In our country, they are 2 famous high-altitude places for visits during weekends or holiday period one is Genting Highlands and another one is Cameron Highlands. Both places share one common thing as both are between the state border where Genting Highlands is in between Selangor and Pahang while Cameron is in between 3 states Perak, Pahang, and Kelantan. On the elevation above the sea level Genting Highland is the highest where it is ‎1,865 m equivalent to 6,118 feet above the sea level and the Cameron Highland the highest will be 1,600 metres equivalent to 5,200 feet above the sea level so in this case, the Genting Highlands is the highest where the Cameron Highlands is the second highest.

In Genting Highlands, it is more for the accommodation, theme park, casino, concert and event on the high altitude while Cameron Highland is more about sightseeing, accommodation, market, the famous tea, and strawberry. To reach Genting Highlands they are 3 ways one is using the tolled highway to reach the summit of Genting and another one is using the old road if the travelers do not want to pay the toll. Another way to reach Genting Highland is using the Batang Kali road where it is much longer than the Karak Highway.

For Cameron Highland meanwhile, they are also more than 1 way to reach there. One is using the PLUS Highway for the traveler that coming from north and south of Malaysia. They can either take the Tapah exit where the traveler reaches from lowest point Ringlet to the highest point Brinchang and another one is using the Simpang Pulai exit where the traveler reaches from the highest point Brinchang to the lowest point Ringlet. For the travelers whom coming from the East Coast of Malaysia, they will use the Kota Bharu- Gua Musang route to reach there and it is the same as they will reach the highest point of Cameron Highlands.

Tapah Exit
Simpang Pulai Exit

While Genting Highlands had a great review of one the best high-altitude place to visit the same thing can’t be said about Cameron Highlands. Although Cameron Highlands have many places like the strawberry park, tea plantation, great accommodation, Brinchang market where the best fresh vegetable can be bought there, great foods, some companies guest houses and many more. The cooler climate in Cameron Highland is also the best places to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life but this is the only positive things that can be said about Cameron Highlands.

The breathtaking tea plantation in Cameron Highland view

Due to the rapid development in the Cameron Highlands, the cool climate in these places had been reduced dramatically. This is one of the reasons that the Cameron Highlands had lost some of it magic unlike in past. The rapid development which also has some improper planning also led to a major landslide in these places frequently and occasionally. This had caused the place to lose his magic completely and let the travelers choosing Genting Highlands as one of the favorite places to visit.

The road to the Cameron Highlands is improperly built unlike the road in Genting Highland where the road although is not that great but is far better than the road reaching the Cameron Highlands. If the travelers taking the Tapah exit they need to use the trunk road with a sharp turning and dangerous ravine in this place. If the travelers using this place during the night time, the road will be very dangerous like Karak Highway where they are no proper accommodation in this road. Something also can be said with the Simpang Pulai exit where the road is dangerous too with uphill and downhill and a dangerously sharp turning. In simple tern, the road to Cameron Highland is an old trunk road.

The time taken to travel from the lowest point of Cameron Highlands Ringlet to the highest point of Cameron Highlands Brichang will take around 15 to 20 minutes, but this is during the normal hours. When they more tourist or travelers come to visit Cameron Highlands, it can take a long time as they will be a massive traffic jam. The traffic jam in these place is so horrible that the time to reach these places can take more than 1 hours. Many of travelers will like to visit the Brinchang market where they can buy fresh vegetables from here, but the time took will changes dramatically from the normal minutes to an hour due to the massive slow crawling traffic jams.

Brinchang Market in the night

Unlike Genting Highland where they are more places to visit, in Cameron Highland apart from the museum, tea plantation, strawberry park, guest houses and much more they are least places to visit. Unlike Genting Highlands where they are some proper planning, Cameron Highlands does not have the similar planning to add more places to visits. And the places run a risk of losing the high altitude fresh air if they are rapid improper planning for development and deforestation that can cause more landslide in this place hence reduce the influx of travelers and tourist in this place.

Cameron Highlands although will all these limitations still attract many travelers and tourist but sooner or later if they are no improper planning they will soon become the less attractive places for the tourist and travelers. The road, the notorious slow crawling traffic jam, some rapid improper development and deforestation, and least places to visit may reduce the tourism to this place. Cameron Highlands is one of the best places to visit in our country hence it will be far better if some meticulous planning made to make the place more attractive for the tourist and travelers.

In the simple term, the travelers and tourist expect a heavenly high-altitude holiday time but if the problem above was not dealt sooner or later it will become a high-altitude hell for the travelers hence reducing the number of people visiting this place. Cameron Highland with the beautiful tea plantation, amazing and breath-taking view, the old-style accommodation, and the fresh vegetable market is still a place that can attract more travelers if the problem above had been resolved in proper and meticulous planning and let’s hope this problem will be resolved sooner or later in the future.



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