Transmission or gear is one important aspect of the car. To move the car apart from the tire we need the transmission and for those who mentioned that the transmission is not important well if the transmission is not working the car will not move an inch forward or reverse and it will cost you a buck if the transmission had broken down. Now, most of the car had a warranty but what if the problem had come after the warranty period expired. Think about that.

Transmission had come a long way and had evolved to provide the driver with the best driving experience in terms of performance plus fuel-saving factor. For today we will look at the Top 5 best transmission for the car in Malaysia without going to the technical part and I will try to make it as simple as possible.

We will start with the number 1 the torque converter or we can call it as a normal gearbox. This gearbox is in the Honda from Honda City to Honda Accord. It is a normal gearbox that may help in terms of fuel economy but not in terms of performance or driving pleasure. It is cheaper to maintain this transmission as the oil change is only required in each 60000km.

Torque Converter GearBox

For Toyota, they are gearbox called Super ECT and E-CVT or also can be called as the planetary gearbox. This Super ECT and E-CVT can be found in the Toyota model from the Vios to Camry. Since this gearbox comes from Toyota we can expect that it is long-lasting and durable. This gearbox from Toyota is cheaper to maintain as the Toyota lubricant can be found easily in many workshops outside as many of the foremen will recommend the Toyota Lubricant.

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The next on the list is the Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT). This is the gearbox that unlike the normal does not have the physical gear like 6 speed or 7 speed. Since this gearbox does not have physical gear the driver will never feel the gear shifting while driving. The gearbox will be found in Nissan car range from Slphy to Teana and even in the Audi 1.8 TFSI. The big supporter for this gearbox is Nissan as they are continuously trying to improve the CVT and in their car, these CVT transmissions called X-Tronic CVT which indicated it is an improved version of the CVT gearbox. The pros of this gearbox are the fuel-efficient as it does not have the gear shifting and the cons it is high maintenance where the gearbox needs to be changed in each 20000km and it only can be done in the service center and this gearbox is extremely sensitive where one mistake may cost this gearbox to be broken down.


The next on the list is Dual Clutch Transmission. The name can be varied such as Powershift in Ford, Dual Shift Gear (DSG) in Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, or Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) in the Mercedes-Benz. This gear has a clutch for the odd and even number gear. The gearbox provides driving pleasure and a great acceleration from standstill and while driving. The major problem for this gearbox that it may jerk in the traffic jam and it had affected many users in the Volkswagen car until they are a group for this problem on Facebook. Even the speed is varied in some as Volkswagen may provide the best acceleration, Mercedes-Benz sluggish and slow to respond. Volkswagen Group had previously dropped its plan to build a 10 speed DSG gearbox due to high maintenance and increase of cost on doing this gearbox. Even they are several problems in this gearbox the people still love this gearbox due to acceleration and driving pleasure that it provides.

Dual Clutch Transmission GearBox

The next of this list is the ZF transmission that commonly found in BMW cars. The 8 speed ZF transmission is a monster as it can shift effortlessly while driving hence giving the thrill ride and uninterrupted acceleration. Since this transmission in the BMW car expect it to be expensive when changing the gear oil as this gearbox is only fitted in the premium cars such as BMW and Lexus. And it can be only done through the service center as this gear oil is not sold outside and in this case, it can be a vendor locks in for the user. Still, this gearbox provides the effortless shifting and gave the user the best ride in the BMW.

ZF Transmission

The next one is no matter how evolved the auto gearbox is, it still can’t beat the driving and thrill of changing gear while driving fast like the manual gearbox. For some of us who born in the 80’s and ’70s manual gearbox is the way to go in those days. The speed that the manual gearbox and adrenalin rush of shifting the gear while driving can be guaranteed to give one hell of a ride. Fortunately the same can’t be told when we stuck in the traffic jam as this may be tiring to press the clutch and shift from 1 to 3 and shift back. In this case, the auto gearbox is the better choice. But driving with the manual gearbox is still an experience that is unbeatable in the auto gearbox.


For now, this is the most commonly used in the gearbox in Malaysia. In the future that may be a new gearbox created or elimination of the gearbox when the autonomous car used widely if it had been successfully attracting many users. I hope I did provide much information as possible on this topic. The readers feel free to comment and criticize if they are any error or any dissatisfaction on this topic. Enjoy shifting and driving in your cars.

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