Books and knowledge are precious from the ancient times to the present time and in the future. The ancient Hindu respect the books so much that it is prohibited for anyone to steps on the books and it was taken with great care. The are many choices for the books lover to buy books as they can purchase via the Kinokuniya bookstore, buying from Google PlayBooks, Popular bookstore, reading online and much more. The books do not be eliminated even in the current high technology but it had been upgraded where the user can now read it via the phone and tablet too. The books are still one of the most important things in the human life.

The famous author Napoleon Hills in his much popular “Think and Grow Rich” book had mentioned about one of the most influential people in the automobile industries Henry Ford in the Chapter Persistence and Positive Thinking. This is one of the earliest references to a person in the automobile industries in a book and since then they are several more books on the automobiles that is unique and can be the inspiration for same. Here are some of the best books on the automobiles industries. This book can be purchased from the bookstore or from the Google PlayBook app.


The Toyota Way

Author: Jeffrey K. Like

Toyota Motors is the largest automobile companies in the world. Their brand is famous for reliability and comfort around the world. In this book, the author had mentioned about Toyota history starting from the founder Kiichiro Toyoda and his struggle to make Toyota the biggest automobile players in Japan and later in the world. In this book, the author also mentioned about the Toyota Philosophy on making the car. For Toyota lovers and for the one who wants to know about management this is the book.


The Honda Book of Management

Author: Setsuo Mio

Another big automobile company from Japan, Honda Motors also had a different philosophy in making a car and this book had clearly described on what Honda like to be called as Hondaism. Honda had a different approach in making a car unlike Toyota and this book had all of them covered.


The Automobile and America Life

Author: John Heitman

One of the reasons that Adolf Hitler had been the mastermind behind the creation of the Volkswagen Bettle is to emulate the American to ensure that every German can use a car like the American. In this book, the author had mentioned about Henry Ford, The Great Depression, sex, religion, World War 2, the Golden Age for the automobile industries in America, and also the present and how this had affected the American love and hate relationship with the automobile industries.



China Automobile Industry: Policies, Problem and Prospect.

Eric Harwitt.

An emerging big player in the automobiles industries and a potentially huge market in China for the automobile had seen the big German companies like Volkswagen and BMW had made an enormous investment in China and had released some of the China only car models. In these books, the author had described China policies, the history of China automobiles industry and the future prospect for the China automobile industries.


Lexus: The Challenge to Create the Finest Automobile.

Brian Long.

When Toyota launched Lexus in the early 90’s to compete with big luxury German models like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Audi, many had dismissed Toyota had gone crazy but Toyota with their business philosophy had successfully created a first Asian luxury car and gained an enormous popularity in the United States when it was launched and it had overtaken the BMW and Mercedes Benz during this time. In this book, the author had mentioned on the challenge of creating Lexus, improvement for the car and the future of Lexus. A wonderful book on the creation of the Asian first luxury car.


Inside Nissan: Historic Revival.

Author: Carlos Ghosn.

The man behind the Nissan revival Carlos Ghosn had authored this book. In this book, he had mentioned about Nissan financial state, changing of working culture, the business principle, and sustaining the success. An inspiration and motivational for the one who wants to be in the management and for some who had been at the lowest ebb in their life. A worth reading book.


Auto Repair for Dummies.

Deanna Sclar

For Dummies series had come with this book written by the Deanna Sclar whom is the auto repair expert and had appeared on the NBC’s Today Show and NBC Nightly News. Simple yet informative books on how to maintain the car including the cooling system, keeping the fuel system in check, about the preventative maintenance, and advise on what the car lovers should be concerned when purchasing a car including the new and the second-hand car.


Stealing Car Technology and Society from the Model T to the Gran Torino

Author: John A. Heitman and Rebecca H. Morales.

No matter how many technologies, the car maker had installed in their car, the car theft is something that unable to be prevented or eliminated completely. In this book, it is all about the car theft and more information on it. A one of kind book with regards to the car theft.


Electric and Hybrid Car. A History.

Author: Curtis D. Anderson and Judy Anderson

A book for the present popular car technologies the electric car and the hybrid car. Now we can see they are many automobile companies had launched a hybrid car and Tesla Motors had gained huge popularity with their electric sports car. This book had it all from the history of both technologies, how it become so popular and the future. A book for the future car technologies.


Automotive Air Conditioning and Climate Control System.

Author: Steven Daly

The only thing that makes us cool when we are driving the car the air condition system. Like the car theft this is also a one of kind book on the air condition where the author had written about the history of how it all started, the legislation behind it, the important component and part, and finally the impact of the air condition on the global environment.

I had chosen these 10 books as this book is uniquely written with regards to the automobiles industries. A definite book to be read by the car lovers, management, book lovers and much more.







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