To transfer any data from one phone to another one, they are one way in the past that had been defunct now and that by using the infrared technologies. This technology had its limit as to transfer a data to another phone, both phones must be placed together and have a limited data transfer capability but then with a continues innovation to find a better way to transfer date, the phone manufacturer had come up with a far better way to transfer data and it is called as Bluetooth. With the Bluetooth, the user can transfer data from a certain distance and more data with bigger capacity and multiple data can be transferred and this technology had made its way to the automobiles industries.

The black dot in this classic Nokia 3109 is the infrared that was installed in phone of the past

Unlike some other technologies where they are some inventor, the Bluetooth is a different principle altogether as it had been under the Bluetooth Special Interest Group or in short called as SIG. They are as mentioned is a nonprofit organization who underseen the development of the Bluetooth and they also do not manufacture, invent, make or selling any Bluetooth enable product. To make a Bluetooth enabled devices, the manufacturer must be either a member or promoter with SIG before they can be granted access to any Bluetooth products. Currently, the member or promoter of the SIG is Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, Toshiba, Nokia, and many more. For the full list of the Bluetooth member, please check on their website

Although they are no historical fact on which is the first car that had Bluetooth the Sab 3-13 had been acknowledged as the first automobile manufacturer that had fixed the Bluetooth features in the car. The Bluetooth where currently is on the version 5.0 had made its way in most of the car and for now, it had become a standard in the most car. In a way, the Bluetooth technologies had changed the way the driver interacts with the car.

With the Bluetooth, now the driver does not any 3rd party handsfree devices when speaking on the phone as it had been taken over by the Bluetooth technologies. With the simple setup in the car infotainment system and with the smartphone, the car lovers can know make calls or receive calls via the Bluetooth itself and it had become one of the popular choices among the car lovers to answer and received the call. It’s quite an easy way for the driver to escape from being caught by the traffic police for using the phone while driving as with the Bluetooth technologies they are no need for the driver to pick or hold his phone.

The call control is usually will be fixed in the multi-purpose steering wheel

The handsfree Bluetooth technologies enable the car lover to access their smartphone Phone Book via these technologies too. The Bluetooth technologies will download the phone book from the user phone and store in the car infotainment for the easier access for the user to make calls, especially to their important person and some car manufacture infotainment, also have the voice recognition installed in their infotainment to enable the car lovers to make a call via voice recognition. An example of this is SYNC in the Ford infotainment system.

A phonebook in the car infotainment system

With the Bluetooth technology, the car lovers now can able to read or send a message via the car infotainment system itself. This is one great tool for the user and due to his capabilities, they can never be distracted via the message when there are driving as he can read the message in the car infotainment system itself.

With the Bluetooth, gone the day when the driver needs to connect the AUX cable or the USB cable to listen to the song as with the Bluetooth the driver can listen to the song wireless and it had become the base of wireless support in the car in term of listening to the song or audio. Since most of them had a Bluetooth supported infotainment, this should be another comfort for the driver since he or she is not using any wire in the car anymore.

Since many of the smartphone apps especially the music app like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music and the phone defaults music app support Bluetooth and also in the cars like the BMW and Mini Cooper also will allow the downloads of the Facebook and Twitter feeds via the Bluetooth support. The connection with the car infotainment, the smartphone and for the driver’s needs had been simplified with the Bluetooth technologies in the car and it also eliminated the need for the wire in the car presently and in the future too.

Unfortunately, the Bluetooth also had led to the elimination of the CD player in the car where the Bluetooth had taken over this. Also with the Bluetooth in the car support the phone call, app support services and messaging services the need for 3rd parties Bluetooth devices also had been eliminated. The introduction of one technology, unfortunately, had led to the near demise of other technologies.

Currently, most of the car infotainment system is supporting the Bluetooth and for the one who owns a car that is not supported Bluetooth, they can also buy the aftermarket infotainment system where most of the current aftermarket infotainment player support the Bluetooth. The Bluetooth in the car is like another compulsory requirement in the modern-day car due to their range of the functionalities in making life easier for the car lovers while they are driving the car.

What had started as a simple way of the transferring file from one phone to another phone had become one of the important technologies in the car too. It is also a testament for the car engineer and the car maker for making the Bluetooth technologies work perfectly in their car and now most of the car or it can be said that all modern-day cars have this Bluetooth technology installed in their infotainment system. The Bluetooth technologies will be more advanced in the future and at some time provides more comfort for the user and in the end, this continuous development of this technologies will make life easier for the car loves while driving their cars.

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