When driving to a certain location if we know the location that it will be just a breeze but if the drivers does not know the way then it will be long time to find the way even if the location is just a short distance. And with introduction of the navigation system in the smart phone thing is much easier. The famous app for the navigation is the Google Maps and Waze and with both of navigation app depends on the driver’s choice, driving a car towards an unknown destination is an easier thing.

Just type on the destination in the smartphone and the app will take you to the destination. But better have a power bank with you also as both of this app will consume and drain the battery of the smartphone quickly. This app is a blessing in disguise for the generation X and generation Y people as before this driving to an unknown destination can led to a lot headache, time consuming, and stressful moments. Let just see on how the people find the way to going to an unknown destination before the introduction of both app.

But before the navigation was available in some car but it may be in the high end luxury car and a costly upgrade. The real revolution that had been made via this app is available for everyone with no charge and it cost free. For the smartphone they can download the app via Google Playstore or via the Apple iTunes. So now everyone whom have an Android or Apple IPhone will be able to use this app as it available for the both phone.


The first and the most famous is asking someone on how to get the places. We maybe will ask the any person that we can find at that time to know the direction to an unknown location. In this situation we can encounter 3 type of person that either can make our life easier or miserable. First is the honest person whom led us the correct path to the destination or just say I don’t know the place. The second one whom we can find is the person whom does not respond, giving a warm response or the worst giving a rude response. The third one whom we hate the most is the person whom show the wrong direction or may confuse us with the way of showing the direction. This type will be cursed by the drivers and the first person will be liked by the drivers as the 3rd one will make our life miserable and the first one make our life easier in finding the unknown location.

The word that can be said if we had been is a wrong road and lead to a wrong road 

We maybe can get the idea on how to go to certain destination by asking our friend, from the neighbors or from our relatives whom we can called as the informer of the destination and if we trust this person we may bring him together with us to make our life comfortable while driving to the destination. The problem will start when the informer of the destination or the driver forget the road or taken aback by the changes in the places that will lead to a time consuming to find the path. This will again lead to searching and finding of the road and in the end maybe delay our time to a destination.

For some they may not remember the road name that led to a destination but the landmark like building, shops or anything. For some the prefer the road name. The problem can happen if they are any changes if the building or the road name that led to confusion in finding the places. The drivers can be shocked and taken aback on this and may will lead to misguided road that maybe longer and time consuming. The worst situation if the driver had stuck in the traffic jam on the misguided road.

The next method that will be used is looking at the looking at the signboard. Signboard is the one the most recognizable traditional method to find a way before the Waze and Google Maps. The problem can happen when the signboard is covered by tree or some Along promotion paper in signboard or the signboard had been taken off due to vandalism. And another thing that may can happen the sign board can guide to wrong place or if the drivers misses the signboard. And in the someplace like the old trunk road they will not signboard and the drivers may need to revert to asking the people method to find the direction to a destination.


And when the hand phone was introduced, it was only for make and receiving calls and SMS (the messaging before the WhatsApp ) , listening songs and many more but at that time they is no app , or internet connection like the current smartphone. In this case some will prefer to call the person related to find the destination and in the case of the delivery boys they too prefer call the customer to know the places. But unlike this time, they is no internet call and they is prepaid card that need to be reloaded and in the worst case scenario if the reload balance is insufficient then driver will have lost communication with another person. The situation is the some with the current smartphone if the battery is dead. In some cases, a miscommunication can happen and at the end the drivers or the delivery boys can be misguided to different road than the destination.

Now with all hassle of finding the location, the Google Maps and Waze had been like a blessing in disguise. No more asking a person method, asking the informer and no more cursing the person whom had shown the wrong way. Now if we need to go to location we just need to type the location and Bingo the system will lead to the right direction. Even now if the we asked someone a way to a location, the person will reply “just use the Waze or Google Maps”.

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