The religion had been with the mankind since the beginning. Some of us like to use the religious belief to associate our success and failure, to make some oppression like some of the leaders in the past, to give us a good guidance, to save some life, to make some prayers, and many more. In our country, those who do not know how to play football, we will like to call them as “kaki bangku” or when translated called as bench leg and similarly, those who do not have the religious belief we may call him as a freethinker and as an atheist. This person will be ridiculed and criticized for abandoning their religious belief. In some situation, the freethinker will like to challenge the religious norm or belief of the person and as a result, earning the wrath or curse of the religious minded person whether personally or in the social media.

Since the car had gained some popularity for us to travel from point A to point B and the car also had given us a freedom of choice to travel, some of us also had associated our religious belief in the car too. When a Hindu had bought a new car and buying a car for the first time, he or she will like to drove the car to the nearest temple and any temple according to the user preference to make a puja or prayers to get the blessing and protection from the divines. This puja will involve praying to the divine, breaking the coconut, and finally running over the lemon that will place near the tire of the car.

A vehicle puja by the pries for the user’s car

Similarly, the Chinse is famous for their “feng shui” and when coming to the car they also have a similar thing like the feng shui but it is called as “fung che”. The Chinese like the Hindus will love to drives their newly bought car to the Ma Tzu temple which is also called as Lady of the Good Voyage to get the divine blessing. For Christian, they also will get some blessing and protection from the divine for their vehicle.

Ma Tzu one of the Chinese deities

Muslim does not have this kind of prayer, but they will also pray to get the protection from the divine and some Muslim will stick their Quran wording in the car mirror too. Similarly, not only prayers, some car lovers will like to put their preferred divine symbol in the car interior. The Muslim will like anything that has Quran word to put on the dashboard or hang in the rear mirror of the car.

For the Chinese, they will like to have the God of Wealth, Caishen in their car interior. For the Hindu, they will also like to put their deities in the car interior. Hindu and Chinese also some share another deity in the car interior and that is Kubera, Lord of the Wealth. Both Hindus and Chinse share some belief with regards to Kubera. The reason they are having this divine word and deities in the car dashboard is too provide some protection, blessing and some good luck in their daily driving.

When a person had a deep religious belief, he or she will attribute their success to the divine intervention and the car is one of the sign that he had achieved success financially in his life whether he had bought his first car, dream car, or received the car a gift. Hence this is also one of the reasons they will get the blessing on their financial achievement and also most importantly pray for the protection while they are driving for their own selves, family, friend and anybody who coming with them on the car.

Similar, if the car lovers had escaped from the near life-threatening accident or just escaped with a minor accident he or she will attribute this escape to the divine intervention. Any escaped bad luck or achievement of the good luck will be associated with the divine by those who had a deep religious belief.

The religious belief is rooted deeply in the heart and mind of the car lovers as this religious teaching had been taught to them since from their childhood itself. Some may have the religious belief when they are in adolescence or what they had received in the adulthood and some of the will ignore the religious belief in the later part to become a freethinker. For those who had a religious belief, they will believe that everything is fated and a blessing from the divine and that includes the car too.

Since the car driving also is dangerous as any fatal mistake can cost their life for them and for the passenger hence the car lovers will embrace the religious belief to give them any protection while they are driving. Even though the car had been fitted with many of the safety features but still the religious belief is strongly rooted in the car lovers mind and hearts and they will still find the way to get blessing of the divine so that they can drive with a peace of mind as  the car lovers will understand that any fatal mistakes while driving can cause them and the passenger their dear life.

Each of the car lovers in the world have their own way of making a blessing and gaining protection for their car and life hence their diversity of the belief is something that is miraculous as even though their belief, the prayers, and the way they embrace religious belief is different but the main aim is to get the divine blessing on the increased financial abilities, protection from bad while driving and also to improve further on the life and the car is seen as stepping stone for them.



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