Current aircraft window design that still intact

Human being had been fascinated in the idea of flying. Many had tried many innovative way and risky way to become the first person to be able fly but most of them had failed miserably with some had paid the price of failure with their lives. With this failure , the Wirght bother had come in the picture and declared that human can’t fly due physical nature but they had become obbseed to created a machine that make human fly from one place to another . With their obsession , they had created the foundation of the machine that can fly and since human had been able to fulfilled their long time obsession of flying.

With the creation of the machine that Wright had laid the foundation , human had used these to fly creating record , creating a bird eye view where they can see the nature from air, most saddening flying to create a descturciton during the World War 1 and World War 2 and if the flying machine had not been invented , the American will not be able to plant the world first atom bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that led to many loss of life but on the good side it also had led to end of the World War 2. With the war ended, our obsseion of flying still had not stopped and when flying become a commercial with the creation of passenger aircraft by Boieng , Hornet , Mcdonald Douglas and later Airbus , it had created a different need of human to fly where now they can have a vacation in other countries, travelling in faster within domestically , business trip , and many other reason.

But this needs of flying had created some of destructive air crash ever seen by the world from the pilot error, act of terrorism , bomb that was planted in the plane that is exploded in the mid air, missile attack, design failure and many more. The air crash investigator had been worked tremendously hard to make sure that another similar crash will not occur and due to these the aircraft had been improved significantly with the addition of improved cockpit technologies , improved collaboration between the pilot and co – pilot , better design on the aircraft, significant improvement in the airport detection system and others. With these improvement , the air travel had been claimed is safer than driving but it is myth or fact.

They are a myth with regards to air travel . Is is a myth or is it a fact . According to a statistic from air travel transportation it had been claimed that travelling via air is safer than car .

The air travel had started the a new type of travel and that is non other than bussiness trip where anybody can travel to another country for bussiness deal .

Although car had seen its fare share of accident but non of them created a devastating and sadness impact like travelling in air . The munich disaster , the torino disaster , kal 007 crash , air india flight crash , lockerbia pan am crash and other had seen created a great sadness and also led to the air travel security to find the cuase of the crash for the good purpose of making air travel safer and better .

When comes to travelling in car , they are some restriction that need to be followed such as obeying traffic light , wearing seat belt , not using handphone while driving and many more. Failure to oney thise rules will led to heavier fine for the car users .

In air travel , they are many restriction and rules that need to be followed stricly by all that is associated with the air travel from the airport secuiryy , airline staff , groud handling agent , loadsheet agent , engineer and others. They are restriction in the freedom where they are 7 type of flight freedom where in essence it means the right of using the airspace on each country for the purpose of flying the aircraft on thr country airsapce and landing on tje xoibty airport and many more .

Why the rules of air travel need to followed atrcily . Failure from anyone associated with the air travel to complie with the restrcition via negligence or sabotaging can led to a dangerous consequence and led to loss of many lives . Some of the devastating air crash that had happened is due to negligence and savotaging of those whom associated with air travel .

Since the day of the debastating air crash in the past , the air travel investigator had come up with a improvee securiry system and better solution to overcome the external factor that led to a air crash . Some of the recomandation by the air travel investigator is changing the window style to the oval to ensure no air compression in the window , making sure the snow are cleared before the pilot can take off the plane , improvee in board electronic system in air craft to larrt the pilot with regarding ti nay malfucntion , better training for the pilot , making sure they is better collobotwtion between thenpilot and the conpioot , high end detection system installed in the airport , a greater use of thebcokpit door which only pilot had the authroties to let anyone in the cokcpit , and many more

Although the air travel can be considered safer based on thr statistic but they are undeniable truth when an air crash happened it can lead to a colossal loss if life at one time which is highly unlikely in car accusent . Untill any one comes with a way to prevent plane from crashing or any type of escape when a plane is on the verge of crashing statiscaly air travel may be safer but when comes to loss of life when an accident happened the collosal nature of life loss in an air crash is something to be concerned .

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