Any accident in any form of transportation can lead to a disastrous effect as it can lead to a loss of colossal human life. Some accidents that attribute to the loss of human life can be due to meagre in the vehicle and some individual heinous act. Feeling safe is a primordial even from ancient for the current smartphone generation.

An Air India Express crashed and killed everyone on board

The good thing about these accidents had led to the high level of precipitation among the authorities, which had led to safer design and preventative rules and equipment established and installed respectively to the vehicle whether the land or air-driven car, especially on the passenger aircraft. The regretful and good thing that comes out of any accident is the error and rectification of the error to hinder any future damaging accident.

How the accident had become a painful lesson for those involved to make a safer vehicle for the masses?. First, the structure of what can describe as the small component can lead to fatal damage to human life. The mirror on the car designed to hinder shattering, in which Ford Motors, under the late Henry Ford, had become the pioneer or produced the double layer mirror, which had become the norm in the present car. The double-layer had to prevent the mirror from shattering.

Similarly, in the aviation industries, the design of the mirror had contributed to a fatal crash. The past aeroplane mirror design was squared, which led to a severe air crash and severely damaged the reputation of the flight, which had contributed to the defunct of the Comet aeroplane, which had been the foundation for the current passenger aeroplane. Once the transport authority had detected that the flawed mirror design caused the collision, the mirror shape swiftly changed to a circular design. Air crash that can happen due to defective mirror design had vanished; however, because of their damaged reputation and the introduction of Boeing and McDonald Douglas, the Comet had been out of the business and became part of defuncted airlines history.

Current aircraft window design that still intact

Aviation had seen many heart-breaking crashes where according to a statistic, most of the collision happened due to pilot error. Even in the car crash, consensus study had revealed that most of them occurred due to driver fault, and the design flaw had caused only fewer cases. In the present car and aeroplane, advanced safety such as collision detection, blind sports, autonomous braking, seat belt warning system, and more safety measure and equipment will be available in the future. The car is still under human control, but now they are more electronic devices to reduce human error. In the aeroplane, the electronic system does not override human intervention but only assists in the crucial situation.

They are more safety feature in the future car, and one of the safety features that had the technologies borrowed from the aeroplane is traffic collision assist system. Volvo had become the first car company to introduce this type of collision detection in their Volvo model. Volvo had introduced and perfected this system to ensure that safety feature will assist the human when necessary without overriding the human touch and at some time with correlation to their principles of loss of life from the vehicle.

Meanwhile, in the airline’s industries, the passengers who will board the flight inbound or outbound will encounter stringent and vigilant like authorities who want to hinder any potential terrorist, baleful item, and unauthorized access. Similarly, when a car was crossing a border from one country, the car driver needs to encounter some security check. Like airport security, the border control office also needs to ensure that security negligence and potential unwanted person prevented from entering their country.

Any mechanical flaws that can contribute to an accident investigated and dealt with promptly. In the aviation industries, the NTSB, which stands for National Transportation Safety Board, had the power to issue a certificate or revoke the airworthiness of the aircraft to ground the aeroplane from flying. However, this can be attributed to an inconvenience for the passenger and also for airlines. Still, this measure is necessary to give the aircraft manufacturer to correct the malfunction of the equipment. The current example of all Boeing 737 Max aircraft was banned from flying when an equipment malfunction had caused the massive flying machine crash.

Land travel and air travel had seen many of their accident and crash, which led to a considerable loss of life. The air crash and the car accident had seen some of the high profile loss of life like the air crash, which led to the downfall of the Torino football club in the early 19th centuries, the Manchester United Munich disaster, the death of Princess Diana. The aeroplane and the car accident with less safety can cause the car driver and the passenger to feel perturbed. Hence, the safety aspect had been improved, redefined, and preventative to ensure no more loss of life due to the design flaw or human error.

The meagre parts and malfunction combined with human error and potential terrorist hijacking had contributed to the loss of life in the 2 of most used mode transportation in the world; however, with the swift action of the authorities concerned and creation of many measure and benchmark for the respective mode of transportation had led to safer and less contribution to the loss of human life in the form of an accident and crashes.

The related authorities to their credits are not resting on their laurel and still finding a way to improve the present regulation and make a higher benchmark related to the safety aspect of these modes of transportation. The air and the road had contributed to the increase of human travel. It helped the economic factor for each country. Hence, any mishap, malfunction, negligence and irresponsible behaviour can lead to colossal in human life and economically; therefore, the safety aspect must improve accordingly to the time.

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