The British car in Malaysia. List of them is

Founded in Manchester, United Kingdom and currently owned by the German BMW.


2. Bentley.

Founded in Crewe, United Kingdom and now the parent organization is the Volkswagen Group.


3. Jaguar Car

Founded in Coventry, England and now owned by the Tata Company, India


4. Land Rover

Founded in Coventry and it is part Jaguar Land Rover and it also owned by the Tata Company, India


Maybe you can wonder as the title of this blog may misleading as I had mentioned British Car but all this car is founded in the United Kingdom but owned by non-United Kingdom entities or owners. Even though this car is owned by the foreigner but this car does not deviate from the British tradition or essence for all of this car.

We will look at one by one for this car.
1. Roll Royce.
Distributed by Quill Motor Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. A prestigious brand and this brand will be associated with luxury. The owner of this car is sure a big shot or ” loaded” guy in our country as the price for this car is equivalent to the price of a bungalow house and big house where the price is RM1.2 million above and this is without road tax and insurance and this is one of the main reason you may see less Rolls Royce in Malaysia due to astronomical price for a car. The Rolls Royce is made with perfection in mind from the interior of wood, exterior, performance, and it is a hand made car and no machine. Rolls-Royce is a premium car in Europe and the US and ranges with 200,000 to 300,000 which their currency money but in Malaysia, this more than premium as the price range is million due to the automobile tax. That may be the reason that our Malaysian do not want to spend so much on a car that has depreciation value year by year.

2. Bentley.
Distributed by Samling Group in Malaysia. This car that is owned by Volkswagen Group is also hand made and associated with glamor and prestige. The Bentley can be spotted more than the Rolls Royce in our country it may be due to the design of the car where it is more stylish and according to the time where the Rolls Royce can be defined as a traditional car. The price is of Bentley also some with the Rolls Royce it can hit a million dollars.

3. Jaguar and Land Rover
Distributed by Sisma Auto Sdn Bhd. The Jaguar or mainly called as “The Jag” is a sedan that can be identified with the jaguar logo in the front. The jaguar with CBU model and with his distinct interior and exterior is more expensive than the German BMW 3 Series and Mercedez Benz C Class. The Land Rover also distributed by Sisma Auto is an SUV that ooze class written all over the car. Unlike the Rolls Royce and Bentley, “The Jag” and Land Rover can be seen more commonly in Malaysia as the price for this model is not as astronomical as the Rolls and Bentley. Both of this car has high maintenance and low resale value but the car is a dream car for some of us due to sheer elegance and prestige this car bought for the owner.
The British are indeed a competitor with the German in the high marque and prestige but at the end of the day, it depends on the user choice that has an exceptional expenditure ability to choose the car they like, and in this case, British cars still have some loyal fans among us.

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