brand reputation and reliability when comes to the performance and maintaining the car the engine. Castrol had invested an enormous amount in their Research and Development for the engine oil to enhance their reputation and proving that they are taking their slogan of liquid engineering very seriously.

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