Before the machine replaced the animals for our land travel, human does travels to other countries by sea travel. Many of the historic making travel had been made by sea travel. Christopher Columbus had become the first man the land in America, Alberto d Albuquerque is the first man to travel across the African continent as stepping stone for Portuguese to conquer the Asian countries and many other. However, the significant of sea travel had been reduced when the Wright Brother introduced the air travel to the world fulfilling a long human ambition to fly. Many had failed and even some had lost their lives to find a way for a human to fly.

Once some had lost their life on finding a way on to fly but once the Wright Brother had come up with the way to fly, the loss of life is still happened. This time is due to the breach of the security in the airport, design flaw, and failure of the pilot to control the place when it necessary that had led to the airplane to crash.

First, on the part of the design flaw both car and airplane are sharing some similarities. The car on the early day too had a design flow and one of it is the design of the mirror. In the early day, the mirror can be easily shattered that led to severe injuries for the passenger and the driver hence once Henry Ford had found a way to make the car mirror safer where it will not easily shatter, most of the car manufacturer had applied this method in their car and with a continuous innovation the car mirror had become a safer tools if compared to the past.

Similarly some mirror design flaw had contributed to the air crash in the early days.  Before the arrival of Boeing and Airbus in the passenger aircraft, it are one airline who had made its mark in the this area and that is The de Havilland Comet whom had made history of the first commercial jetliner in 1952 and not ending with that they are also had made some technological contribution that still been used in the current jetliner as it had pressured cabin, flying in a high altitude but they had made another contribution to the airlines industries in an unfortunate ways. Their rectangular shaped design had contributed to their demise killing all the passengers on board. The rectangular shaped had led to crash as the sharp corner of the rectangular shape had put the surrounding metal in high stress more than 2 places in another area of the aircraft and since then all the jetliners and aircraft had fixed the oval-shaped mirror to prevent this type crash happened again.

Another common security similarities that are shared by both car and the airplane is the unwanted entries in the country and in the airplane. For the car, the unwanted entries usually will be as the part of the land border crossing checking where anyone who had a blacklisted, unpaid summons, had a criminal record and other may not be allowed to enter their country. This is some thing in the airline industry where some checking will be used to disallow anyone from leaving out from the countries.

The car and also the airplane can be used as the vehicle of destruction as happen in Afghanistan and in Sri Lanka where the car had been used as by the suicide bomber to gave a devasting effect on the targeted location or people. The 9/11 incident which will leave a great mark for the United States on their part of security had given a great lesson on how the terrorist will go any level to cause destruction of life when that had used the plane as a vehicle of the destruction.Since the security of the cockpit had been strengthened to prevent any unauthorized access.

Another thing is the when the unqualified person sitting in the driving seat. In the car when a person who is unqualified tried to drive a car, can cause a major or minor accident. Even it are some person is sitting beside monitoring the driver, any small misstep can cause a major accident for the car. The some incident does happened in the airlines too as evidence in the crash of Russian airlines Aeroflot Flight 593 where the pilot had put his 12-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son in the pilot cockpit and both of them had accidentally disengaged the autopilot system of the aircraft that had led to the devastating crash killing 63 passenger and 12 crew members.

In road transportation, one of the major checkings for all vehicle is the smuggling of the drugs through the border. The security on each border will use all the latest technologies of scanning items, hands-on checking by the authorities and man most loyal dog can nice to sniff the drugs. Due to the security delay can be expected, similarly when comes to the airlines this 3 method too well be used and it also can cause a delay. But in the principles of the safety delayed safety denied this is some discomfort that needs to be endured by the drivers and passenger in order to ensure a smooth and any unwanted smuggling in the country. But this checking can be breached by the human misusing their authorities.

Security for both road transportation and airlines had been improved in the present due to some unfortunate life losing incident in the past. Any accident or any crash will lead to an investigation by the relevant authorities which can be used as a learning curve to improve the security system for each transportation. The unfortunate and the uncomfortable truth is the security for each transportation had been improved due to the loss of life in the accident in past and also due to the persistence of the investigating authorities to find the reason behind an accident and crash to improve the securities and in the prevent any loss of life again.

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