They are several drive train layouts for car such as Front Wheel Drive (FWD), Rear Wheel Drive(RWD) and the All-Wheel Drive (AWD). Most the SUV and truck will be AWD but most of the sedan it will either fall on FWD or RWD. Audi AG the manufacturer of the Audi automobile that is under the Volkswagen Group had come with a solution to make the normal sedan as AWD and they called is Quattro. Quattro means in Italy Four that correctly related to the Audi car that had this badge. The badge will be represented with lizard picture in back of the car and it usually will be on the car that is in 1.8cc model or higher cc.

Where in Audi they are calling their AWD as Quattro, car manufacturer from different brand also have made their own AWD for the specific model and they will called it in a different name such as Volkswagen called it as 4Motion, BWM will called it as xDrive and Mercedez Benz will called it as 4Matic but unlike Audi most of this AWD for the other manufacturer will be on the SUV or on the higher spec model and never implemented in their sedan where BMW will implement the RWD and Mercedez Benz with FWD.

For Audi car in Malaysia, the Euromobile the sole distributor of the Audi car in Malaysia marketed their car differently compare to Mercedez Benz. For an example in BMW 3 Series range they are 318i, 320i,320i Sports,320d the diesel version and 330i Sports. For Mercedez Benz they also have several variant under their C class such as C 180 and C 200 Avantgrade, C 200 Exlusive and C class AMG line.

For Audi they have only A3, A4, A6 and A8 as their sedan and they all provide 2 variant one is without the Quattro badge and another one with the Quattro. They are selling this way in their sedan A3, A4, A6, and their SUV Q3. For the non-Quattro variant, it will be on lower cc such as the A3 and Q3 is on 1.4 on their non-Quattro and for the Quattro both of them will be on 1.8cc. The big different will be on the Audi A6 where the non-Quattro is 1.8 cc and the Quattro will be on 3.0 cc.

The difference that need to be paid is huge where to buy the A3 1.8 Quattro the drivers need to pay an extra RM58,000, for A4 2.0 is RM72,000, for A6 is an extra RM160,000 and for their SUV an extra RM35,000 will be needed. The driver will also get an extra leather seats, sport steering, Audi Keyless entry called as KESSY and many more. Compare this with BMW where the drivers whom wants the higher 320i they need to pay an extra RM29,000 and they will get a higher engine and more horsepower and torque from the car compare to the BMW 3 Series base model 318i.

With comes to question do the drivers need to pay a big amount just to get the AWD of Quattro. When your car in AWD, what it offers is the power of the transmission can be transmitted to all the 4 wheel simultaneously that give a superior performance, excellent acceleration, more stability, better handling and better traction control and it can provide the Audi sedan or the SUV a sports car feeling. For the Audi car lovers, they will say the real performance or the real feel of the driving an Audi can only be in Quattro model.

But there are several downsides on it, firstly the AWD is most expensive drive train layout to be fixed and to be maintained compare to the RWD and FWD and it will be translated to the drivers as the cost of the maintenance will be higher compare to non-Quattro. Another thing that is the downside is the fuel consumption for 4WD Quattro will be higher compare to the non-Quattro model.

Since the car performance had been doubled with the AWD, the fuel consumption off the car will be higher as for an example the fuel consumption for the Audi A3 1.4 is 20km/h and for the Audi A3 1.8 Quattro it will be 15km/h. The fuel consumption is just a reading but in the real world the figure can less than that for the Quattro model.

For all the extra buck that need to be paid, the boot space of the Audi may be reduced for an example for the Audi A4 1.4 the boot space will be 425 litres but for the Audi A4 1.8 it will be only 390 litres and they are a reduced of space due to this.  And the price difference on the Quattro will be enormous when added with the car price. An example an Audi A4 non Quattro will one RM239,000 but the Audi A4 Quattro will be RM311,000 and that it is big difference where the price will be touching the RM300,000 barriers and all just for the change to AWD.

With come to conclusion, the Audi Quattro may not be required as for the daily usage the non-Quattro model that have FWD is more than sufficient. Most of our car in our country is on the FWD drive train layout except for the sports car where the car like Nissan GTR is on 4WD. For sports car the 4WD will proper due to car nature on performance but for the normal sedan a simple FWD is more than enough.

But for the Audi fan and Audi lovers, they may be willing to pay big amount as they want to get a sedan with a superior performance, acceleration, handling, and faster 0-100 count. In the essence the Quattro is not required for the daily usage but on the other hands for the one whom want to get the feeling of an Audi, they will prefer the Quattro badge in their car. For the family and young executive, they may prefer the non-Quattro model.


  1. WOW, worst article ever with lots of grammatical error. I bet the writer can’t even afford an Audi and btw, Dhina82, have you driven an Audi powered by Quattro ? If you have not, please do not simply write an article based on your own biased judgement. Bad write-up with zero research article. Wanna be the next Paul Tan? LOL, please go back India and write about Ox cart

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