The road in Malaysian for the travelers to the north, south or east coast have 2 choices one is old trunk road and another is the tolled road. Most of the Malaysian loves to use the tolled road except for the car lovers who likes to travel to Kelantan they must use the Kuala Lumpur – Gua Musang Central Spine Road and this is a trunk road. The reason for much Malaysian loved to use the tolled road as it is faster, more accommodation in the highways for them compares to the trunk road, more infrastructures, and bigger lane. But no matter which road they are using one thing is certain they are some of the best scenic mother nature view on this road and this is some of the roads that have the beautiful view.

The first one for those who is traveling to the north side that consist of Perak, Pulau Pinang, Penang, Kedah and Perlis and if they are using the PLUS Highway they will crossing the Tapah provinces. While driving to the north crossing Tapah and at the Titiwangsa Ranges, they are one of the most spectacular views on the north side of the highway the view of the South-East Asia highest waterfall Lata Kijang. The view of the waterfall can be seen exactly from the highway from either side make it one of the best view while driving on the PLUS Highway to the north.

The Lata Kijang Waterfall view from the PLUS highway

The next road that has the beautiful scenic is still on the drive to the north Malaysia but this time to the smallest state in the Peninsular Malaysia Perlis. While driving toward Bukit Kayu Hitam, the travelers will need to take the Kuala Perlis exit and they will use the Changlun Kuala Perlis highway. While using this highway to Perlis, the travelers will be flanked by the paddy field on the left and right side and with the scenic view of the hill and with the heavenly white cloud, this is the mother nature view at the best on the road.

The view of the paddy field in Changlun Kuala Perlis highway

The next road is on the east coast of Malaysia Kelantan. Although it is not a highway or expressway this still provides the beautiful view of mother nature. Traveling to the city of Narathiwat Thailand from Malaysia, the travelers need to use the Rantau Panjang ICQ for immigration and custom checking. Then the traveler will be traveling on the Friendship Bridge that is built on the Golok River. The Golok Rivers is the natural border for the Kelantan and Thailand hence when travelers using this bridge they will be able to view the river, the Kelantan side and the Thailand side and vice versa. Such a beautiful and fantastic mother nature natural border for both state.

The Friendship Bridge in Rantau Panjang ICQ

The next road is just nearby with our place. The Genting Highland founded by Tan Sri Goh Tong had become one the most visited tourist place in our country due to accommodation, concert in the Arena of Stars Hall, the theme park indoor and outdoor, the scenic location in the hill, and the casino. The road that travelers need to use for Genting Highland provides some spectacular view of the hilltop hotel especially the Genting Hotel and First World Hotel after the Goh Tong city where the travelers can see the hotel, tasting the fresh air while driving, and also some splendid view from hill top while driving. Quite a pleasant drive to Genting Highlands.

The hilltop Genting Chin Swee Temple

Another hill view tourist place in our country is Cameron Highland located in Pahang where it can be accessed via Tapah and Simpang Pulai if coming from Perak and via Gua Musang if coming from Kelantan. While going there from Tapah, Simpang Pulai, and Gua Musang it can provide a scenic view with the forest trunk road via Perak, the Lata Iskandar waterfall and also the scenic hills view from Gua Musang but the road from the lowest point to the highest point of Cameron Highland is the main scenic point. In simple term, it is from Tanah Rata to Brinchang from lowest to the highest point. While driving to this point it will provide all the natural view of the tea plantation, the hills, the mist, the fresh air, and the beautifully built old British style accommodation. This is one of the reasons on why Cameron Highland is one of the most scenics view in Peninsular Malaysia although the travel from the lowest to the highest point and vice versa during festival time and weekend time can be longer due to the massive traffic congestion.

The excellent tea plantation in Cameron Highland

Another route to Thailand checkpoint provides another scenic view. The route is to Pengkalan Hulu that bordering with Yala provinces in Thailand using the Kuala Kangsar road. The route that starts from Kuala Kangsar that cuts through the mountain range provides an excellent view of the hills in the Gerik town and it will provide a beautiful view that will be lives in memory forever’s for the travelers.

The view of the road

Although the Malaysian road does have some bad condition like potholes and some other badly designed road, one thing can’t be denied the road in Peninsular Malaysia especially the road that going to the north does provide a beautiful view of the mother nature while driving. A view that can live in the memory of the driver’s forever’s. Some of the roads like the road from Gua Musang to Cameron Highland is a trunk road but it does provide a beautiful view.

The mother nature of Peninsular Malaysia that consist of the hills, Titiwangsa Ranges, waterfall, paddy field, and much more will provide a view that will be remembered forever while driving. That is one of the beautiful things while driving in the Malaysian road especially the road that going to the north side where they more beautiful scenic road and the road that going east coast of Malaysia. The mother nature of Malaysian road needs to be preserved to maintain the scenic view of the road and much more to the environment. Once the beauty of mother nature is destroyed to some reason then scenic will be lost and driving will be just to the destination without the scenic view.

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