Replacing the engine oil is one of the vital aspects of car maintenance. The car lovers can drive to the authorized service centre, trusted independent workshop, car brand specialist workshop, DIY, etc. Some car workshops had become an authorized dealers of engine oil brands like Liqui Moly, Total, Motul, Ravenol, and Mobil 1. Among the car outside the official service centre workshops, they are the Castrol Auto Workshop. Castrol established the Castrol Auto Workshop in 2002 by collaborating with a trusted and reliable independent workshop. The entire works and environment had come under the watchful eye of Castrol to ensure everything was appropriately audited, clean and safe and at some time keeping the Castrol reputation intact. Since its establishment, it has opened nearly 500 outlets across Malaysia.

It has been widely present in every corner of Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak. Undoubtedly, it is one of our country’s most omnipresent non – authorized service centre workshops. Since the workshop is under Castrol, it can assure that the engine oil sold there is genuine, simultaneously avoiding the mishaps that can happen to the car engine if fake engine oil had been poured into the engine. There are also other benefits of maintaining the car with the Castrol Workshop.

The car lovers who selected the Castrol Engine Oil from the Castrol Workshop will be enrolled in the Castrol Loyalty Programme. Once registered, they will be given a point based on their chosen engine oil. For Castrol Magnatec, they can receive nearly 500 to 600, while if they had selected the Castrol Edge engine oil, they could accumulate 700 to 800 points. The car lovers who had constantly replaced the engine oil with Castrol Workshop will have accumulated higher points that they can use to redeem the Castrol Engine Shampoo and the Castrol Engine Oil, whether the GTX, Magnatec or Edge. Using the Castrol engine oil also automatically enrolled car lovers on the Castrol Warranty Programme, which provides engine parts warranties. These warranties also assured the car lovers that they have genuine engine oil poured into their engine.

On occasion, they are some distinctive promotions from Castrol. Recently, Castrol had become one of the official partners for the English Premier League. As a result, a customer who had poured the Castrol Engine oil with the workshop will be entitled to an RM20 E-wallet amount that will be credited directly to their Touch n Go E-Wallet. Getting genuine engine oil from one of the reputed brands and the excellent loyalty programme from Castrol is a great benefit for car lovers. Another great advantage is the customer can have a free engine oil replacement if they have fulfilled distinctive requirements. For example, if the customer had replaced their car engine oil with Castrol Magnatec 4 times, they will get one free replacement for the Castrol Magnatec and Castrol Edge three times with the following free.

Some of the Castrol Workshop had received great reviews and positive feedback, entitled for the star rating. Some workshops receive 4-star ratings, and some with impeccable service will receive 5-star ratings. These will enhance the workshop’s reputation and give an excellent assurance for the car lovers by having genuine engine oil, an excellent loyalty programme, a clean workshop and a free replacement of engine oil once the requirement has been fulfilled. They are another gain for car lovers using the Castrol Workshop for their car maintenance.

The negative effect resulted from the proliferation of Covid 19 2 years ago with the multiple Movement Control Order which had a detrimental impact on the livelihood of many individuals. One ruinous effect that emerged from these scenarios is the weakening of the individual expenditure ability. Consequently, the Buy Now Pay Later(BNPL) has emerged rapidly where the customer can separate the payment for 3 or 5 months depending on the BNPL provider without any interest. Presently, many BNPL apps are favoured by individuals who can now purchase and pay later without any interest.

One of the favoured BNPLs is Atome, and Castrol Workshop has become a partner with Atome. The customer can now service their car with the Castrol Workshop and pay via instalment for three months, which will be deducted from their registered bank account. These will provide a convenience for car lovers as they do not need to pay the total amount but instead pay it monthly. These will become a handful if they need to make some major repairs to their car. For more info about Atome and the paying mechanism, kindly refer to the article written in this blog under the title of Atome.

For any independent workshop that wants to partner with Castrol, some requirements need to be fulfilled, which can be found at these links Although these requirements are from Castrol Europe yet the condition must be similar as there are no significant differences in the provision.

Servicing with the Castrol Auto Workshop had various benefits for car lovers. As mentioned before, the assurance of having genuine engine oil poured into the car, an excellent loyalty and warranty programme, the convenience of using the BNPL app and finally, having nearly 500 outlets across Malaysia. Not many non–service workshops can provide these kinds of assurance with the loyalties and warranties programme. These benefits can also hinder car lovers from accidentally pouring the fake Castrol engine oil. Since the Castrol Workshop is appropriately audited and under the watchfulness of Castrol Malaysia, severe punishment can be given to the workshop for using fake engine oil. Due to these, car lovers will gain the trust and confidence to maintain their cars with the Castrol Workshop. This also makes their car filled with the genuine engine oil that has become the official engine oil for famous car manufacturers like Ford, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Land Rover and more.







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