When comes to the battery they are enormous or multiple choice for the car batteries. Once before the car battery had taken the wet cell shape from, automobile lovers will buy the battery water in the form of acid to refill the cell to prolong the battery life. But now it is not hyperbole to say that all car battery is the dry cell which does not require the refill or in the automobile term it is a maintenance-free battery. These eliminate the need to the buying the acid to refill the car battery although this method even though time-consuming it does prolong the battery life compared to the dry cell.

When comes to the contemporary dry cell, the name that can be uttered by the automobile lovers is Bosch, Varta, Yokohama, Century, and many others. The car batteries preferred by the automobile usually is Japanese and the American brand. The South Korean battery maker, Varta also had gained some excellent populous among the automobile lovers due to quality and lately, this battery maker again had made a name for itself when they had established as deal with BMW to become the sole provider of batteries for BMW. For a long time, this Japanese and American brand had been the popular choices for automobile lovers.

In these types of batteries, they are one brand from an unexpected country which is making a name for themselves and it had become a household name when comes to car battery like the Castrol engine oil. It is a battery brand that comes from India and is called Amaron. Unlike other car batteries which are usually black or white, the Amaron comes with a color that non-existent in the car battery, and it is green. This is a unique feature for the Amaron car batteries as this choice of color for their batteries makes them recognizable in any shop even from far.

The Amaron car battery had become a household name and had become such a phenomenal choice among the masses that it had led to the creation of many standalone battery shops, home delivery battery repair, and many automobiles after sales outlet recommend Amaron for the Japanese and the continental car. It is a rarity that car batteries can create such phenomenal popularity which has never been seen before in any batteries brand.

The name of the Amaron is derived from the Amara Raja. The plant of battery making is in the Indian holy city Tirupathi which is the home for the popular Tirupathi temple, Amaron had collaborated with Johnson Control to make the best and competitive battery on par with other batteries manufacturers in the world. This is also another proud moment for Indian automobile-making industries as one of their products had become a household choice for automobile lovers.

Which the slogan of Last Long, Really Long, the Amaron battery rise in the short period in the Asian region is commendable. Amazon battery had debunked and shattered the myth that a product from India is not on par with other famous manufacturers but the Amaron batteries are not only a product that had erased the myth but exceeds them. The slogan is true with their efficacy when to comes to car batteries. They are some automobile lovers who had uttered that they had used the Amaron car batteries for 24 months which is some that rarity in the contemporary dry cell era and the best of the battery sold at an adequate and affordable price and not premium prices.

The Amazon Raja had created a battery not only for Indian roads but also for the Asian road in general which makes the battery gained enough populous in masses. When they are consensus for battery, the Amaron brand will surely in the top ranking of the automobile lover choice.

The battery slogan and real-life efficacy is not an advertisement purpose else it will not gain such enormous popularity in the automobile lovers to become the household names. The battery does stand for a long time and best of all the durability of the battery in forging a long-lasting capability does not come at a premium price. Usually, when a product that had great and durable long-lasting capability added with the non-premium price, it will be surely become a populace choice for the masses in a short duration and that is how Amaron’s car battery build their reputation and remain intact until today.

It is not hyperbole or hogwash to say that the popularity of the Amaron car battery had given rise to the independent emergency battery providers in our country. Once when the car battery had lost its power or in what we called it as “kong”, we need to visit the nearest mechanic shop to replace the battery. But with a simple call or Whatsapp and location sharing, the independent battery providers can come to our place and replace the battery and the brand that they provide is non-other than Amaron. The Amaron car battery is the first car battery that they will recommend to the customer.

Amaron certainly had become a household name in batteries as the masses will certainly recite this brand when recommending a change of battery. It is widely spread and available in the whole of Malaysia due to populous choice among automobile owners. In the contemporary era where they need to refill the batteries acid had been erased to the history, any dry cell battery that lasts longer with a non-premium price will be a household name and Amaron is the battery that had recited in the automobile owners’ hearts when coming to the battery.

With the success of the Amaron car batteries, it can be expected in the future that more automobile product from India will create a niche for themselves and become popular and this may create another choices and trust for the automobile lovers when comes to the product from Indian markets. For now, it is Amaron that had created this kind of massive popularity and with continuous innovation, the Amaron battery in the future will be expected to be better than the current one.




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