Changing engine oil is pivotal for car maintenance. If truth to be told, changing engine oil according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations is the dominant reason we need to maintain our vehicle. The engine oil is crucial in making the engine lubricated and clean, simultaneously reducing the engine friction. So it was time for my beloved four-wheeled friend Honda HRV to have an engine oil replacement. Previously, I had used Liqui Moly Molygen, which is unusual as the engine oil colour is green. Subsequently, I’m using Castrol Edge Titanium, which also provides a good experience for me. Despite that, I prefer Liqui Moly Molygen as it was silky smooth and provided an effortless ride. I had contemplated pouring Liqui Moly Molygen again after my previous experience. Despite that, after being fed with numerous claims about the merits of running Amsoil engine oil in the HRV group, car forum, and Youtube video, I had decided to give a shot at Amsoil engine oil. It is one of the unique engine oil in terms of history and marketing style. I made a Youtube video for Amsoil; check it out below.

They are 3 of the Amsoil authorized distributors that I know, one in Ampang, another one is Hock Ming in Seremban, and Techone Auto Service in Bentong, Pahang. Since it was a public holiday on 3rd May 2022, only Techone in Bentong was opened; hence I decided to take the journey to Bentong. From my place to Bentong, it will take approximately 45 minutes. Another good thing about choosing Bentong despite being forced due to the workshop’s closure is that I can test drive to find the efficacy of the oil while moving back to KL on the Karak Bentong highway. I thought the road would be clear as most Muslim friends had gone to “balik kampung” after being deprived for two years because of the government’s lockdown and the prohibition of interstate travel. I was wrong because I was stuck in traffic conjunction from the Gombak toll until the Genting Sempah tunnel, which took up 50 minutes of my journey.

Finally, after encountering unanticipated traffic conjunction, I reached Techone Auto Service Bentong. The workshop owners informed me that they have an official Shoppe store where the Amsoil item can be purchased. I saw a Shoppe parcel written set to be delivered to Penang. The workshop owner had good reviews about Amsoil Signature Series 5w30. He also advised me to change the oil filter to Ryco, which can withstand filtration up to 15,000km. Since my car warranties had ended, I decided to give it a go. The total charge for the filter replacement and the engine oil is RM343.

Upon the conclusion of mundane engine oil replacement and the filter, I am ready to go to test it. The change is noticeable as I find the car engine is smooth and has less vibration after coming out from the Bentong trunk road, hitting the Karak – Bentong where the real difference can be noticed. The engine’s smoothness is seen in the odometer as it quickly hits 3,000rpm. The performance and the increase of smoothness are noticeable as  I feel the car is light while taking the notorious uphill near the Genting Sempah tunnel. All the Honda HRV owners love the rev-happy and light performance, and I am getting it with these Amsoil Signature Series.

From the easy revving and smooth performance due to friction reduction additive, I will say that  Amsoil is far better than Castrol Edge 5w30. Besides that, I also noticed that Amsoil is also helping lessen the fuel consumption even for standard city drives where currently I can get 450km quickly before the fuel light blinks. From these results now, I realize the fuss about Amsoil. It is truly one of the unique engine oil on the market. The performance improvement and the increase in the engine’s smoothness translated into the easily revving odometer. It was one of the most underrated and less publicized engine oil compared to Castrol and Liqui Moly. Since I had driven for nearly 2,000km using Amsoil engine oil, it will be time before I can test another Amsoil claim where it had printed in the package that it can provide protection up 25,000 miles, equivalent to 40,000km or one year of protection.

In layman terms, Amsoil engine oil is better than Castrol Edge Titanium 5w30, and its smoothness and decrease of engine vibration can be compared to Liqui Moly Molygen 5W30. However, their audacious claim of giving protection up to 40,000km is something that I did not experience yet to say that it is better than Liqui Moly Molygen. In Liqui Moly Moglen, I noticed that smoothness had diminished when my car had hit 8,000km. Nevertheless, Amsoil Signature Series currently provides proficiency in friction reduction and increased engine smoothness like the Molygen. I am satisfied with Amsoil, and if the claim of more than 10,000km has been noticed and proven, I will stick with Amsoil as my preferred engine oil.


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