The indispensable fact when we send our vehicle for a service, whether minor, major, in the official service centre, any reputable workshop, or by DIY, is replacing the engine oil and its filter. In reality, we service the car to replace the engine oil based on the car manufacturer’s recommendation, whether on 5,000km, 10,000km, 15,000km, or 20,000km. Pertaining to engine oil, they are a wide range of engine oil brands as each engine oil maker will have their own selling point on why their engine oil is the best. From all the engine oil brands, the most favoured engine oil by the consumers is the genuine motor oil by the car manufacturers, Castrol’s, Liqui Molly, Total, and a lot more.

In these wide engine oil choices, they are one unique brand that had its own selling point that is nonexistent in other engine oil, but surprisingly, they are not the most prevalent choice in our country. Their engine oil has a good rating and always exceeds the car manufacturer’s recommendation. This engine oil brand is non-other than the well-known oil from the United States called Amsoil. The pioneer of Amsoil Albert J.Amatuzio, is a former Squadron Commander of the Air National Guard. Seeing the benefits of synthetic oil in jet engines, he had successfully created a synthetic lubricant for motor powered vehicles. Due to these inventions, he had made Amsoil a prominent engine oil in the world; hence for these achievements, he was inducted into the Lubricants Hall of Fame in 1994.

What makes Amsoil engine oil different from others? In 1972, Amsoil was the first synthetic motor oil company to meet the American Petroleum Institute(API) requirement. To acknowledge these, Amsoil had created the tagline “The First in Synthetics”, which had become associated with them thenceforth. They also have a distinctive label in the engine oil, which is not existent in other engine oil, which is 100% synthetic oil and can protect up to 25,000km or 2 years of engine protection. While other engine oil will label it as fully synthetic oil, only Amsoil engine oil packaging has this distinctive labelling.

Another unique feature of Amsoil is in its CVT transmission fluid packaging. For a CVT transmission fluid, the ideal fluid will be from the automobile manufacturer. In spite of that, they are a wide variety of CVT transmissions fluid that will be printed as suitable for every CVT transmission by the car manufacturers. However, not all of them have the Warranty Secure label, while Amsoil have it in their packaging. Amsoil courageously had claimed that their CVT fluid would not affect the car manufacturer warranties. Many car lovers who had used the Amsoil CVT fluid had given good feedback and mentioned that Amsoil CVT fluid is better than OEM fluid. Amsoil CVT fluid is the most expensive CVT fluid in our country.

Each oil manufacturer had been the official supplier for a specific car manufacturer; in these instances, Castrol is the official engine oil supplier for Ford, Volvo, and Jaguar. Nevertheless, Amsoil is not an official engine oil supplier for any car manufacturer. They believed that using their engine oil in official service centre manufacturer would make them less profitable. Such as audacious and bold claims by them. However, it is undeniable that many users had given good reviews and became loyal users of Amsoil when they first experienced the benefits of its car engine. Moreover, many users correlated with the Amsoil claim of 25,000km interval, making Amsoil claim valid.

Unlike Castrol, which had its dedicated workshop, Amsoil does not have a dedicated workshop in our country. The sole official distributor of Amsoil in our country is Viscon Sdn Bhd. Any user who wants to feel the benefits of Amsoil can purchase the lubricants via Viscon online store or via Amsoil Shoppe’s official online store called Amsoil Oil Store. They are also an official Amsoil Malaysia Facebook Page where car lovers can have information on the workshop that are selling the Amsoil oil. One of the popular workshops is TechnoFei in Bentong, Pahang. It can be said that they are like an official Amsoil workshop. They are another workshop in Seremban called Perniagaan Auto Hock Ming Sdn Bhd, similar to TechnoFei, which sells Amsoil products in their outlets.

There is Youtube Channel named Synthetic Oil Protection created by Eben Rockmaker, a Personal Car Finder from the US. In his Youtube uploaded video, he will highlight the benefits of Amsoil and compare it with other engine oil makers. It said he had been impressed with Amsoil, and due to not many people knowing about Amsoil, he had dedicated himself via these videos to highlight the power of Amsoil. He also conducted interviews with the workshop owners, conveying the Amsoil benefits. It can be said that this Youtube channel is an unofficial channel that promotes a specific engine oil which is a rarity.

Unlike Castrol and Liqui Molly, Amsoil is not widespread in our country, although it does provide a significant boost to the car engine and has a long engine oil interval. Some car lovers who had used the Amsoil engine oil have also justified these claims. Some car lovers commented, “if you want a very good engine oil, go for Amsoil”. The car lovers who want to get a hold of the power of Amsoil can proceed to the online store in Shoppe or Viscon and also proceed to a workshop that sells Amsoil. The information of the workshop can be acquired from the official Amsoil Malaysia Facebook page. Although it is not widespread like Castrol and Liqui Moly, the proliferate positive feedback can make the Amsoil a widespread choice like the aforementioned engine oil brand.

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