The Bentley on the left and the Rolls Royce on the right is ultimate choice for the ultra luxury car

BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and Audi A8 are one of the high-priced luxury car in our country but they are another 2 cars that eclipsed 3 of this car that we can call them as ultra-luxury cars. Both of this car is Bentley and Rolls Royce. Where the BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi represent the financial ability of the owner, both of this car not only represent the financial ability of the owner, it also represents that the drivers had reached his pinnacle of his wealth as he can afford to purchase this car.

For both of this car, the minimum prices itself is over 1 million in our country and this does not include the road tax for both of this car where it can cost more than RM40k combined once a year for the owner to pay for it. Since both of this have bigger turbo engine the cost of the road tax and insurance itself will be more than 90k combined priced based on our road tax pricing system. Even in the movie the person who are rich will be shown with both of this car.

Both of this car is an England made where Bentley was founded in Crewe, England and the Rolls was founded in Manchester. Although both of this car is founded in England, it had been owned by a German automobile manufacturer for now where Bentley is now owned by Volkswagen Group and the Rolls by BMW. Since both of this car company had been acquired by the German manufacturer, it had been  revitalized to become the ultra-luxury car that known today.

Both of this car is a hand made from the painting, sewing of the leather seat and steering, engine sculpting, the wood trim in the car, and much more. Both of this car using less robotic function to ensure the quality of the car is premium and near perfect. And since this is a handmade car the production of this car will not be as many as the robotic made car. Although this car owned by Germans, they still maintain the traditional way of building the car and the employee that worked to build the car will have enormous pride to be part of this.

In term of the interior, the Rolls is more traditional and Bentley is more modern style. And the German manufacturer had fixed their famous system in both of this car where Rolls have the BMW iDrive and both of the cars have ZF transmission that uses the satellite to decide which is the best gear depends on the road terrain and both of this car using the twin turbo engine with bigger CC that can generate nearly 500 to 600 hp and 700 to 900 nm.

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Both of this car had developed their own SUV where Bentley with their model Bentley Bentayga that currently in the market and the Rolls with their Cullinan SUV that will be released in 2017. And both will be a traditionally made car and both are staying competitive with the ever changing automobile market. Both also have their own sedan and coupe car. For Bentley, their sedan is named as Mulsanne and Flying Spurs. Bentley coupe model named as Continental. Rolls had named their sedan Phantom and Ghost while their coupe is named as Wraith and Dawn.

For the owner of this car, they can modify the car interior and exterior according to their taste and needs an example by painting the body too gold color, different interior color, additional equipment, or much more depends on the user choice. When the drivers or owners prefer to pay a big buck for the car, they are more than deserved to have their own choice for this car unlike the normal car where everything will be fixed by the manufacturer and changes only can be made after the drivers had bought the car.

Another thing about both this car even though they are considered heavy with a higher cc engine both of the car have a tremendous 0-100 in less than 4 seconds and it can be said as a sedan with a sports car performance. The founder and the German owner had to make sure that both of this car does not lose his traditionalistic in the name of the modern approach. Based on review of the car, the drivers will feel the car like floating instead of gliding in the road and this gave the drives a different feel while driving this cars.

In our country, the official distributor of Bentley is Samling Group with their showroom in Pavillion Shopping Mall Malaysia in Level 2 and for Rolls is the Quill Group with the showroom in Jalan Semangat in Petaling Jaya that also have the service center of the Rolls in their showroom. For Bentley, their service center is in  Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

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Rolls have a signature in the front that is called as “Spirit of Ecstasy” where it women leaning back with arm stretched behind and above her. This can be adjusted to raise or lower the emblem with a click of a button in the vehicle. This symbol had been created from a model named as Eleanor Velasco Thornton who is the lover for the secretary John Walter for an automobile magazine. This emblem is closely associated with the Rolls and defined the beauty of the car where it “speeds with silence, an absence of vibration, the mysterious harnessing of great energy and a beautiful living organism of superb grace”.


The Rolls and Bentley are for the ultra-rich in our country due to high tax for the foreign car. Both of this car had been mentioned will also be the status symbol and the pinnacle of someone wealth. Although the BMW 7 Series, Mercedez S-Class, and Audi A8 can be said with the something but the Rolls and Bentley defined is an ultra-luxury with the driving of a sports cars. Rolls and Bentley will be in this position for a long time. When you can afford more than RM1million to buy a car then it is definitely your pinnacle of your wealth.

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