Is It Worth to Modify The Car

The car that been bought whether is a new car or second-hand car will give a sense of satisfaction or sense of joy for the drivers. The first car for any drivers will give them a comfort of traveling on their own or with their family. Any car that was bought will be designed by the manufacturer according to the characteristic of the cars let say for the car that was built for the family outing will have a huge legroom and backspace but with maybe less powerful engine and for the car that will be built for a complete package will have a high performance specification and for the car that is built purely for the performance may have least backroom space or legroom. And for some drivers, the original manufacturer specification will not be good enough for them hence they will change the car to their own characteristic or own liking. This is what we called as the car modification and in today articles we will look at all the cons of modifying the car and why the drivers still prefer to modify the cars.

modify car.jpg
A typical car modification.Here we can see that the Proton Wira on the right-hand side door had been modified.

For the car modification, the drivers will not hesitate to spend a big amount of money. Some drivers are known to spend more than RM10,000 to modify the exterior, interior, exhaust pipes, tuning the engines, and changing the infotainment for the car and completely revamped the car look. But on the other hand, will it be worth for the drivers. For the drivers that will like to keep the car forever with them maybe is worth it because the car depreciation value will drop way than the normal price for the modified cars. The car values will be dropping by each year and this maybe is not a good thing to do with the car unlike to renovate the house where the house price will increase in the futures.  But for the pleasure and joy for the drivers on making modification according to their needs, this maybe is a non-issue for them.

The modification for the car also must follow according to the law by our Road Transport Agency or what we called in Malaysia as Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan or more famously called as JPJ. Any modification that is illegal and was against the law may warrant a summon or any penalties or maybe any harsh punishment. When the original car manufacturer was built according to the law of the country the modification that was made to a car may in the certain aspects violates the laws. Some drivers may violate the rules for the car modification and in the end getting a summon and punishment according to the law of the road transportation agency. In Malaysia especially drives that have car summons or penalties may be blocked from renewing their road tax and this can create a great concern for the drivers as without the road tax the drivers will be given a very harsh punishment or penalties.

Any modification will also void the warranty of the car. This may not affect the second-hand car but this will be a disaster for the new car owner. Let say if the user wants to tune the engine to give a better performance and if it was done incorrectly by the mechanics this can lead to a warranty void as most of the car now have warranty for the engine parts and if the warranty is void and the user had been hit with an engine problem then be prepared to breaking the bank to pay for it as the cost can be astronomical where if the car is still under warranty the cost is close to zero as the drivers does not need to pay any amount. This may be happening rarely as most drivers will not change anything to the car when it is under warranties and modification will only be made by them after the car warranties had been expired. This although will not be a big issue but certainly, this will be another problem in part of modifying the car.

A modified speaker system

Some insurance companies may not make insurance coverage for the modified car as it had been changed way from the original. The insurance companies will have insured according to the car manufacturer speciation and original design and any changes that were made will make the insurance void hence the drivers will be unable to claim for the insurance as previously that is claimable if the car had not been modified. This also may lead to a misunderstanding between the drivers and the insurance agent and may lead to both parties taking a long procedure to resolve this issue. At the end of the day, it will be another hassle for the drivers.

Modifying the car will or may disrupt the original design of the car. For an example let say the drivers had changed his exhaust pipes to give him a better acceleration may find that his fuel consumption is higher compared to the original condition. And let say if the drivers had changed to a higher rim for his car tire this may impact the car stability and driving experience compares to the original made. So any modification that was made to the car can disrupt the car in short term or in a long term. The drivers may prefer his original condition if the modification disrupting the car performance and characteristic.

The modified exhaust pipes

For all the problem and hassle why some of the drivers still prefer to modify the car. The reason to enjoy the ride and get a better driving experience from their car. All the problem will be known by the drivers but still, they may proceed to modify the car accordingly to their taste and needs. This will give the drivers a joy as the drivers will drive the car according to his or her specification instead of the car original specification. The car modification will happen as long as the drivers dislike the original condition and want to changes the car according to his or her own needs.

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