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Recognizable front logo with Japan touch. Accord is one of the most famous and most used Honda in Malaysia after CR-V, Honda Civic, and Honda City. Has made an innovation this year with the Honda Lane Watch where a camera had been fixed on the left-hand side mirror to view any incoming car that comes on the left-hand side. Simply it is a partial blink sport. In Malaysia, Honda has its loyal fan as the maintenance and cheaper spare parts and more importantly, reliability as Honda can run in for a long time.



Loyalty is associated with this brand especially Camry the most loved Toyota in Malaysia. Toyota had made a big mess up with the previous Camry where they remove the VSC and only have 4 airbags for the higher line the 2.5cc which is not acceptable. The current Camry especially the current Camry Hybrid was a big hit and even had a club on Facebook for this model. Simply Toyota had hit back which this model. By the way, Toyota is the most beloved car brand in the USA too.



Edaran Tan Chong had been distributing the Nissan model in our country. Nissan had been very loyal to the CVT transmission that some of the car lovers hate the most due to the maintenance and the rubber band effect. Nissan Teana had been a hit with the car lover as Tan Chong Motors had provided full safety for all the models from lowest to highest but the cons it does not have GPS, bigger touchscreen like Honda and Toyota higher model. Nissan had the quietest ride among all 3 of them and with the Zero Gravity Seat that provides comfort cushion for the driver, Nissan provides tough competition for the big two Toyota and Honda.



Another  Japan model and it is becoming of one of the favorites among the Japanese car lover in our country. The model is a CBU model from Japan and is distributed by Bermaz Motor. With the sky active transmission and sky active engine the Mazda had fast become the favorite car in our country. With the Audi look-alike interior and attractive exterior, the Mazda will be a favorite among all of the car lovers.



Bavarian Motor Workshop or popularly known as BMW is one of the favorites continental cars in Malaysia. The price range is from RM210,000 to 800,000 for 3 series, 5 series and 7 series respectively is one of the most attractive cars and loved car due to his design and prestige that bought these cars in our country. BMW also had ventured in SUV with  X1, X3, and X5 range and sport-tuned M package and also the iDrive system this car are here to stay for more years to come.

Mercedez Benz


Daimler Benz or Mercedez Benz is the car that many businessmen adore and like as this car gave them prestige and glamour that associated with this car. Price range from RM230,000 to RM1 million for the C class, E class, and also the S class this is the businessman’s favorites car in Malaysia. Like BMW, Mercedez also had sport package AMG and also the center console called Command. The interior of the Mercedez Benz is luxurious and comfortable. A car that is had prestige from his exterior and interior.



The name Audi and with the 4 ring logo is one of Volkswagen Group produced car. With the price range from RM170,000 to RM900,000 for the A3, A4, A6, and A8 sedan car this car had an interior that is top-notch and like the Mercedez Benz and BMW it also had a center console called as Multimedia Interface (MMI). The sport package for this brand is the Audi TT and the SUV is Q3, Q5, and Q7. This car unlike the Mercedez Benz and BMW is not the most popular but it is gaining popularity in our country due to the competitive price and also the CBU model.


das auto


The most affordable German car in Malaysia with a price range from RM80,000 to RM220,000. This range consists of the Volkswagen Jetta, Polo, Passat, Golf, Scicora, and the iconic Bettle. Volkswagen when translated in German means People Car. True to his logo the price for this car is among the cheapest for the German Car in Malaysia. The sport package for this is the R – Line and also the Golf GTR. Unlike Audi, Mercedez Benz, and BMW this car does not have a centralized multimedia console. The Dual Shift Gear is the most common transmission for Volkswagen with had his own Facebook page for the transmission problem.




One of the Volkswagen Group produced cars after Audi, Bentley, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Skoda, and Buggati. This is the most expensive car with the price range from RM400,000 to RM2 million, this car is known for the superb handling and adrenaline rush ride that this brand stands for. They are more button for this car interior than other German cars as this is the way Porche was built which one button for each function. The car that is available in their arsenal is  Cayenne, Panamera, Macan, 911 Turbo, Cayman and may more.

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