The German car alongside with the Japanese car maker were one of the best in the world in term of producing a quality car whether it is for luxury, performance, comfort, innovation, and many more. The Japanese car maker like Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda have their own loyal fan among the car enthusiasts and for German like BMW, Mercedez Benz, Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche also had their own loyal followers. In Malaysia the most popular German car among the masses is the Mercedez Benz and BMW. Mercedez Benz were liked by the car lovers due to his elegant design, high level of comfort and a solid body and innovations but today we will look on the BMW as the Malaysian favourites car including the young executive and some car lovers whom had made the BMW as one of their dream cars.

BMW or its full abbreviation Bavarian Motor Workshop will always market their car as “Ultimate Driving Machine “and for the car lovers the BMW is one of the must buys cars for them. In their production they are the hot hatch BMW 1 Series, entry level sedan BMW 3 Series, mid-level sedan BMW 5 Series, high luxury sedan BMW 7 Series, sports package M Series, the sports hyrid BMW i8, and SUV ‘s X1, X3, X5. The BMW 3 series is one their best-selling model alongside with the 5 Series, 7 Series and also the SUV’s. What is so special about the BMW that is had become a dream car for many of the car lovers?

bmw i8.jpg
The i8

Among all the entry level sedan for the German car, BMW is only one whom have a rear wheel drive. In the car basically they are 3 type of drive train layout one is called as Front Wheel Drive(FWD), Rear Wheel Drive(RWD) and also the All-Wheel Drive(AWD). The RWD is usually fixed in the sports car like Ferrari and Lamborghini as this layout will gave a superior performance than the FWD but not as good the AWD since the drive train is in the rear wheel. BMW true to their tagline “Ultimate Driving Machine” had installed the RWD in their car to give the best driving experience for the car lovers whom had purchased this car because the RWD is really built for performance and superior grip on the road.


BMW also had fixed another of their speciality in their car the ZF transmission. The ZF transmission can be considered as the luxury transmission as it will not be fixed on all the cars. The ZF transmission is in BMW, Chrysler, Jaguar, Land Rovers, and some high end Lexus cars. The ZF transmission provide fast shifting and also extreme shifting where it can jump from the 2nd gear to the 8th gear in an instant and it is one of the most reliable and powerful transmission available for the cars after the Dual Clutch Transmission. By fixing this transmission, BMW cars will produce a maximum performance even for the lower cc BMW cars and best of all this transmission is available even in their entry level sedan BMW 3 Series.

gear knob.jpg
A typical gear knob for BMW. 

For the infotainments control, Mercedez Benz have COMMAND and Audi have Multimedia Interface(MMI) but the iDrive in the BMW car provides the best function. It became synonymous with BMW that if the car does not have iDrive then it can’t be called as the real BMW. The system debuted in the BMW 7 Series in 2001, had become one of the best infotainments system in the car and it far better than the COMMAND and MMI and it is proven according to car review. The best of all BMW will provide the iDrive system even for their entry level without any limitation of the basic function.


Like the iDrive , BMW always like the market their car innovation in the latest BMW 7 Series. They first introduced the iDrive , electric parking brake , and also the BMW Intelligent Display Key where the user can park the car perpendicular via the key remote in their latest 7 Series. But the innovation will always be in their entry level sedan or mid-level sedan sooner or later as BMW does not make all this innovation exclusive for the 7 Series only.

BMW-7er-155 (1).jpg

For now, BMW is the only car manufacturer in Malaysia that had provide 2 years’ warranties for their car tyre alongside with their 5 years unlimited mileage warranties. BMW and Mercedez Benz is the only car manufacture that had the Run Flat Tyre installed on all their cars. So for BMW to come up with 2 year tyre warranties is one of the appreciated move for the car lovers and this will be a good effective marketing for their cars as to replace the Run Flat Tyre is costly than the normal car tyres.

BMW also provide the onboards communication in their car like having the Tele Services, Concierge Services, ConnectedDrive and Intelligent Emergencies Call all via their cars. This is not exclusive for their luxury model as it is available in all the BMW cars and this is one of the features that other car manufacturer does not have or only available in their luxury model only.

But unfortunately unlike Mercedez Benz, BMW had some interior for all of their models from the BMW 1 Series until the BMW i8. This is one of the downside for the BMW fans but still that does dampen the car lovers’ passion for BMW. As per mentioned, BMW provide all the special function in all their car and not tied to any exclusiveness for their car as even the innovation that started in BMW 7 Series will sooner and later fixed in all their model.

Simply , BMW and their iDrive will still be the favourites among the car lovers due to their exterior design, interior equipment, drive train layout, fast shifting transmission and their superior performance even for the normal sedan plus with the 2 years tire warranties BMW will still be the car lovers favourites for a long time.

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