Bavarian Motor Workshop or popularly known as BMW and Daimler formerly known as Mercedez Benz is an expensive car in our country with our high automobile tax. We will never get both of this new car with less than RM 160,000 and even second hand of 4 or 5 years we will hardly get less than RM100,000. The maintenance and service for this car are expensive for example to change the car tire it may cost us RM 1000 per tire as it is a run-flat tire for both of this car with no inclusion of the spare tire. With the depreciation value of the car can go for more RM86,000 and RM55,000 in just 2 years both of this car has low resale value but Mercedez Benz fared better than rival BMW.

Both of these cars have many variants to choose from their arsenal such as for BMW 3 series they are a 318i, 320i,320d,330i,335i, and for Mercedez, they are C230, C250, C200 and they are also sports model for both. For Mercedez Benz is AMG and for the BMW is M Package such as M3 and M5. Each variant is more expensive with more features and more firepower in the hood. We like this car and love the car and when a person has sufficient purchasing power both of these brands will be their first choice depending on the personal choice.

But with both of these cars have high maintenance, high price, and low resale value it is still favorite among our car lovers in Malaysia. You may see in our country that both of this car is more in the road of our country compared to Audi and Porsche. The next German car that you can see more in our country is Volkswagen but the price for this cheaper compare to both of this brand.

For most of us, both brands will be on the list and for some, this will be a dream car in whatever variant. The BMW lover mostly known as “bimmer” and for the Mercedez Benz, we are calling them “Merz”.

With all this we Malaysians like this car for several reasons. Both of this car is innovative in term of their exterior and interior. The BMW had introduced the laser light in their current BMW 7 series and BMW Display Key where the driver can park and reverse the car via the key itself. The Mercedez Benz on the other is the one that has introduced the Smart Key where it eliminates the need for the mechanical lock, and this can be said as the start of the Keyless Entry. The Mercedez Benz also had introduced the Electronic Stability Program or ESP where it had become common in the present car and one of the most important features in-car safety. This innovation will then be used as a selling point for the future user and the user will be proud and interested in being the first to use the car that brings innovation.

For some that have a good purchasing power to buy this car, it will fulfill their dream as for some both of this brand is a dream car and gave them some kind of excitement, satisfaction, and joy. Much Malaysian love to own a BMW or Mercedez Benz due to style, elegance, comfort, and performance. Owning this car does show the status of the person in an instance as the person who owns a BMW 3 Series we may recognize them as a professional young executive and for Mercedez Benz as a businessman or tycoon. A car that shows and relate the owner with the status and current ability will attract the future owner.

The maintenance of the car even depends on the variant but the support provided is one of the best in the premium German car. Mercedez Benz and BMW have more service centers after Volkswagen among the German car and this can make life easier for the owner to service the car depends on the location. In BMW they are teleservice where the owner can make an appointment for their car on the iDrive itself. The service and convenience of both brands make the user feel valued and appreciated and adequate with their purchasing power. In term of free service and warranty the BMW provide 5 years warranty and newly introduced 2 years warranty for their run-flat tire while Mercedez Benz is 2 years warrant with extendable to another 2 years make it 4 years warranty. A good purchasing power with a free service can be a selling point and attract the user like a magnet to buy this car.

The high technology in this car also makes it popular. The iDrive in the BMW and the COMMAND in the Mercedez Benz where the user can control, check, the remainder of service, check-in black oil, car condition, car setting include lock, and many more feature is available with just a knob rotation for the iDrive BMW and touchpad in COMMAND for Mercedez Benz. The knob and the touchpad are located near the gear knob and it provides easy access for the user. The disadvantage may take user some learning time to use it since they are many options.

Both brands had built a great reputation around the world for the performance, luxury, safety, and brand name. Both of this brand is known worldwide from America until Africa hence they have built a good reputation for the premium and luxury. The user that buying this car knows that he had bought a brand that is reliable, great in performance, excellent luxury, innovation, and last long. Most of us willing to spend big money when the brand is reputable and reliable.

Another recently the government had given the BMW car Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) certificate and the price for all the modes had been reduced to 8% and this will make another selling point for the user to owning this car. Even though Mercedez Benz does not have an EEV certificate but if we compare the Mercedez Benz with Porche, the Mercedez Benz is still far cheaper than Porsche and had more service centers than Audi in our country.

With this, the demand for both cars will still be high and we will see more of them on our road. And this is the reason why I will say the BMW and Mercedez-Benz are still the most favorite premium German Car.

Happy Reading and feel free to comment and provide feedback. I will be back with my next post for our Malaysian car information and news.


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