Once upon a time, a phone company from Finland called as Nokia had ruled the mobile phone world with their innovative design and simplicity of the operating system called as Symbian. The dominance had been rattled when Steve Jobs had introduced the Apple iPhone that had been a revolution in smartphone at the time with a touchscreen, less button, and beautiful interface. Although Apple had shaken Nokia’s dominance , the launch of Google own mobile phone operating system called as Android had really knockout Nokia from the picture. Now the world smartphone is either Apple’s IOS or Google’s Android and the Symbian had been dead from the smartphone picture similar to their creator Nokia.

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Now both iPhone and Android had created a store in iTunes and Google Playstore where the user can downloads any application called as app range from face swap, navigation, news, alarm, barcode scanner, audio video converter, social media, email, quotes, books, online banking, literature, prayer apps for Muslim, holy book verses app and many more in the present and in the future and not only that both also are competing for their supremacy in the automobiles industries too. Where Apple is currently involved in their electric car project and Google in their autonomous car project that may be launched by 2018 but for now both are competing in the car specific infotainment system that based in telematics platform.


For Apple their infotainment for the car called as Apple CarPlay and for Google it is called as Android Auto. Even they is other infotainment system like MirrorLink where the phone interface will be shown in the car infotainment screen, both of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is the car specific system and they are expected to be standard for the present and in the future as both of this company have big reach among the masses and will be expected to compete in this field as their competing in the smartphone field.

How both of them started with this venture? For Apple it is started a feature from the Apple IOS 4 called “iPod Out” and with the joint venture with BMW Group Technologies located in California USA that had led to the creation of the “PlugIn” in BMW and Mini cars. This had led to the first car specific interface for apps and simply it can be said that Apple had started it first. For Google’s Android, it is basically a joint venture with 28 other automobile companies and with mobile tech and the PC known graphic card supplier NVIDIA. For the phone version on the hand, Apple is from IOS 5 onward and for Android Auto it is from Android 5.0 that also can be called as “Android Lolipop”. The first car that had fully implement Apple CarPlay is Ferrari FF and for Android is Hyundai Sonata. Some car using MirrorLink as the car default app or their own car app like Ford Sync and although this car does not fully implement the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto it is still able to support both of this.

The app developer is able to create a specific app for car and both have a different process on this. For Apple, the developer must apply with Apple first and for Google, they had released Software Development Kit (SDK) that will allow the 3rd parties to modify their app to work with Android Auto. Both like their smartphone , did not abandoned their principal as Apple want to have full control for their product from up to bottom whereby Android doing the opposite from Apple.

Since the world smartphone user most of them is using either IOS or Android and both have market share more than 100% combined and with more than 2 billion apps combined downloaded from iTunes and Playstore , most of the car manufacturer had made the car infotainments system that had been able to run with this 2 system.

Apple CarPlay has similar interface with their IOS but for the Android Auto the interface is different from the interface in the Android devices. For now Android had slight advantages compare to Apple CarPlay with their Google Now and Google Maps whom provides better navigation information compare to Apple Maps. But unfortunately this is the only navigation apps that are supported in the Android Auto as the other famous navigation apps like Waze it is not supported yet.

Up is Android Auto and Below is the Apple CarPlay interface 

Both of this company had started from the technology giant as Apple for computer hardware and software to a smartphone and tablets whereby Google started from the search engine to smartphone operating system provider will now compete in the present and in the future in the automobile industry in term of autonomous drive and electrical car and also in term of the car infotainment. Maybe in the future they will more a car specific app will be provided by both in the CarPlay and Android Auto.

Where Apple and Google had expand their business to automobile, the once upon a time giant Nokia had faltered badly to where they does not have the market share and the buying power as per in their golden ages and now they had been acquired by Microsoft. Microsoft had been using their own smartphone operating system called as Windows Mobile combined with the Nokia experience in the hardware department off the phone.

But still they are unable to match Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android and they had been some rumors that Microsoft will ditch the Windows Mobile for Android and similarly Nokia too had been rumored to releasing their new smartphone that had Android operating system by end of this year or earlier next year. Whether it will true or not, both Apple and Google had knocked out Nokia and now had expanded their business to the automobile too and in the future maybe they will expand it further to other business too.

The benefits of the competition between them is the user like us will have a better product each year compare to the previous year so the competition between them is a good for the the user like us.

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