The cheapest car in Malaysia that is sold will be around RM50,000 and the most expensive will be around a million. The car priced is astronomical in our country due to high foreign tax charged to the car in our country. Like the car, the smartphone had become one of the technologies necessities due to advancement in the phone which had transformed from a simple call maker and receiver on the go to a directional guide, checking the bank balance, getting information and playing games on the go. The cheapest smartphone can be bought with RM700 to the most expensive RM5800. Currently, the iPhone X is most expensive smartphone ever made.

The iPhone X which is the first USD1000 smartphone

Even though the smartphone is cheaper than the car but in term of the biometric advancement, the smartphone has the edge in the biometric technologies. Before the biometric, the phone can be unlocked using a combination of key, swiping, and password. With the rising popularity of the smartphone usage, now the unlocking of the phone is fully biometric with the use of the thumbprint. With the smartphone is gearing toward a bezel-less display, the thumbprint is now replaced with the iris scanner or face unlocking. Apply had taken this further by making the thumbprint and face unlocking as the method to make any transaction on the phone. It had been named as Touch ID and Face ID respectively. Apple had claimed their Face ID is so advanced that it can read the human face in just a second in any situation. It just shows that the smartphone had moved a step ahead when comes to implementing the biometric technologies.

The demonstration of the Apple iPhone X FaceID during its launching

Volkswagen had taken the initial step to introduce the biometric system in the car by using the biometric storage bin in their Bentley SUV Bentagya the first-ever biometric in a car. The biometric system had been implemented to protect the user’s precious luxury item that long been associated with the millionaire and billionaire who have the financial capabilities to buy this car. Sooner or later with the success of this, we can see that it will implement in all the car which will a good thing for the car lovers.

Compared in the past, the car and its technologies had made many steps ahead and it had been revolutionary as with some of the technologies like the autonomous braking system, BLISS, keyless entry and keyless start with eliminate the standard key ignitor altogether, intelligent transmission with superior fast shifting, and other technologies but in term of the biometric technologies in the car it is still far behind if compared to the smartphone.

One of the reasons that the car industry is lagging in these technologies is due to many reasons. The car, unlike smartphone, usually will be used by other individual other than driver likes his spouse, children, friend where in the smartphone is absolutely privacy that it needed the biometric technologies as most of the user had their personal details on the smartphone like the bank account details, Google account login details, money transaction, forex and many more. The car if compared to the smartphone is not geared to the privacy like the smartphone hence the biometric system is not advanced or almost none in the car.

However, the car manufacturer is taking future steps to implement the biometric to provide more safety and convenient for the car lovers like the Volkswagen did with the Bentley SUV by implementing the biometric verification in the car storage bin. The good thing is big car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford, and Volkswagen are working on implementing the biometric technologies in their future cars.

The first biometric future that can be implemented in the future car is the fingerprint start and stops. The introduction of the keyless entry and start may have provided some comfort and convenience for the car lovers but unfortunately, the system also blamed for the high theft of the car as it had proven time and time again that the keyless entry and start can be easily hacked with some devices that can be bought online. Due to the this, the car manufacturer had planned to implement the fingerprint start and stop where the car only starts after it had successfully read the car lovers fingerprint and this will provide a better protection against the unauthorized user and ensure the reduction of the car theft. For now, they are no news on which car manufacturer will be the first to implement this system, but it will be sooner.

The car manufacturer also working on the biometric technologies to provide more personalized driving experience for the car lovers. They are at the moment working on the system where the car biometric will read the biometric future of the car user like the face recognition, fingerprint, or maybe iris scanner and the car will make the necessary adjustment to the driver seating position, radio, playing the music, adjusting the side mirror and the rear mirror and may activate the GPS too and if this system had been successfully implemented then the car lovers will have far better-personalized driving experience.

The biometric system also will be used not only for starting the car or making personalized driving experience but also to preventing the driver from fatigue and reducing the chance of the driver caught in a major or minor accident. With the advanced biometric that will be far superior to the one implemented in the smartphone, the system will be able to read the driver pulse, heartbeat, stress level, fatigue, eyelid movement, facial expression and other biometric features and this can determine the driver alertness while driving and making sure the driver is fit to driver in a great condition. If this system had been implemented successful, then the car will only be a vehicle to cater form the Point A to Point B but also become our health monitoring system.

The biometric although it will usually be implemented in the flagship model first that will cost some bank breaking amount to be paid once it had been implemented in this model then sooner or later it will a necessary and a standard feature in most of the car. Sooner or later in the future, the biometric future will be implemented in most of the car of the future and change the way we will drive our car forever.

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