When comes to air travel, each country had its own way of security check to avoid any potential terrorist to enter their country. Every single record about the person will be cross-checked with the authorities like Interpol, FBI, CIA, Inland Revenue Department and many more. Like mentioned before, each country had its own way to check on the person. The strictest of all is El Al the Israeli Airlines where the security will start from the airline staff where the passenger will be asked some specific question in order to verify and to know the purpose of their travel. A country like the United States, UAE, Singapore and many other will cross-check the record of the passenger with the relevant authorities.

The Israeli airlines are most secured airline in the world due to their tight security check

This comes with air travel but how about the security check-in for road transportation. They are many security checkpoints across the border of each country. Like the air travel security which intention to avoid any potential terrorist entering their country and to prevent any person whom on the blacklist list going out from the country, the security check in the border crossing does have some strict rules like the air travel security check.

The border crossing check is given the most important security check as the government will make sure nothing is left for granted. Example, the border crossing between Singapore and Johor Bahru is so strict if compared to the border between our country and Thailand. Due to the strict checking from Singapore, they will be a massive traffic jam in the causeway but however, in the name of security, this is something that needs to implement strictly even though it can cause some discomfort for the travelers.

The massive traffic jam in the causeway

When comes to the biggest land border, the US – Mexico border crossing can be said as the most tightly watched in the world. The reason is due to the Mexico Drug Cartel and drug smuggling. The Mexico Drug Cartel will try to go past the border security by creating some genius way to smuggle the drug to the United States. They will hide the drug in the car tire rim, on the car bonnet, and many other ways which will shock the border crossing police when they had managed to find out about it.

Another border crossing which can be said as the most tightly watched equivalent to the US -Mexico border is the India Pakistan border in Wagah. They are some parade in the border for the Indian Army and Pakistan army which does not hide the real picture. Both countries do not trust each other. Indian and Pakistan had such a bad relationship form the day of Partition, the Indo Bangladesh war, and the never-ending Kashmir issue. Both sides do not want to have any potential terrorist or troublemaker to enter their country hence some tight security will be implemented across the border. Something can also be said about the Israel Palestine border.

Once they are Berlin Wall that acts as a border checkpoint for West Germany and East Germany but since the fall of Berlin Wall, it also marks the unification of Germany hence the border crossing is not more but however they are another border crossing that is still intact within some county and that is the North Korea and South  Korea border. It is called as World Most Dangerous Border.

The Berlin Wall

We can see from each border crossing checkpoint as it was created due to a security concern, to avoid smuggling or drugs, to prevent unwanted individual in the country, and for the purpose of the political concern. The border crossing security check had become on the most important security check although it is not strict as the airline security check. Airline security had been improved due to the horrific plane crash that had happened and the lesson learned after the crash.

Where the road border crossing what had started to prevent any illegal entry to a country had become a security concern too due to the smuggling, kidnapping and many other illegal things.

They are a story on how the Great Wall of China had been penetrated by the Mongol due to the security negligence of the enforcement and due to widespread corruption. Something also can happen in the airline security check as the evidence of the hijacking of flight IC814 from Nepal. The investigator had found that due to corruption the airport security staff had been able to smuggle the weapon in the plane which will be useful for the hijacker and gave a devastating effect for the passenger on the flight.

Some security breach also can happen in the border crossing. Lack of enforcement and corruption is the main reason that the border crossing security can be breached and once it had been breached kidnapping, smuggling whether drug or weapon, illegal entry and many other cans happened frequently and giving a bad reputation each country. Once a country had a bad reputation of border crossing and lack of enforcement, the crime rate and illegal entry in each country can rose to a higher level which will disrupt the harmony of any country.

Hence the border crossing security in some country like Singapore, United States, Canada, and other is enforced in a strict and tight rule which can give some discomfort for the travelers but in the end, it also to prevent any harm to each country. Finally, border crossing security shared similarity between airlines security as both, in the beginning, was not known for its rigid and strict rule but due to some harm, disaster, and lesson learned from the disaster had led to tighter security for both.

Although the security check can provide some discomfort for the traveler but in the end the strict rules need to be implemented by the border crossing security similar to the airline security as any lack of enforcement and breach of security can give a devastating effect for each country and both parties do not want this thing to happen as it will give a bad reputation for them .

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