The Wright Brothers had masterminded the machine to fly that they called the Wright Flyer on December 17 1903. This machine fulfilled the human aspiration to soar in the sky, as many humans before the Wright Brothers invention had tried to emulate the birds. It has become futile as the Wright Brothers had discovered that humans are not built to fly. However, they had created the flying machine, which had transformed air travel and gave humans more options to travel. Before the Wright Flyer, we had used the sea and the land; now, it’s time for humans to travel by air. Fast forward 49 years later, in 1952, de Havilland Comet became the world’s first commercialized jet airline, which had become one of the modes of travel since then.

The aviation industries are somehow interlinked and interconnected with the automobile industries when it comes to catastrophe and benefits parallel with the constant modification to the design for each to become safer.

When it comes to automobile industries, apart from Henry Ford’s effort, who wants to make the car available to all Americans with their model T in the early ’90s, the car is a luxury item that is not accessible to everyone. Air travel also had a similar conception as it is not for everyone, and it was considered a luxury and grandeur to travel via air during those times. However, with the success of low-cost airlines, with the adage “Everyone can Fly”, air travel had become accessible to everyone. Similarly, with more models sold by the automobile manufacturers, where each model has its specific targeted customers, the automobile too had become accessible for everyone.

The automobile had uncomplicated our travel from point A to point B and created a new need to travel on land. Likewise, the extensive travel by air also had ease our journey. It had made a further need for us to travel to amalgamating to generate a new business opportunity for some. Before travelling by air, sea travel is the method to travel, and it can take several days to reach the destination. With the air travel, the similar journey had been slashed from days to just several hours. With the extensive use of air travel and land travel, new business opportunities and survival methods had been created that greatly benefited everyone associated with it.

The immense use of air travel and land travel also created a need to polish up safety and security. Failure of these safety and security methods can lead to some catastrophic disaster occurs. Air travel had seen its security system breached several times since its introduction, which led to many unwanted calamities like the bombing of Air India 182, Pan Am 103, Air France 406, and others. This air crash happened when the perpetrator implanted a  bomb in the aeroplane luggage compartment, which detonated mid-air and killed all the plane passengers and crews. Similarly, the car bombing also led to historical calamities like the Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escober used in his reign during the ’80s. It is a tactic implied by Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger during the Sri Lankan Civil War. Both modes of transportation can be used as a mode of destruction in the hands of immoral people; hence, enhancing safety and security is mandatory to avoid any similar incident.

Both modes of transportation had been built with many safety features and improved design. The Comet de Havilland D.106 crash in 1953 led to the demise of the squared window design for the aeroplane as it has been identified as one of the crash courses. The squared window had shown a dangerous concentration of air stress which can explode in mid-air. Since then, the aeroplane window had been designed with oval-shaped windows, which is still intact.  Likewise in the automobile industries too, had seen the creation of double-layered mirror to prevent shattering, improved seat design, the introduction of the 3-point seat belt, better tire and other which make the vehicle and the occupant safe. Both modes of travel had their fundamental design improved to provide better safety for the occupants.

Some of the automobile latest technologies had been borrowed from the aviation industry. Volvo Motors had borrowed the Traffic Collision Air System ( TCAS) to create their collision detection safety feature, including auto brakes when the collision is unavoidable and enhanced it further by introducing the Cross-Traffic Alert system. Buggati Veyron was also inspired by aeroplane air brakes and implemented to stop the car faster in their Veyron model. They had used the aeroplane air brake system, as they had identified as the most practical and supreme, to control the Veyron more quickly.  For aviation, they had been inspired by the hybrid motors and electric car to design an electrically powered or hybrid-powered plane, which may become a reality sooner as some smaller aircraft had demonstrated that inception is possible for an aeroplane.

Both modes of transportation had given more choices. Both methods had been instrumental in shaping our life and creating new business opportunities and survival modes. Without the popularity of aviation, outbound travel may not have boomed as the travel hours had been slashed to several hours compared to several days. Without the extensive use of the land travel created by the automobile industries, the delivery, need for more highways to ease journey will not be possible. Both modes of transportation had shaped our past, present and future from every angle.  



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