Car and Ghost Sightings

The famous yellow Volkswagen in Karak or in the highway in Ipoh


We all love paranormal activities in our countries whether to hear them from a documentary or from our close friends. We may have heard several paranormal activities in our country from the First World Hotel who had been listed as one of the most haunted hotels in Malaysia and in the world to the Villa Nabila, Highlands Towers, ST John School and much more. Some of the stories had been circulated on the internet and some of the paranormal stories had been made a film out of it such as Highland Towers and Villa Nabila. Well, what is the relation of this car blog and the paranormal activities? Today we will look at some of the common ghost sightings that can be related to the car also.

We remember the famous Karak Highway stories and the legend behind it and by the way, this Karak highway too had been adapted to film. The stories that started with the husband had some problem with the car and went out to find some help and he requested his pregnant wife to stay in the car only to find out later he had been killed by the spirit in Karak. They are also stories about the yellow color old Volkswagen car that started with the husband is wanting the car as he had been killed by his wife for the yellow Volkswagen. We’ll all this ghost stories are related to the married couple as per the urban legend of this road.

The famous yellow Volkswagen in Karak or in the highway in Ipoh

For the public transport like the taxi drivers and bus drivers some of them will have the stories like seen an entity or spirit in highway while resting or while driving especially for the bus drivers and for the taxi drivers whom like to drive on midnight to gain more income they is some stories that had been told on the internet or in the radio station as the drivers took some passenger and only to find out that the passenger is not a human or the passenger drop off in weird location such as the grave or the tragedy location such as the Highland Towers or in Penang Bridge where many of them had committed suicide on this bridge.

They are also stories that say the MRR2 road that leading to the Highland Towers is haunted. For some drivers, the ghost sighting can be started when they had seen entities while driving in the side mirrors, driver mirrors, and outside of the cars or in some cases the car will stop without any reason only for the drivers to be disturbed by the paranormal activities. For the motorcyclist, they are stories when they feel like they are something or someone sitting behind them when they are riding on the haunted road.

Highland Towers

For some of the believers in the paranormal activities driving to this haunted place may send a shivering fear for them and even for the non-believers is may give them a fear but maybe it will not be as worst as for the believers. Maybe the soul in this place was not rested in peace and this maybe the reason they are haunting the place or maybe the location disaster make it eerie for the drivers or maybe for the Muslim is the Jin that disturbing them.

All this ghost sighting with the cars have some similarities. It all happen usually in the tragic location and in the night. Most of the ghost stories happen during the night time. Not sure what is the relation between the night time and ghost as even in the horror movie you may see that many of the ghost incidents happen during the night time. Maybe the ghost is like owl or bat and only come at the night. Maybe the night time with less light especially from the sky and from our highway lead to such stories as it created the perfect blend of horror stories or paranormal activities.

When we see the story behind it especially for the Karak Highway the road is dangerous especially when we drive in the night time or in the rainy day. The road was narrow with the canyon on the side of it and any lose control from the driver can lead to the accident but when any accident happens on the road the blame will put entirely on the paranormal activities and not on the road condition or the drivers. Another thing that led to paranormal activities in Karak Highway is the many accidents happens on the road and this may due to the road condition or drivers fault or maybe for the believers it may be some paranormal activities.

Another thing that can lead to an accident or out of control is when the driver’s mind had been feed with the haunted stories when he or she driving at this location hence that can lead the drivers to be in a non-focused condition that may lead to the accident or any unwanted incident. For the drivers that do not have any belief in the ghost, he or she can drive in a focused mind that does not have any type of fear on it. Fear can lead us to be more careful but extreme fear or phobia can lead us to make some unwanted decision.

The drivers may be also seen some entities that easily explained such a balloon or light or anything but the drivers can believe this as a ghost sighting. This explanation may be will be believed by the non-believers in the paranormal but for the believers, it will take some fact and hard explanation to make them believes.

For some, the belief in the paranormal had been fed to them via religion or via from the mouth to mouth stories and for some, they may not believe in the paranormal activities. But no matter if the drivers by any chance need to use the haunted location he or she may need to be more careful but not with extreme fear as that can lead to an accident. For the believer of the paranormal, they can proceed to pray for their protection when they are using this road.

But the most important thing whether you are driving on this haunted location the drivers and the car must be in an excellent condition as this will create a perfect blend for the comfortable and smooth ride to reach your location.


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