When watched on Bobby Ang YouTube video about his car reviews, I had watched about him talking about the resale value of a car. They are a video about it where Bobby will talk about the resale value of a car. When listening to it, they are some truth on what Bobby had said about the resale value. Resale value is one of the important factors that will come to the mind for some of the car lovers in Malaysia when they had or want to purchase a car. The resale value is one of reason on why car brand like Toyota and Honda is popular in our country. For continental car meanwhile, Mercedes Benz is one of the cars that had the best resale value among its continental competitor and other cars like Volvo, Jaguar, Ford, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Audi and other brands that had a low resale value. For the BMW meanwhile, although it’s too had a low resale value in the term of the brand popularity it is still famous even among the second-hand car dealers.

Why do our country car lovers like to take the resale value of the car as one of the most important aspects when choosing a car? Due to the high tax imposed in our country, our car price is the second most expensive in the Asian regions after Singapore wherein Singapore they need to purchase a thing called a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) that makes their car price is most expensive in the Asian region. Since they are some car lovers whom like to use the car for more than 5 years and some will like to change the car after 3 years, the car lovers will expect a better resale value when they are selling the car and that is one of the reasons on why the resale value had become an important aspect when choosing the car in our country.

Now the car that has a good resale value is Toyota and Honda and they are producing some good car with great qualities with a cheaper price if compared to the continental car. But does the car resale value really need to be taken as important criteria when choosing a car brand? Unfortunately, not many of the car lovers choosing this as an important aspect as if this had been the reason, then they will be least continental car in our road as they many car lovers whom still love to own BMW, Ford, Volvo and many more.

The car was created to cater from point A to point B with ease. Due to continuous improvement from the car manufacturers and with some advancement in the car technologies and with a smart integration with a smartphone the car had become more than a thing to take us from one destination to another destination with more safety, comfort, and fulfill our technologies need even behind the wheel. This type of technologies usually is found in the continental car and not in the Japanese. The advancement of the car safety such as autonomous braking system, blind sports monitoring, and many more had been pioneered by the continental car such as Volvo and Mercedes Benz. The concierge services and the Garmin navigation which is one the best standalone navigation is usually found in the continental car and another thing the level of luxury and comfort and great performance is also found in the continental car.

The continental car like Volvo is built with safety in mind especially their car body. Volvo car body and the car door can be considered heavy due to the nature of built where they are built with safety for the car and drivers. The DSG transmission and ZF transmission is one of the best transmission that can deliver great performance with their fast shifting and at some time also had the ability to save fuel when traveling on a long journey. But this type of technology usually found in the continental car that had a low resale value.

Some buyers of the electronic equipment will prefer to buy a cheaper product that unfortunately that can deteriorate quickly if compared to the electronic equipment that is more expensive but had a far better reliability than the cheaper wants. This is like the car resale value as even though the price is high when we bought the car in term of performance, comfort, luxury level, and brand reputation, the continental car still holds an edge on this part. Although the resale value for this continental car is on the lower side but on the term of the daily usage continental car brings more pleasure behind the wheel and more comfort than the Japanese car.

Japanese car philosophy is always for reliability and comfort in the long run where a continental car also built for the reliability and better comfort and advancement in the technologies and at some time deliver a car performance that is better than the Japanese. Let us admit, driving behind the wheel in BMW and Mercedez Benz is a great experience than driving behind a Japanese car.

When we are buying an electronic equipment that is more expensive but better quality the maintenance of these will also be on higher side too and this is like the continental car too. Continental car had a reputation for a high in maintenance but due to excellent qualities that they are delivering behind wheel, the maintenance of the car is something that needs to be dealt with.

When coming to the resale value we will tend to buy a car that had some adequate qualities and many willing to comprise on that part but for some car lovers they are willing to comprise on this part and willing to buy the higher priced continental car that had low resale value but deliver a better driving experience that the Japanese car. The resale value is always become like a stumbling block for some when purchasing the car that delivers a better driving experience hence some willing to comprise on it. The resale value should not become a criteria as buying a car is not investment , it is a thing that had wear and tear, and it is also a thing that had been built for our comfort like the electronic equipment in our house hence the resale value is something that can be accepted when purchasing a car and it should not be used an important criteria when purchasing a car as when we comprised on it we are missing on the car brand that delivers an excellent performance and had a better comfort level.

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