The New Religion Movement (NRM) is a new religious movement that had its fundamentals according to the contemporary era. These religious movements or cults had been proliferating in the modern era, and one of the beliefs established from the NRM is the UFO religion. This UFO religion can be simultaneous with another popular theory that is non-other than Ancient Alien theorist. Eirich Von Doniken had started the idea of the Ancient Alien by his book Chariot of Gods, and these Ancient Alien television series and their theories had also been aired on History Channel that is spanned for 11 seasons. One of the famous followers of the Ancient Alien theory is Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the Ancient Alien television series producer. He also can be said as the face of Ancient Alien theorists.

The Ancient Alien proponent had uttered that the ancient building had been built with the help of aliens from outer space. Furthermore, the proponent of these theories also vehemently said that humans had made contact with the alien and vice versa, which led to the creation of various outstanding buildings and ideas established in ancient times. One idea that the Ancient Alien theorist had established is that people in the ancient time had an advanced vehicle and witnessed the advanced vehicle driven by the alien from outer space.

They had established this theory by studying engraving in the ancient caves and rock, which are reminiscent of the advanced vehicle. They also had claimed the Pyramid of Giza had been built by the alien using advanced vehicles and tools. The Pyramid of Giza is an enigma for archaeologists. They could not figure out how the ancient Egyptian could build a structure with such precision using only ancient tools. These difficulties had somehow justified the claim of the Ancient Alien proponent that aliens must create this building that they believed to have the advanced tools.  

The ancient alien proponent also said that the inscription in ancient times is undeniable proof that ancient people had witnessed an advanced vehicle. The claim has been justified by the inscription in the ancient scripture, which indicates the ancient people testimony of an advanced vehicle. An example is the Vimana in the Ramayana, which had said reminiscent of the UFO sighted in modern time. Another proof of their justification of the advanced vehicle is the Nazca Lines in Peru, which is the runaway track for the alien to land their spaceship, according to the proponent of the Ancient Aliens theorist.  

The proponent of the Ancient Alien had justified their theories by the inscription, engraving in the rock and caves. Furthermore, they are also told that some of the amazing architectural buildings in ancient times were nearly impossible to be made without any advanced technologies. The finding of the followers of the Ancient Alien elicits some severe criticism from the archaeologist and other ancient researchers. The archaeologist and the researcher had claimed that ancient people were not cretinous and able to find a way; furthermore, they had debunked the Ancient Alien by claiming that they were distorting the facts.

The readers of these articles can also ponder why I am writing about Ancient Alien claims of advanced vehicles on these websites. The Ancient Alien proponent had raised a question that is maybe rational also. Although the archaeologist had found many things about the ancient times, the undeniable fact is that they are still some mysteries on the ancient people. The Pyramid of Giza is a mystery that is still not revealed entirely and creating a perplexity on the researcher who did not know how the ancient people had built the structure.

The Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge, the Great Temple of Tanjavoor was built using granite, the hardest rock on the planet. The ancient people may have unlocked some secrets which are still known to modern researchers. Some of the inscriptions do indicate something like an advanced vehicle like the Vimana in the Ramayana. Furthermore according to the “Father of Atomic Bomb” J. Robert Oppenheimer the first atomic bomb had been detonated in ancient times. He claimed that the Kurukshetra War in the Mahabharata is the scene where the first atomic bomb had been detonated. It is a claim that had created a bombshell in the contemporary era. The Ancient Alien may have some theories that can be debunked easily, but it also started another debate. Since some of ancient time history is not fully unveiled, it also created some puzzling questions.

If one day, a researcher of ancient times discovered that ancient people used the advanced vehicle, it would create a massive shockwave in the entire world and open up another new chapter on the ancient people. The ancient people cannot be considered primitive. They had created some architecture and building that still stands by time even after several centuries and decades a testimony to their ingenious method. Furthermore, these buildings had been designed using non-modern tools like the elephant, human labour, etc.

The method used can still can’t be recreated by the modern archaeologist using some primitive tools, which created some puzzling issues. These puzzling issues also had led to the creation of the Ancient Alien proponent, which had proliferate a massive number of followers. Even though they are severe criticism of the Ancient Alien, the television had been aired for 11 seasons, indicating that these theories had generated mass followers. Although the Ancient Alien had been claimed to distort the facts, it created fascinating stories on the ancient world, which led us to ponder whether they are some chapter of the ancient alien waiting to be discovered, especially on the advanced vehicle and technologies parts. Maybe they are some erased chapter from ancient times that indicates they use advanced technologies without any help from the alien from outer spaces.

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