I review some of the best fuel injector cleaners available on the market so that you can make the right choice when choosing the additive to keep your diesel or gasoline/petrol engine in prime condition! Most all of the fuel cleaners reviewed on this site will work with any type of fuel, but check my comparison guide to the best fuel injector cleaner products below to make sure then read my reviews of leading brands including Chevron, Sea Foam and Red line.

Why bother adding a fuel cleaner? It’s particular useful for gasoline engines, which slowly build up deposits inside the engine, on the combustion chambers, on the injectors and spark plugs. These deposits won’t stop your car engine starting or working normally, but they prevent it working at its optimum efficiency and power.

Adding a fuel injector cleaner will dissolve the deposits and help improve the efficiency and power of your engine – in short, you should see an improvement in both fuel economy and power.

Fuel cleaners are less important for diesel engines since these work in a different way to gas engines and see less build-up of deposits inside the engine.

Take look at my reviews of the cleaners listed here, then check the great prices I’ve found with discounts of over 50% on some products – or go straight to the bestseller, Chevron’s Techron fuel cleaner.

Fuel Injectors

Fuel injection was adopted by many automotive manufacturers in the 1980s and 1990s as a replacement for carburetors (though for those with a historical interest, fuel injection systems have been around since the very earliest internal combustion engine).

The main difference between a carburetor and a fuel injector is that a carburetor relies on suction within the air intake system to draw fuel into the air mix and then into the combustion cylinder. In a fuel injection system, the fuel is pumped at high pressure through a small nozzle to force it into the air mix

Every fuel injection system is designed specifically for the type of fuel being used – a system that is designed for a diesel fuel engine won’t work for gasoline; in addition injection systems are designed for multiple grades of fuel – and the engine setup might include sensors to adapt the tuning for the fuel being used.

Benefits of Fuel Injection

There are many benefits to using a car fitted with a fuel injection system instead of a carburetor based fuel delivery system. These include:

smoother and more predictable engine response,

easier starting,

smoother engine idle and running,

increased fuel efficiency.

Lastly, for the driver, a car or truck with a fuel injection system does need a choke. On an older car fitted with a carburetor, the choke must be operated when first starting the engine from cold and then adjusted by the driver as the engine warms up.

Top 3 Fuel Additives

There are dozens of different fuel additives that will help clean your fuel system – including the injector nozzles, valves, and combustion chambers. Take a look at the reviews on this site or short-cut to a quick summary of the top three most popular additives listed below.

Chevron 65740 Techron Plus

Top of the bestseller list is the Techron Concentrate Plus by Chevron with its patented PEA or polyether amine technology that will help clean your car’s fuel system by removing deposits in your injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers. It works on all ethanol fuel types and claims to restore your engine so your vehicle runs almost like new. Chevron advises that it should be used after every 3,000 miles as part of your routine maintenance.

Red Line SI-1 Fuel Cleaner

This popular fuel additive is a 3-in-1 chemical that helps maintain your vehicle’s engine and improve fuel economy; it’s claimed to reduce emissions and helps smooth out any rough idle patterns – but the additive is best used as a preventative maintenance rather than a cure-all for an old or neglected engine.

STP Super Concentrated Fuel Cleaner

The STP 78577 Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner is a very popular product that helps keep your engine in good condition. It has concentrated cleaning chemical ingredients that dissolve gum, deposits, and carbon from poor quality fuel or that have built up in your fuel system. After using this product, STP claims that you get better acceleration, speed, idling, and a smoother ride.

I’ve written my reviews to provide helpful advice that will give you information to help you choose the best model for your car, truck or project. Whichever fuel additive you decide to use, you’ll find that a good chemical will potentially transform how your engine runs, improving both the performance and the fuel economy – without the need for an expensive service.

Best of all, the fuel injection cleaning additives I list on this site can all be used without any special skill or training – follow the instructions and simply add them to your tank of gas – it really is that easy.


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