To build a car it needs several inputs of an idea from the internal and also external individuals starting from the designer, engineer, the transmission manufacturer, tire manufacturer, new external idea, sales and marketing team and also the post sales team to ensure the customer get a satisfaction from owning a car. In this area, it also includes the sound system manufacturer to provide the best sound experience while the users driving or sitting in the backseat of the car. Like the transmission and tire, they are also several sound system manufacturers for the car and the list contain some of the famous names for the automobile manufacturer flagship and also the premium model.

The sound system manufacturer listed in this article will collaborate with the car manufacturer to install the best quality of the sound system in the flagship and premium models.

The first in the list is the Bang & Olufsen sound system. They are from Denmark with headquarters in Copenhagen and it was founded in 1925 by Peter Band and Svend Olufsen. They are not only providing the sound system for the car but also for the computer and as in 2015 they have a partnership with HP to become HP premium sound system provider for their computer models. The have installed their sound system normally in the premium model like the Audi A8, Mercedez Benz S-Class , Aston Martin, BMW 7 Series and much more.


For the current Toyota Camry Hybrid owners, they will know this sound system manufacturer as their car had been installed with this sound system. The JBL sound system stands for the name of the founder James B. Lansing is a subsidiary of Harman International that based in California. Under Harman International whom also is one the car audio maker ,they also have another company called as Infinity who making a sound system for the US made car Chrysler. Currently, Toyota Motors had installed this JBL sound system in their flagship model Toyota Camry.


Another US audio system maker had come on the list and they are Mark Levinson Audio System Ltd. It was founded by Mark Levinson in 1972 and they are considered as the newcomer in the audio system but had a pretty impressive sound system which been described as a high-end audio system. If JBL is the sound system for Toyota Camry, then Mark Levinson is the sound system for Toyota Motors premium brand Lexus in their model Lexus ES 300H, Lexus RH 450H, and most of the UK Lexus model had this sound system in their model.


After 1 company from Denmark and 2 from the US, now its time to tell about another sound system provider and this time they are from England. The Meridian Audio with the Headquarters in Huntingdon was founded by Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd in 1977. They had received several awards and also had their own boutique in Bangkok , Singapore, Bangalore, Mexico City, Kuwait and much more. Since they are from England, they are the sound system provider for the British made car like Jaguar, Land Rovers, and Mclaren.


Another European sound system maker, Burmester Audio System that was founded by Dieter Burmester in 1977 is a Germany sound system provider that ensure the absolute perfection in music and sound quality. They have taken the tag “Made in Germany” quite seriously and ensure their client and also the end user getting the best quality of sound in their car. Although Dieter had a lot of struggle in the earlier stages but due to his dedication and perfection now Burmester become the sound system providers for Mercedez Benz S-Class and Porsche. Like Meridian Audio they to provide the sound system for the German made cars only.


The next is the one of the famous sound system brand BOSE. It was founded by an American who is an Indian descendant late Amar Gopal Bose in 1964 with headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts US. Their company slogan is “Better Sound Through Research”. Apart from the sound system, headphones, automotive suspension, and seat suspension they also had a contract with US military and NASA for military application. Compare to the previous sound system manufacturer BOSE had a huge client like Nissan, Buick, Cadillac, Mazda, Ferrari, Mercedez Benz, Infiniti and much more. Especially for Cadillac as the premium car brand from the USA, BOSE with his latest BOSE Panaray sound system had installed an outrageous 34 speakers in 2016 Cadillac CTC. This is quite a staggering number since many of the auto manufacturer will only installed a maximum of 15 to 20 speakers in flagship and premium model.


They are more sound system providers like Kenwood, Sony, Clarion, Pioneer, JVC and much more but for the premium and flagship, the list above is the car manufacturer first choice. Like the transmission designed by the car manufacturer itself, some of the car manufacturers to have their own speaker like BMW, Mazda, Lexus, and much more but when comes to the premium model they will rely on the sound system manufacturer to provide the quality required for the specific car models.

The car manufacturer will also like to implement some new innovation in their sound system like Cadillac did when they had installed an outrageous number of speakers in their cars. This company listed above with brand power, perfection, qualities, long years of partnership and dedication will ensure the car manufacturer sound system demand were met and at the sometimes enhance the premium model and also the flagship model brand to ensure both can provide the great experience for the car owners in a long years and provide some loyalist to their brands.

In the end, the sound system had become one of the important factors in the flagship and premium model as this will satisfy the user expectation when driving the car. Who will like to drive a Mercedez Benz S – Class with the below average sound system especially when the user had paid a significant amount to own the car? In the end, the user satisfaction and expectation need to be met by both of the car manufacturer and sound system providers to ensure the user get a great experience while driving.

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