A TV commercial is one of the best ways to highlight the product strength, to sell a product, to make a statement, to reminding the audience of a specific product and much more. TV commercial can be irritating for the TV lovers as the favorite program will be interrupted for each 20 or 15 minute to show the advertisement. Although it can be the case but some of the TV commercials had been a classic such as the old Guinness Stout beer ads in 80’s, F & N ads in 90’s, the jingle song Subway Chicken Tandoori, MYEG TV summon alert, the MYEG permit renewal, the Trojan Perkasa ads and many more.

Similarly, they are some of the TV commercial ads for the car too. This ad is to highlight a new model, strength of the certain model, advanced specification of some model, and much more. Like some ads, they are also some exaggeration for the car model when they are doing the ads and it had been accepted as one of the common things in any TV commercial. In this article, today, we will see some of the best commercial for the car that covers most of the car brand in the world.

Number 10

New Honda Accord Hybrid 2016 – Let the World Follow (Full Version)

Simple ads with a nice music that highlights the full specification of the latest Honda Accord Hybrid 2016 for Thailand markets. When seeing this ads, we are tempted to have new Honda Accord Hybrid in Malaysia maybe sooner or later as for now it is only for the Thailand markets.

Number 9

The new 2015 Volkswagen Passat

Another similar type of ads like the Honda Accord hybrid but this is the first Volkswagen Passat TV commercial. It also highlighted the car interior like the Active Info Display but also show the Passat wagon model that not sold in Malaysia for now. A short and informative ad for the Passat lovers in Europe and US.

Number 8

Proton Satria TV Commercial 1990’s

Satria in Malay means Knight in English and this ad had symbolized beautifully the Proton Satria. The knights that running towards the car and at some time highlighting at that time newly launched Proton Satria and added with the Sepultura Morbid Visons intro music that had synchronized wonderfully for the ads. The Proton Satria had been one of the popular cars in Malaysia and although they are another ad for the model Satria GTI but this is one of the best ads from Proton.

Number 7


The first Malaysian made car Proton Saga. This is one of the pride moment for Malaysian during that time where in this ads it had shown when Malaysian had won the Thomas Cup(Malaysian is the first winner of the Thomas Cup), DR M Jegathesan record breaking in Asian Games, and much more shown in full pride in this ads. This ad also highlighted when the moment Malaysian had been realized their dream to have an own country made a car.

Number 6

BMW 3 series tv Commercial ad ○ advert HD

In these ads, all the BMW 3 Series model from the first until the present (during these ads were made) were shown perfectly in this ads where each car is driven and the subsequent model will be shown. A great ad to show on how the BMW design had been innovated to maintain their reputation among the BMW lovers.

Number 5

Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212 Commercial ‘Sorry’

A word “sorry” from both parties in the car and at some time highlighting the Mercedez Benz BAS Plus system. This ad had taken the funny side and at some time highlighting perfectly the Mercedez Benz BAS Plus accident avoidance system.

Number 4

Audi TV Commercial (All In A Car!)

A simple yet powerful ad that simply says what is Audi all about shown via 4 brands key hanging in the Audi famous 4 ring logo.

Number 3

Porsche commercial ( dare to dream )

Ads that show how everyone envies for Porsche car and at some time shows brilliantly the innovation of Porsche 911 in this ad. The interaction between the showroom guy and the kids had struck the core of the car lovers who loves Porsche car.

Number 2

Jaguar’s reply to Mercedes advertisement. Mercedes vs Jaguar. Best ad ever.

In the Europe and US, they are some ads that show how superior one product to another product or maybe ridicule another product. Like Samsung ads that ridicule Steves Jobs and Apple, Nokia ridicule Apple and Samsung but this ad had taken to the next level.

Number 1

One Of The Best Commercials I have Ever Seen In My Life | Honda

A different type of ads to highlight the latest Accord model. Brilliant from Honda. The creator of this ads needs a hat off for coming with this simple but brilliant idea of highlighting the latest model.

We had seen some of the best car commercial ads in this articles. As we can see making ads takes a lot of creativity to highlight the product perfectly and this ad had highlighted the model beautifully without any over exaggeration (which I hate in some ads). The ads will be a show of the creativity from the makers of the ad, highlighting the car specification perfectly, interior and exterior in a simple yet informative way in short time and much more.

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