For the car manufacturer to build a car they need to collaborate with several workers,division and companies. For example, the car tyre needs a collaboration with the tyre company like Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Bridgestone, Pirelli and much more. They are car tyre that needs a specially made tyre like for the Buggati Veyron where Michelin had made it  due to the car enormous speed and characteristic. How about the transmission that moved the tire of the car. Today we will look at the transmission manufacturer for the cars as they are several of them.They are more than written in the post but the for the car that most popular in Malaysia this is the big five of them.

For the car like Mercedez Benz, Mazda and  Honda they are making the own transmission where Mercedez Benz making their own Dual Clutch Transmission that is called as DCT and Honda making their own conventional automatic and CVT and Mazda with their SkyActiv series. For the Ford transmission, they are working together with General Motors to create the transmission called as Select Shift that replaced their previous Dual Clutch Transmission called as PowerShift.

Now let’s look at the transmission manufacturer. The first were our own Asian manufacturer called as Aisin. It was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda . Do the name sound similar and it is as this is the guy that had founded the now-popular Toyota Motor Corporation. Aisin is 30 % owned by Toyota Motor Corporation. They also had a joint venture with another transmission manufacturer BorgWarner and at that time they were called as Aisin AW but the venture had been terminated in 1987. Now they are not supplying transmission to Toyota but also for Volvo, General Motors , Isuzu and much more. They are famous for their CVT and conventional automatics gearbox.


Like Aisin who is a subsidiary of Toyota , the manufacturer called Jatco too is the subsidiary of the Nissan Motors. Founded in 1970 to build the automatic transmission it now is known as the Jatco TransTechnology Ltd after the merger with another Nissan subsidiaries TransTechnologies Sdn Bhd. Now they are the world biggest CVT transmission makers and for the lovers of CVT if they are as most of the car lover’s dislikes CVT chances are your CVT is built by Jatco as now they are not only making for Nissan but also for Isuzu, Suzuki, Volkswagen and many more except for Toyota whom making under Aisin and Honda whom making their own transmission.


Those who driving Proton a Malaysian made car , when shifting the gear  chances are the manufacturer is Getrag. Getrag is German transmission manufacturer product and solution that was founded in 1935 by  a German Herman Hogenmeyer. They only produced transmission and providing a solution only unlike Aisin whom also produced drivetrain and chassis. They are producing automatics, manual , and automated manual transmission based on the dual clutch transmission and also conventional one. Currently, they have a joint venture with Ford Motors and 2 Chinese automobile manufacturer JiangLing and Dong Feng Motors.


Those who loves the Volkswagen Group car whether is the Passat, Passat CC , Audi and Porsche and their Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) , the transmission manufacturer is BorgWarner Group. They are formed in 1928 from the merger with Warner Gear which founded by Thomas Warner in 1901 and Borg and Beck founded by Charles Borg and Marshall Beck in 1903. Currently, Volkswagen is their biggest client not only for transmission but also for the turbocharger engine and for the 4 wheel drivetrain. They have 2 division one is the Borg Warner Engine Group which is the companies R & D that is responsible for the internal combustion engine matters like the fuel consumption, performance , emission and efficiency. The next division is the Borg Warner Drivetrain Group where they are the one who build the transmission, 4 wheel drive train and also the transmission ECU(Electronic Control Unit)


The next can be considered as the luxury transmission as this transmission company client is BMW, Jaguar,Land Rovers, Chrysler and Lexus.Welcome to ZF Transmission the fast and extreme shifting transmission that is available in 8 and 9 speed .ZF transmission or in German called as ZF Friedrichshafen that was founded by Luftschiffbau Zeppelin Gmbh in 1915 and ZF stands for in German Zahnradfabrik or in English Gear Factory. They are not only famous in automobiles but also involved in rail , defence, aviation industries and general industries. In their companies, they had 5 divisions. The first one is Car Powertrain Tech that is responsible for the automatic and manual transmission, axle drives and powertrain modules. The next is the Car Chassis Technology where they are responsible for the automobile chassis component and suspension technologies. Where both of this for the automobile the next division is for the commercial vehicle called as Commercial Vehicle Technology where they are responsible for the Truck & Van Driveline Technology, Axle & Transmission Systems for Buses & Coaches, CV Chassis Modules, CV Damper Technology, CV Powertrain Modules and the next one is Industrial Technology that is responsible for Off-Highway Systems, Test Systems, Special Driveline Technology, Marine Propulsion Systems, Aviation Technology, Wind Power Technology.


Unlike Aisin, Getrag and Jatco ZF and BorgWarner does not have any joint venture with any of the automobiles manufacturer. This future transmission will definitely come with a new way or better way or need to innovate the transmission again in the future if the electric car is widely used and also for the future autonomous driving. ZF transmission had said that the limit for the transmission is just 9 speed and also Volkswagen under BorgWarner had dropped their plan to build a 10 speed DSG transmission.

But Honda Motors whom doing their own transmission as currently patented 11 speed and 3 clutch transmissions so it may happen in the future where a transmission may have more than 9 or 10-speed gears. But is maybe only 1 speed like BorgWarner built for the Tesla Roadster car that is fully electric car. With the electric car , autonomous driving ,performance, fuel saving and efficiency definitely this transmission manufacturer will make the best possible so that the end user can enjoy the best experience from their subsidiaries or their client cars hence we can expect the better transmission in the future depends on the car characteristics.

Honda Motors had patented 11 speed with 3 clutches 

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