Audi AG is the automobile under the Volkswagen Car Group whom making the luxurios model. Since the day of Auto Union and since they become part of the Volkswagen Group , Audi had become one the German marquee luxurios although it may as popular as BMW and Mercedez Benz in our country.If we compare the 3 car of BMW, Mercedez Benz and Audi many of us will noticed the Bimmer and Merc is more than Audi. And Audi and Euromobile will like to change this with launch of the new Audi A4 B9.

The good news had come when the highly anticipated Audi A4 B9 had been opened for registration in Audi Malaysia website. For those whom interested to register can proceed to the link . The Audi fan will be thrilled with the new Audi that had been made a lot of rave and great review from the car website in Europe are coming in Malaysia. With Euromobil the official distributor of Audi in Malaysia bringing the CBU model so the car part is assembled in Germany and not the CKD model. This Audi will replace the previous Audi B8 that had been in our country since 2012 and the new one Audi is not just a simple facelift as Audi had decided to make some major changes in the new model and they are something that can be expected when the car officially launched next month or in October in Malaysia.

The exterior had been changed slightly as the wheelbase is longer, roomier but they did not change the height of the car. In the front Audi had added the matrix led headlamp (maybe as the optional upgrade package), 6 Audi single Frame grill that can be seen from the far compare to the old one and a new alloy rim. Another minor change had been done behind as the exhaust pipe is separated instead combined like the B8 Audi. Although this changes are minor it was done to differentiate between the A3 as previously model of A3 and A4 look a bit similar.

2016 audi.jpg
The front of the car where up is the Audi B9 and down is the Audi B8 .Image credit from
BACK 2016.jpg
Rear of the Audi B8 and B9. Picture above is new B9 and down B8. 

In the interior of the new Audi they are some major changes. First they are a new digital Virtual Cockpit replacing the traditional dashboard. This cockpit can be seen in Volkswagen Passat B8 model. For MMI control Audi had changed to a touchpad instead of the previous rotary knob. The gear knob also had been changed as compare to the previous model as to make the gear change is ala BMW style with a parking button in knob itself. And the MMI controller were previous is stacked up around the gear knob now it had been separated with controller in one side and the gear knob and electronic parking brake is another side. The centre console from the look of the thing is higher than the previous Audi A4 model.

The interior design a complete change 

For the driver whom hated CVT or does not like CVT Audi had completely abandoned it and had replaced it with 8 speed tiptronic dual clutch transmission. Although Audi CVT is not the worst thing in the car, some drivers like the feel of the gear shifting while driving where in CVT it does not have that feel due to no gear shifting in the car. Although Audi is under Volkswagen that using the DSG also for their car and had some issue with it , things will be expected to be better as Audi is luxurious model compare to the Volkswagen.

The chassis and the drivetrain also will be improved with the new generation of TFSI engine. TFSI already have a good review by the car lovers for giving a maximum power from a small engine and thing will be expected be better in term of performance and fuel saving compare to the previous model. And the top speed for the car can be expected to better or similar to the previous Audi where it can generate 180hp and 320nm of torque for the base 1.8 model.

The price wise for the Audi maybe will be similar to the current Audi where it RM240,000 for 1.8 TFSI model and also RM300,000 for the Audi famous 4-wheel drive system Quattro and both price is excluding the price of the road tax and insurance. And maybe they will be an optional package for the both Audi model and in this term the price expected to be some or might be slightly cheaper from the previous model. And most car lovers will prefer the 1.8 and for the one whom want to feel the Quattro power they may be will opted for the 2.0 model. The warranties also can be expected to be some with the current 5 years’ warranties and maybe Euromobil will not change on that.

Audi had been in the automobile for a long time. Their chassis is the one that had given a foundation for the Volkswagen Passat, Polo, and Golf. Their engineering team for their car is one the best in the world. And with Audi B9, the Euromobil will hope that Audi will be the popular or at least giving the Bimmer and Mercedez a run for their money in term of competition in our country.

Another thing that can be expected is since Audi is the CBU model we can get a complete package without eliminate other like sometime happen in CKD model. For example, the Toyota Camry Hyrid CKD model in our country does not have the pre-crash system or 3 zone climate control air condition unlike our neighbour Thailand where they had both.

For the look of the thing the new Audi B9 is not just a simple facelift and they are some major changes in the interior and exterior. To summarize the car is expected to be German characteristic in term of power, performance and in the interior department. For the Audi fans in Malaysia , they will thrilled as finally the B9 coming to our soil  and they have a change to get the taste of this car.

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