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One of the most important safety aspects of the car is the braking. The brake is the thing that we used to slow down or to make a sudden stop to save lives or to make a sudden stop for the car to avoid any accidents. The brakes are the crucial system in the car as a brake failure can cause a loss of life for the drivers. Some brakes like the parking brake were designed to stopping the car from a roll over while in a standstill and this is very important when the car is stopped on the hill or in a non-straight road. The car brakes normally will consist a brake bad, hub, calipers, and also the brake fluid as one of its most important parts. Failure or tear for any of this part may cause the life of the drivers of the cars hence the braking system had been upgraded and innovated several times to ensure that the car stop faster and increase the safety aspect of it.

Today we will see the main types of brakes in-car system in the present and maybe in the future as the latest technology that is available in a certain new model will be available in all the car. The first main system of the brake that is the most famous and as the standard safety feature in all the car is Antilock Braking System or better known as the ABS. As the previous generation brake was not designed to move while braking as the wheel will be locked once the brake is applied but in the ABS the system will allow the wheels on the vehicles to maintain the traction with the road and prevent the wheels from locking up and it will also avoid uncontrollable skidding. The ABS also had improved the braking distance and at the sometimes still improved the vehicle control. This ABS can be said is the catalyst for the Electronic Brake Distribution (E BD), Traction Control System and also Vehicle Stability Control system

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The next braking system that was created to prevent the car from rolling over while in the standstill is the Parking Hand Brake system. Unfortunately, the importance of this had been reduced since the introduction of the Parking mode in the automatics transmission. The parking brake consists of a cable that directly connected to the brake mechanism on one end or maybe in some model especially Toyota and Honda in the foot pedal of the driver’s positions. The parking brake system will be triggered by the handbrake knob that will be placed in the driver center console or as footbrake depending on the car manufacturer designs

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They are another upgrade to the parking brake in the form Electronic Park Brake that instead of using the cable pulling or foot or knob, this system using only push or pull button. This system was introduced in the BMW 7 Series model in 2001 and now this system is available is most of the Volkswagen Group cars, BMW 3 Series high-end, Jaguar, and in many high-end cars. This system, unlike the traditional system where instead of using the cable a computer controlled motor attached to each of the two rear brakes calipers that will be referred as the Motor will do the job as the previous traditional knob or foot brakes.

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The next brake system that can or may be implemented with the availability of the autonomous driving system is the City Safety. It is an auto brake system that will be triggered in the speed of 30km/h or with the current upgrade, for some car it can be triggered with a speed of 80km/h to reduce or avoid an accident in the city driving. The system was created by Volvo Cars and first implemented in the Volvo V40 2012 model and since then most of the Volvo cars had this system. Even now Mercedez Benz and Ford had implemented this system in their car. A fully computerized braking system with a radar or camera installed in the front will detect any movement in the front of the car in some direction where it may be standstill or moving slowly. If the system had detected that an accident is unavoidable with depends on the speed the car will brake automatically. This braking may be will be implemented in the future as a standard feature as some with the ABS.

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The next brake system is the Air Brake system that was introduced in the Buggati Veyron. For Buggati Veyron the air brake was introduced as the engineer found that the normal brake system is not sufficient enough to stop the car as fast as possible hence the air brake was created. This inspired from the passenger aircraft as the wing in aircraft will open when the pilot wants to stop the plane during landing time so the similar system was introduced as when the driver hit the brake the tail of the Buggati Veyron will flip up to stop the car in a shorter distance since the Buggati Veyron is the fastest cars that were made at that time. Since the system is good enough for Buggati Veyron hence in the future maybe all the sports car or even the normal may have this system.


The car manufacturer will always find a better way or upgrade the braking system to ensure that the braking system will be sufficient to stop the car in shorter distance or will suit the car characteristics. No matter how the engineer wants to find a way reduce the car weight or giving a better 0-100 car performance, or better chassis the braking system will fix in all the car as this the only method, for now, to stop the car or slowing down the car hence like the engine, transmission, and tyre the car braking system is one of the most important things in the car and also as an important safety features.

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